This is not a knife for EDC or light camping. A fixed blade sheath knife which you plan on attaching to your person or to your pack should be reasonably small so as not to get in the way. In a review, Jackson writes, “The Mini Griptilian is an absolutely fantastic EDC option. It’s not the best for EDC, as you’re better off with a folding pocket knife or multi-tool for everyday tasks. Keep your knives stored in dry places when not in use, and sharpen them whenever they begin to dull. Are you going camping? It will also carry deep in any pocket with its low-profile pocket clip. The other influence might just induce me to buy more foreign made stuff! Best Reviews. I already own two other Benchmark knives, One being the Backpacker Neck Knife. looks like a decent review. Best Backpacks For Men  – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, 6. If you’ve got a hiking trip, fishing expedition or camping getaway on the horizon, you need a backpacking knife, without question. There are many small, portable whetstones, ceramic sharpeners and diamond sharpeners on the market. Benchmade Mini Bugout Review. Carbon steel should be oiled to prevent rusting and oxidizing. Mar 28, 2011 #21. Good value 90% agree. It came fairly sharp. Uncle Henry PH2N Mini Pro Hunter Knife. Many experts will tell you that carbon steel is the best, as it can achieve a much sharper edge than stainless steel. So I removed it. A folding blade survival knife is a single-blade knife which folds to create a small, compact unit when closed. Best Backpacks for Women  – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides. Best Backpacks for Travel -Buyer’s Guide & Reviews, 5. But when you pull the knife out of the sheath, you do not see the logo, Bench Mark! It might weigh no more than a candy bar, but the Bugout is built to last. 2 ratings. In fact, all the knives we tested are well made. The stainless steel is of fair quality and holds an edge as well as any other 420 knife. The grind refers to the shape of the blade edge, i.e. It’s definitely very high on the list of the best fixed blade survival knife options. There’s often a sharpening tool included too. Conclusion; Ask many backpackers on what they think is the most important tool to have when they’re exploring the outdoors, and most of them will most probably answer, “the knife.” … This makes for a super durable knife. 5 stars. EDC Gear & Gun Reviews 191,169 views. - … Benchmark Backpacker. This simply reduces the risk of others getting in the path of your active knife. You need to be familiar with the grind of your knife as this will determine how you hold the knife when sharpening. For 15 bucks this is a great knife. snug fit in sheath, arrived relatively sharp although I sharpened it more quite easily. Both of those points are OK. It's not bad overall. The backpack strap knife sheath has the option of being clipped onto a belt or attached to your pack for easy, safe carry. This makes for easier sharpening. Choosing the size of your knife will be related to where and how you plan on storing it. For the price, it is a great little knife that holds its edge pretty well. My knife came fairly sharp. Hunting? The lanyard hole can also be utilized for additional grip length for anyone with hands larger than my own The hollow ground very pointy drop point blade came paper cutting sharp out of the box and fits securely in the molded sheath. Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2015. I'm a big fan of budget knives, but that entails the occasional disappointment when I get what I paid for and a $10 or $15 knife I ordered turns out to be pure junk. For tasks which require a tight-as-nails, sturdy grip such as skinning and prepping animals, you want an ergonomic blade with contours, grip-friendly features and a substantial size. All of these knives clock in at under $100, with the cheapest being around $20 (or cheaper on special) and all the way up to $70 with prices in between. 2,071. Opinel Stainless Steel Folding Knife -... Best Folding Survival / … You could keep this stashed in your camping pack to use for cutting and preparing food around the campfire. If your camping trips involve a lot of hiking and on-foot travel, a lightweight knife would be better for keeping your load weight down. The Micarta scales are nice, polished quite smooth with a nice pattern. Spyderco is a huge name in the backpacking and survival knife game. Benchmark backpacker review ER720. price. A fixed blade stays put, it doesn’t fold, switch or rotate like other knife varieties. Preparing for general everyday life? Some knives are made from Aus-8 stainless steel which is really rust-resistant but a little harder to keep sharp. Whereas for EDC, you may need a multitool or pocket knife with a variety of applications, which can fit snugly in your pocket or EDC backpack. This is a small but useful knife, and while it is light, with an eighth of an inch full tang spine it feels substantial in hand and even permits, if one chokes up to the full extent of the choil which has a metal stop before the start of the cutting edge of the blade, a four finger grip. It will also come in handy during camping trips and fishing trips as you can fix tools and gear with the screwdrivers, slice through food and cord with the straight and serrated blades, and open packets with the scissors. The sheath is made of a hard material which keeps the sharp blade protected and shielded until required. First, research the kind of steel your knife blade is made of, as it will influence the best care. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Benchmark B003WKNFHU Backpacker at one of the handles is also not flush against the metal so you can see a tiny bit of light shining through between metal and handle but it's very insignificant. It’s not for hunting, survival, or risky, deep-bush hiking and backpacking. There are lots of different kinds of knife grinds, each better for a certain purpose. Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2017. absolutely love this knife, literally couldn't stop playing with it for the first 3 days I had it. A fixed blade knife is a simple, single-blade knife with a fixed handle. All knives should be wiped down and thoroughly dried after usage. Find one which is small and light enough for you to carry with you during camping, hunting, backpacking and tactical expeditions. Others have longer, more slender blades for slicing and carving motions (i.e. It’s best for EDC tasks such as opening boxes, cutting food or opening packets in a pinch. The handle is made from Staglon which is a plastic material which has been textured and colored for a rugged aesthetic. They often come in a fold-up pouch with plastic sheaths or slots for each knife for safe carrying. all in all very small flaws but the knife was less than $20 so I'm extremely pleased. A folding pocket knife is generally what you might recognize as a Swiss Army Knife. This is perhaps the best survival knife for the money, clocking in at a super affordable price. Mix Play all Mix ... fandecouteaux 40,691 views. Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2020. 8 ratings. The knife we test with the most other features is the Victorinox Climber. It does depend on what you’re hunting, in terms of choosing the right size and shape. Search. The micarta handles are decent but don't provide a lot of grip, overall the blade is an 8 out of ten, the micarta scales are a 6 out of ten and the sheath is 2 out of ten. But the quality of this knife is worth more than the $15.00 spent. The original Bugout was a home run for … Another important feature to note is that this is a full tang knife. Best Backpacks Under $100- -Buyer’s Guide & Reviews, 2. With these cookies we and third parties will be able to follow your behaviour on our website. NOT SO IN THIS CASE. If your camping trips don’t require a lot of on-foot travel, you could go for a heavier knife with a longer blade. So, what is this handy tool best suited for? Copyright@2020 | is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, 6 Best Backpacking Knives: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews, Not sufficient for hiking, camping or hunting. You’re more likely to be faced with opening stuck locks, releasing zips, opening bottles, tightening screws, opening boxes and cutting loose thread. It’s super affordable and comes in a range of colors, so could be a great gift for new campers or young hikers just getting used to outdoor survival. Loading... Unsubscribe from ER720? As usual, your local laws and preferences in terms of size and blade length will come into play here, but pe… The handle has been texturized for a slip-free grip, with finger grooves and a flared end to protect your fingers from the blade. Yes it's a molded plastic sheath but not the same quality of a securex sheath. 40 ; The knife has a very sharp blade and is very durable. It is a solid, full-tang knife with an incredibly snug fit in the included scabbard, with no rattling. Some pocket knives feature a single blade, folding into a small base. the angle of the edges to create the point and thickness of the knife edge. 80 product ratings. Obviously, a very heavy knife is generally going to be less practical when hiking and backpacking, as extra weight is generally avoided. The best camping knife is one which can be easily and safely stored and used for a variety of tasks such as: chipping and cutting wood for fires, cutting rope and cord, repairing equipment (i.e. Benchmark Backpacker Discussion in 'Knife Reviews & Testing' started by beta464, Mar 4, 2011. Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2016, I gave it 5 stars because it is what it is, it's a $15 knife not a $100+ and I knew that when I ordered it. They will usually have either a drop point or a clip point blade (more on those later). With just a few minor tweaks you could envision it next to your dinner plate at the steak house. The blade is kept protected by a sheath to keep the sharp edges from being exposed until needed. I wouldn't trust it to secure this knife to my backpack. Because straight knife edges are easier to sharpen. I wish the metal belt clip was removable without grinding off the rivet that holds it on. Benchmark Backpacker. It’s really for hunting, survival, rough hiking and deep, high-risk camping and fishing trips. Best Backpacking Knife. Most high-quality survival knife blades are made from carbon steel, VG-10 stainless steel, or tool steel. Handle. The Benchmark Backpacker 420 fixed blade knife has an overall length of 6" with a blade length of 3". Best Benchmade Knife Reviews 1. 28:56. Benchmade Knife Reviews: What follows are all my reviews of Benchmade knives. I love the compact design and the way it comfortably fits in my hand. Again, consider the purpose for your knife. But for the most part, you’ll need a whetstone to sharpen your survival knife. Good size and slim profile that make it a good neck knife. For small tasks such as cutting cord, opening boxes, opening packets, and cutting food you need a knife with a sharp blade, easy-grip handle and a great size for storing. I don't want to get into politics here, but maybe Bench Mark should take a closer look at their outsourced products! If you’re in need of a sturdy knife for hunting large game, you’ll need a single fixed-blade knife with a decent weight and sharp edge. For: Anyone who wants a super-light knife. This camping survival knife would be great for camping, hunting small game, hiking (to keep for safety and practicality), and survival. The handles of these French classic knives are generally made from beech wood, which is super hardy and has a unique color and pattern. Its hard for some to get their head around the 940 from Benchmade. 12 ; Blade was fairly sharp and seems like it would hold up alright. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket A knife you’d use for skinning and prepping small animals such as rabbits is not going to be the same knife you’d use for boar or deer. It does depend on what kind of knife you have, as different grinds do require a different sharpening technique. Opinel have updated their folding knives to ensure a safe and secure open and closed position. You could use it for anything from cutting loose thread, tightening screws, cleaning tools or removing splinters (among the multitude of other uses). Safe travels! Measuring a mere 6.2 inches, including the handle, this knife is conveniently small yet delivers plenty of cutting power. 8:08. We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program in which we earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. and used a belt attachment from my crkt minnimilist.. worked great. This is definitely a knife for EDC and casual, light camping. I won't feel bad about abusing this blade and that's why I bought it. The sheath is garbage, you have to have the knife positioned just right to get it to go in with out catching and cutting into the plastic. Ratings: highest first. Incredible really. Heaviness can denote a durable metal, a full tang and a generous blade size and thickness. Knivesandtools uses cookies and similar techniques to make sure we can help you even better.

benchmark backpacker knife review

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