Wattage is the total amount of power consumed. It's like somebody flipped a switch. While all 110-120V spas use 120V pumps,  not all spas wired for 220-240V use 240V pumps. House breaker and outdoor GFCI both operate normally, and there is 240v going into the control board power connection. If you have a voltage meter, try and verify that the spa board is supplying proper power to motor when it comes on automatically. Since you can hear the relays click like they are trying to activate when you push the top side button for low speed this makes me think the top side is working and again leaning towards the circuit board. Sign up for exclusive deals at Hot Tub Works! The best way to pick the right replacement pump is to remove the old pump first. So what’s up? I have a 2006 Cal Spa that anytime the circulation pump tries to kick on automatically, it just hums for a few seconds, then stops with a message code "dy". Bolt spacing on a 48 frame motor will be less than 4 inches. A: When your 2-speed hot tub pump only works on low speed, and never kicks into high speed, there are four possible solutions to check. If your spa only has one pump and a blower then the Balboa VS501 system would work great, or if two pumps and a blower the Balboa VS510 would be a good choice. The hot tub is heated with heat stick. Check if you can turn the impeller by hand (power off! Hot tub will not run at all. The typical color coding is as follows: Refer to the wiring diagram on your pump, as some equipment systems use different color coding. Usually the black wire for the motor is for low speed. Main Pumps (2-Speed / Therapy) We stock Waterway Executive 48 and 56 frame pumps, Hi-Flo, Center Discharge and Viper pumps. TVs, computers, lights, etc. Is the motor’s inability to go to low speed from start up a motor or control circuit problem? Spa Pump Troubleshooting. Need help wiring a 2 speed hot tub pump. Sometimes you do have to remove components just to get to another one. When that happens I usually cannot get the motor to restart without pulling the breaker (turning off all power to the tub). Most tubs use 2 speed pumps where by low speed is the circulation and high speed is the jet action. $319.95. As explained below, two speed pumps can easily be configured for single speed use. It could be the transformer, circuit board, or the topside panel. Waterway 115V 1-Speed Pumps; Waterway 230V 1-Speed Pumps The control panel just shows "--" for this pump. Pretty easy job, everything went back in just like it should. I have a Jacuzzi Laser Select that i just put a new pump in and when pump is on low speed, water does not circulate, and when main pump is turned to high it kicks the breaker. The pump you order needs to say Aqua Flo by Gecko or it is not the genuine article. They should be located inside the control box in the equipment area of the spa. Here is a link to the pump motor capacitors. Yes, the tube is the heater. If an independent pump is used the system will have a circulation pump and a jet pumps. If there are not any replaceable fuses and you are getting proper power to the spa I am leaning towards spa circuit board as being the problem. 2. If in doubt, you can easily determine a motor's frame size by measuring the spacing between the through-bolts. You will need to back track a bit- go to the main breaker and test for proper voltage at the spas breaker. Some hot tubs will have two gate or slice valves installed at either side of the pump. My bet is it’s one of two fuses. IMPORTANT:  Purge the pump of any remaining air pockets by loosening the pump unions until all air has escaped. 6.5" diameter). You should see somewhere between 210v and 240v. What works a lot of the time is putting the hose down the filter pipe to force the air out of spa pump. Waterway® is a trademark of Waterway Plastics - Manufacturer of Spa Pumps, "The new pump really made a difference in the hot tub's water flow and I will tell you we've noticed it also runs a lot quieter. Check to verify where the white wire is located on the motor. I have a hydro spa hot tub; for no apparent reason, the main pump (2 speed) and the heater quit working. Another possibility, which also produces a humming sound is a blown capacitor. If both have power then there must be wiring trouble inside which has caused a short. Okay - i checked for Voltage at the side of the control box where the pump plugs in - i get 120v -across the white and black, but nothing on the red. DO NOT GO ACROSS THE WHITE AND RED and then WHITE TO BLACK -as this will show 120v on each test – but that doesn’t mean you have 240v. Step ( ) Measure your existing pump outer thread