People received them well and said they sound great, so that’s a path we’re going down. Are there any other woods that could match the visual and tonal qualities of ash? reply; James. What goes good with what? Alder is known for providing a decent spanky blues/rock tone, but due to its full sound, it makes a great adaptable all-rounder for a guitarist who plays different styles. Alder is my workhorse wood, use it for almost all of my production runs. The neck radius has also been flattened to a much more contemporary 9.5 inches. Firstly bridge 'admittance' (conductance) is near zero in a solid body electric (but very high in an acoustic guitar), so very little string vibration is transferred through it to reach the solid body (many different lines of experiment from different labs show that). I don't know. Shop is in view mode. Alder wood and its appearance. The wealth of regional varieties falls under two main types — black alder or European alder, which is native to most of Europe and to Southwest Asia; and red alder, which is native to the U.S. West Coast. Tough to go wrong with a guitar made from alder. Like basswood, alder is a lightweight type of body wood with soft and condensed pores. First off, going back historically, non-Fender luthiery always used things like spruces but also exotic tropical hardwoods. ALDER guitar body blank, 43.5mm, 1 pc. I guess as we all walk back out into the light and adjust our eyes, our idea is to continue our plan of releasing new products. - might be easier to ding or indent if hit). Guitars and basses with blonde finishes typically have ash bodies because the wood “takes” that particular finish especially well. "We just did Jimmy Page’s Dragon Tele, which had an ash body, so for reissues we’re going to need that wood. Especially right now, guitar players will be eager for something new and exciting to inspire them. I sold that one before moving back, but since then I’ve pretty much kept all my instruments. Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar With Carry Case and Cable. Alder bodies tend to produce warm, even sounding mids and lows, although the highs can be relatively subdued. 44.45 mm thick to make a telecaster or stratocaster shaped body. Notably, alder also takes finishes well — with a light brown color and a tight grain that’s only slightly visible, it’s ideal for solid colors rather than the transparent finishes that look so good on ash. What are the tonal differences on solid body guitars, between Alder, Ash, Poplar, Basswood, Mahogany and Maple? Seasoned alder firewood burns relatively fast but creates a hot fire with decent coals. © You tell me! It works well for both natural clear coat stains and paint-grade guitar bodies. A uniform dark ebony is nice, but streaks are unique and nice, giving the instruments a signature look.”. Many guitar manufacturers as a substitute for alder are using this wood, as it is quite similar in tone. Traditionally, it is one of the primary woods used in electric guitar body wood construction. You will get a happy unexpected prize! Texas Residents must pay 8.25% State sales tax. Item and description: Alder: Pieces: Three: Measurements: 480mm x 347mm x 44.45mm: Planed and sanded 3 piece body blank. "Ash isn’t the largest percent of our business - obviously alder is what we use mostly. Guitar Body Material Alder “First off, it’s important to say alder and maple are fast-growing and fast-replenishing woods, not like the tropical exotic hardwoods where there’s a lot more regulation and worry. ALDER bass guitar body blank, 44.2mm, 2 pcs. Alder Electric Guitar Body Blank High quality, flat sanded to 120 grit - 1, 2 or 3 piece body blank for guitar or bass. guitar wood: Mahogany or Alder? If you are a do-it-yourselfer interested in finishing your own guitar body, there are some very important differences between Alder and Ash. You have now opened my eyes more to the Alder wood though. In the '90s a friend of mine offered me a Tele Deluxe with the trem on it from '74 or '76. Watch. Alder bodies tend to produce warm, even sounding mids and lows, although the highs can be relatively subdued. Ooop! Due to its widespread popularity it produces a familiar tone. Additionally, it machines well and is regularly available. For those who’ve never had the chance to directly compare, what are the main differences between ash and alder? Add to basket. Finally agathis is a softer wood, and as such will give you a lighter guitar than other woods. “Right now my favorite is a player-grade, not 100% original, 1963 Jazzmaster and that thing sounds brilliant. Any thoughts or opinions here? As for the quality of alder guitar wood, for