When a star dies and this explosion occurs, the majority of the total mass of star is thrown out into the void of the space while only a cold remnant stays back. It is not the core of the Black Hole. If you got suck in a black hole and came out of it and survived the thing which you came out is known as WHITE HOLE . Once you crossed this boundary, gravity would overcome all chances of escape and you'd be super-stretched, or "spaghettified" as you plunged toward the singularity at the black hole's center — an inconceivably small point with a monstrous mass where gravity and density theoretically approach infinity and space-time curves infinitely. You see, can turn any object into a black hole (theoretically) as long as you can compress the entire mass of the object into an infinitesimally small point. 1. If all this sounds like science fiction, read on. This will lead to stretching and hence, death! Particles traveling at that speed produce the staticky sound. That honor belongs to a recently discovered black hole located in … Facts about Black Holes. 3. What do we know about these entities? That is, their gas emissions all jet out as though they were synchronized by design. This distortion is nothing but an infinite regression of distortions. This issue is far more complicated and far more uneasy to expose. Just the same but in one different state. How… well…please imagine the scenarious that you desire… because he will be death any way… (but not the information on him). 8A – That is no doubt one fact. The closer you get to a black hole, the slower time runs. 18. Any matter that enters the event horizon of a Black Hole is broken down into subatomic particles. X-ray astronomy discovered the very first black hole. Some scientists believe that if there are Black Holes that suck, there can be something exactly opposite that will endlessly spew or spurt out matter into this universe. Black Holes can keep growing because anything (gas, liquid or solid matter) that enters the event horizon gets sucked in. The event horizon is just the beginning of the Black Hole. According to many modern astronomers, not all Black Holes are similar. In other words, you'd be gobbled up and annihilated in a place that utterly defies the laws of physics as we understand them. Once sucked in, that object can never reappear. With the new ‘black hole Sun’ having the same mass as the original Sun, the gravitational pull on Earth will remain the same. Life on Earth as we know now will come to an end. So, what exactly are these Black Holes? Kerr black holes are the most common type of black holes. At first glance, it seems that black holes ‘disappear’ all the information that falls into them. This means no outward pressure is created. 9. This bodies exist and are not fixed in one place… so they move and they swollow any mass that came in they way…. If you happened to fly near a black hole, its extreme gravitational pull would increasingly slow down time and warp space. What i see here is one total mass compretion… maybe the matter do really get till the planck compretion… but matter there in that state does something strange… matter compressed to that point… continues to spin and as far as i see it… it spins even to one greatter and larger velocity (of the spinning) so. Because both the actual Earth and the marble-size Earth will have same mass. Imagine what kind of density you will get if you try to squeeze in the entire mass of Earth in a small (we mean miniscule) sphere with a DIAMETER of 9 millimeters! Rotating black holes, also known as Kerr black holes, are black holes that possess angular momentum. 40 Facts About Human Eyes You Will Enjoy. The speed of this emission is nearly the same as the speed of the light. What we have is the underlayer black holes… something that makes us to have reads and perceptions about the existence of somethings (that we will never find) because theye are one effect produced in one invisible layer (dimention) and this objects have the capacity to produce the effect in similar way as they have existence in our dimention… one exemple of it is the called dark energy… nothing there… less the effect that keeps telling us… something is there. They form when a massive dying star, or supernova, explodes and the remaining core collapses from the weight of … Interesting fact is that time dilation can also occur when velocity increases. 2. And the deepest of wells are made by black holes. Article by Treehugger. Black holes are perhaps the most nightmarishly fascinating features of our universe. Any way we may have here some different possibility´s refering to black holes they can and probablly are not all the same… here we may have the massive ones and the other ones… the massive ones do this flat gyroscopic effect responsiblle for the coesion of galaxies… the second type… well is what i call the erratic… this erratic ones are (probably) the less massive ones that do not have the Gyroscopic effect even they also can have spin… but they do not have the mass enought to arrest any bodies in one longer field zone or horizon zone… this bodies have the horizon bounderie but not the horizon gravitional force enought to sustain or form one galaxie arround them. V616 Monocerotis is the closest black hole to Earth. Our own Milky Way galaxy spirals around Sagittarius A* (or Sgr A*), which contains the mass of about 4 million suns. The immense gravitational pull of the Black Holes have the ability to distort even space. Are you ready? This do not mean that this massive black holes can not or do not move also… but they have one much more limited allowence of movment… because they are (by the gyroscopic force) tied to the masses they have arrested in theyer force field… or gravitational field. If we assume that something magical happens and Sun becomes a black hole, the new ‘black hole Sun’ will not have any more mass that it already has now. In 2006 however, scientists observed unusual bursts of gamma rays from an object somewhere in our universe. 26. Better read it because it takes too many pages to expose. Theoretically nothing can become smaller than this and there is actually no instrument available that can measure Planck Length.

7 weird facts about black holes

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