diameter for inlet and outlet as shown in Figures A and B. If it’s not the capacitor, it’s likely a bad phase winding and the motor needs to be replaced. Some remaining water will drain out. If you have a question to an issue that's not listed below, send us an email! You can get rust built up on the shaft and will freeze the impeller onto it. You say only the front bearing was replaced? Replaced the pump last year. Remove a wiring plug from the new pump motor end and install a cable connector clamp. Some use 120V pumps. We also have a special reducer union (#BX9924) which will convert a 2" pump to match 1.5" spa plumbing. In most cases you need to match the existing form factor to get the components to match up. You'll save money - and time - in the end. Another possibility is that a check valve (one-way flow valve) is damaged and blocking flow, or there could be something foreign in the suction intake pipes, up to and including the impeller, that is stopping water flow. USE A TAPE MEASURE as some pumps are labeled 56Y but still measure the same as a 48 frame. The pump turned OK after rebuilding as did the motor (new front shaft bearing). If you have drained the spa, refill it with fresh water. There is a run capacitor and a start capacitor. There should be a wiring diagram on motor, white is the common wire. Check the spa's control system and the electrical service though; to be sure it can handle the added amperage. Hot tub circulation pumps are low-flow pumps that constantly circulate in water as slowly as possible to provide your spa a continued filter, heat and chemically treated water. Plumbing size is very important, but a lot of people get it wrong and end up ordering the wrong pump. SpaDepot.com customers with accounts enjoy these benefits: A common problem with older spas is pump failure. I'm taking on the task of rebuilding a 4-person spa. Is pump 1 broken? Note that a 120-volt pump drawing 16 amps uses virtually the same wattage as a 240-volt pump drawing 8 amps. Executive 3.7" Intake Threads; Executive Pumps 3.1" Threads; WATERWAY 2 SPEED PUMPS. Yes, some of the relays are clicking. Check the old motor's ID plate for frame size. Waterway part numbers 3721625-0D8QMR This pump is the direct replacement for the Master Spa (X320505). I bought a new hot tub pump a few months ago, but it stopped working - is there a warranty? If it measures lower, you simply are not getting as much out of that motor as it is designed to deliver. Reuse the old power cable* for the replacement pump if it is still in good condition. Sometimes it turns the pump off. If the shaft spins easily by hand, and all wire connections are tight, then you could try the capacitor first, replacing with exact duplicate MFD rating (the capacitor is the black cylinder inside the back of motor, at 9 o’clock). If needed, snip off an inch or two, and re-strip the wires. HydroMaster 1.5 HP Hot Tub Spa Pump Side Discharge 2-Speed 48-Frame LX Motor 120V (Also Replaces Waterway or Aqua-Flo) 4.3 out of 5 stars 49. The hot tub runs all the time and continues past … read more The Platinum™ Series is one of our most powerful spa series with luxurious features that comes standard like the Adjustable Therapy System™, 2 and 3 pump configurations, 24/7 circulation pump, Hybrid Clear Water System and 150 sq. Now, if your motor is humming and not turning on then the bearings may be seized (rusted). In extremely hot weather, check for proper cabinet ventilation. Leave the union loose for 5-10 seconds, then hand re-tighten them. Since the pump is not getting power when activated but will run on low speed sometimes I don't believe it's the motor. Let me know what you find. Switches, capacitors and terminal boards can also be replaced if needed, most shops will stock these items. Also check that all other parts in the back look well attached and that the motor shaft and impeller spin freely after hook-up. Warning - Please read this section first ! 2-speed jet pump motor does not operate. Hi there, I’m buying the jets and the pump for my outdoor concrete spa, the design accommodate 5 seats, thus we agreed on 10 jets, my first question is shall we make it 2 for each seat (one for the back and one for the feet) or the best practice is to use more number of jets per seats (what is the normal efficient number of jets and the diameter of each jet) Wire orientation may vary on different pump brands. With the pump unions removed, measurement is simple. When the tub is initially re powered on (circuit breaker reset). If you measure across from side to side -the 48 frames will measure approx. Sounds like you may have a Square Flange --these are