your kind information, our collection of drift wood comes from some of the best sellers from China.In order to further simplify your shopping experience and make it more convenient, we feature smart filtering tools, so that you … There was a problem. Like Alder, the tone of Ash is musical and well-balanced, with perhaps just a little more “pop”. It’s not too warm or too bright but lies somewhere in the middle range. “Yes, we are looking at other woods - there are some that are very on-brand for Fender, like pine. For our purposes, Alnus rubra, or red alder, is the variety of interest. Wood Vendors supplies alder not only in lumber form, but also alder s4s (surfaced four sides), in both knotty and superior grades as well as alder mouldings, alder plywood, alder panels and T&G. I favor classic rock music. See similar items. "We’ve already been prototyping the heavier ash with chambering, we actually had Kenny Wayne Shepherd in recently to test the difference and he thought they sounded and felt great. It’s very easy to work with and it glues well. it has about 20-25 coats of tru-oil its really simple, and you can get a fairly high-gloss shine at the end. Use a spectrum analyzer, you say? This can be attractive to those of us in our waning years, looking for ways to preserve our backs! 22" x 14" x 1-3/4". When you are playing with a band and need to cut through, the alder has a better peak and allows you to claim more space in the song. So you can see — and hear — why many ash-body Fender guitars of the ’50s are so highly prized. $12.50 shipping. Like Alder, the tone of Ash is musical and well-balanced, with perhaps just a little more “pop”. BA1 1UA. Again, Leo Fender was a pragmatist, he would have said, ‘What have you got today?’ They both have a similar grain pattern to ash and are sonically similar. Not a scientific test, you say? "So we started using streaked ebony too, we actually get ours from him, its ebony with character. Alder Dating back to the late 1950's, this is the wood found in more 3 single coil, double cut-away, 25 1/2" scale length guitars than any other. Alder wood is used in more guitar bodies than any other species. I remember being in a guitar store 10 years later and there was one for $4,500! check more. This is a fairly lightweight, light-colored wood from West Africa with excellent tonal qualities. Alder: full and rich, with fat low-end, nice cutting mids, and good overall warmth and sustain. 90% of what gets cut down doesn’t get used. Pine is a great wood. Finish. I had a repo'62 tort pickguard on it, so there are a few extra holes in the body. Watch. It grows throughout the northern hemisphere in the temperate zone. … Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used bass guitar tonewoods: Alder. Due to its wide spread popularity it produces a very familiar tone, a "vintage tone." Featherweight 3.9 pounds. 20 watching. On Alder, the grain is closed, making it a good candidate for amateurs and budding luthiers. Not a scientific test, you say? It’s a medium-weight wood, although quality cuts of alder used for guitar bodies will often weigh less than denser cuts of ash. $13.40 shipping. We’ve done a lot of reclaimed pine from barn wood that came from the middle of America. Today we will be having a look at two of the most popular, specifically for the bodies of Fender guitars; ash and alder. Alder was especially in popular in the ’50s and ’60s, and is the body wood of choice for Fender. If you are a do-it-yourselfer interested in finishing your own guitar body, there are some very important differences between Alder and Ash. More importantly, red alder’s middle-of-the-road grain pattern can be minimized or exaggerated by the type of stain or the way it’s applied. Item Number: IW34272 Ibanez GIO Series GSR180-BS - Electric Bass Guitar - Brown Sunburst . Alder is a light, relatively soft and medium tough wood among the wood species. Works well with hand and machine tools, but sharp cutting edges need to be maintained to prevent tearing the grain. Alder's natural color is a light tan with little or no distinct grain lines. I'm not sure how either will be tonally altered by the maple top. Use a spectrum analyzer, you say? I bought this body to use with a vintage Japanese Neck I already had, but the guitar wont set up the way I like it, so it's up for re-sale. Solid guitar body. VINTAGE STRAT STYLE ELECTRIC GUITAR BODY*UNFINISHED* $89.50. $65.00. Alder belongs to the birch family and grows around the world throughout the north temperate zone, a large area which extends from the Tropic of Cancer to the Arctic Circle.

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