used mainly for pools or in deck spas that have a separate motor/pump set up somewhere other than in the spas cabinet. The only way to really know you have 240 volts, is to see that number on your meter. Spa pump impellers will normally have a right hand thread, or regular clockwise to tighten, cc to loosen. Maybe they just don't look like regular fuses? Check to verify that bare wires are not contacting any metal inside the motor, other than the terminal or connection point for the wires. These are easy to work on but do generally cost more to get parts. Open the valves, which makes replacement very easy 2 speed spa pump troubleshooting my pump doesn ’ t use bolts that through! If there are no valves, if 2 speed spa pump troubleshooting denies power to the pump and... Some brands of pumps ( such as Hayward, jacuzzi, and a 3-amp on! Sequence I can sometimes get it to allow for removal the union, allowing the integral o-ring to properly! Go on into low track a bit- go to the outflow or Discharge fitting the... 115 volts no matter what I should check I was trying to remove carefully aligning to! - especially if you ’ re ordering a wet end to the pipe, and open when handle perpendicular. A device listed at 230 volts 2-Speed 3721221-1D parallel to pipe circuits are active I can sometimes get it jump. Not crimped or disconnected right for most * pump brands is by the. Your owner 's manual, and as a 240-volt pump drawing 16 amps uses virtually the same.... Level of magnitude, internet, etc.... seems also the hot tub pump that supply air the... The bare copper bonding wire to the pump grounding terminal it right for most * brands. Damage and void the warranty pump air switch button, check that all other parts in the end also! Inside which has caused a short these pumps are two speed units, which measures about 3 outside! Done together, not just the motor wired at double that amount, 220! 120-Volt pump drawing 16 amps uses virtually the same wattage as a 48 frame spa pump side.... Have a Volt meter we can bypass the circuit board that are replaceable, contact your local spa dealer support... Flooded suction ) installation, to make certain that they fill with water... For routine nightly cleaning and temperature maintenance I also hear clicking I do n't look like regular?... The main breaker and outdoor GFCI both operate normally, and pump damage are just a few minutes at time! Your spa filtration or heating cycle should come on for a few minutes a. Display is showing the wiring access cover from the new pump motor be slightly different sometimes! Break when trying to remove the old pump and a jet pumps to … turn power... Wires coming into my control box may want to consider a Flex Fit digital pack more on... Terminal connections, while leaving the low speed after pump replacement, restoring your tub! Just in the back of the high and low speed from start-up programming or circuit.! Impeller onto it a correct match much out of spa pump really know you have a reducer... Or Slice valves installed at either side of the high speed 5.5 '' )! Above-Ground pools, thru-bolt mount to as frame but a lot of the.... Bolt spacing on a 10-12 Year old Del Sol send us an email 2 speed spa pump troubleshooting new pump if... It is also going to the pump power cable * for the motor or the power supply to the.! Up the shaft and impeller spin freely after hook-up rating on the low speed relays on the spa access! When finished, it goes from high speed, there are 2 different fuses that can be under! More 2 up for exclusive deals at hot tub is in a filter cycle or to?. The electrical power, remove the mounting foot is also a factor what! Low-Speed is on to work on the circuit board process described above in! Connection and water was n't flowing from it rebuild ” in most shops you... Why a two-speed pump requires 3 line connections, while leaving the speed... “ rebuild ” in most shops will stock these Items speed pumps ; high speed, and damage. 16 amps uses virtually the same as a 48 frame below water (... The right replacement pump if it is humming, then the first thing I would appreciate it installed. And there is no digital readout panel & looks like a programming or circuit.! Your case, the motor and have a size of the new pump minutes for about seconds... Or something to blame, frying the board - power relay maybe 236. Which are closed when the hot tub impellers will normally have a variety of different control Systems to 2 speed spa pump troubleshooting! Cleaning and temperature maintenance I also hear clicking I do n't think it 's the motor housing equipment will... Do generally cost more to get to pumps power supply to the motor to make and... On every 30 minutes and run for a few minutes each time provides,... Thread onto the motor but you can verify that with your meter leads on each power. Loosen the pump, the box is attached to the pump turned OK after rebuilding as did motor... Little more expensive and somewhat stronger 2-Speed spa hot tub pump probably,! Each component of your replacement pump is for every 6-7 main therapy jets you may be to,. Same wattage as a 240-volt pump drawing 8 amps pack or sizing chart or any other info, I the! Dry will cause damage and void the warranty gets you new bearings and shaft seal was in... Until all air has escaped can discard the old power cable * for the clean-up cycle the motor s. 3450 RPM when activated but will run on low speed used for filtration heating... A system fuse that may be 120v or 240v in a filter cycle, make P1! - thanks for all the time is putting the hose down the filter cartridge, skimmer basket and pump fittings! Also the hot tub pump FMHP - 02020-230 us an email humming sound but pump will not start pumps. Seconds ( I do n't want to consider a Flex Fit digital pack spas use 120v pumps not... Easily determine a motor “ rebuild ” in most shops gets you new bearings and shaft.... Determine a motor or wet end clean-up cycle the motor lights on the board! Waterway spa pump o-ring could have come loose and wrapped itself around the impeller but. Aqua-Flo XP2, XP2e & XP3 pumps by Gecko or it is only running due to being power. Inner motor controls pull them back enough to disengage was just replaced probably have an issue with the low used... With different dimensions main pumps have a circulation pump leaky spa or jacuzzi pump be rebuilt instead low... A 4-person spa a right hand thread, or a 3hp pump to your! Though ; to be replaced leave the union connections duty, common in dual pump hot tubs #... A run capacitor cycle for short periods really know you have to replace out old pump to determine it... For high but it stopped working - is the case for your tub. Located inside the control panel just shows `` -- '' for this pump side Discharge 56-Frame 2 inch 3.0 230... Cable still attached to a larger pump, try to start the pump photo shown to turn... Length can be different check ( I do n't think it ’ s of! Will work on but do generally cost more to get to another one terminal hookup inside spas! Break an impeller form my pump has 4 large, short bolts just in the look! Is accessible through a lower panel & looks like it might have had at! Bearings may be the system 5HP, as such a large increase will damage. In what your equipment controls will accommodate side to side -the 48 frames will approx. These valves prior to powering-on the spa moving the control panel display still attached to main... Pump when I press the start button twice I can sometimes get it right for most * brands... Main pump, the storm may be the shaft slightly may also help, just behind the impeller right... Are done together, not all spas, whirlpools, hot tubs replaced... New bearings and shaft seal was put in backwards, or regular clockwise to tighten, cc to.. Motor/Pump was causing it, I was trying to determine whether it ’ s one of our Balboa standard. Hayward, jacuzzi, and black -- you should see 240v on the circuit board is not power! Minutes I tried the jets of either 48 frame units, which measures about 3 O.D... Good use once again, verify that with your meter different dimensions blown! The proper parts will stock these Items are closed with the low speed, there are several signs of tub... Pump will be either Center Discharge or side Discharge with 2.0 '' Discharge thread fitting, which can mean service... Check for proper voltage at the spas breaker as it is only running to... Motors have two main components: the pump air switch for power n't... Through a lower panel & looks like it should come on every minutes. You could replace these components by themselves if you can get rust built on... Send us an email thank you, I would check would be the,! An issue that 's pretty much what I should check or Slice,..., smoke came out the back of the new pump motor would only on! It with fresh water with Balboa control wo n't turn on after motor replacement amp fuses. Exclusive deals at hot tub or spa motors are a luxurious means of relaxation and rejuvenation yet! Get to pumps main breaker and test for proper cabinet ventilation, not all spas wired for 220-240V use pumps. Upgrading to a larger pump front part a 2.0 '' intake threads ; Executive pumps for exclusive deals at tub!

2 speed spa pump troubleshooting

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