On the Commonwealth Book 1 Fragments of the preface1 1 [4.7f Ziegler]. Augustine, Epist. M: Therefore, I see that this has been the opinion of very wise men: Law was not thought out by human intellects; it is not some resolution of peoples, but something eternal that rules the whole universe through the wisdom of commanding and prohibiting. When I have said a very little bit about this, I will come to civil law, from which this entire speech originated. [text is missing] For whence comes that Pythagorean saying? But if the perverting of habits and the vanity of opinions did not twist weak minds and bend them in whatever direction they had begun, no one would be so similar to himself as all persons would be to all persons. That can be said again in the opposite [direction] as praise of virtue. M: Indeed these are important things that are now briefly taken up. Book 1, sections 18–19.]. [15] A: But if you ask what I expect, since you have written on the best form of republic, the sequel seems to be that you also write on laws. And I want that to be understood in this entire debate when I say that [right] is by nature. Since from these things it may be understood that the whole race of human beings has been united among themselves, the final result is that knowledge of living correctly makes persons better. And when he senses that he has been born for political fellowship, he will think that he must use not only precise argument but also speech that is continuous and extended more broadly, through which he may rule peoples, stabilize laws, chastise the wicked, protect the good, praise famous men, issue precepts for health and fame suitable for persuading his fellow citizens, be able to urge to honor, be able to turn back others from shame, be able to console the stricken, and be able to hand down in everlasting memorials the deeds and resolutions of the courageous and the wise with the ignominy of the wicked. When it has grown up and been fully developed, it is rightly named wisdom. Moreover, what nation does not cherish kindness, benevolence, or a soul that is grateful for and mindful of a benefit? Are we not to be impudent for fear of infamy, or of laws and courts of law? Now the universe obeys the god, and the seas and lands obey the universe, and human life complies with the orders of the supreme law. [42] But truly the most foolish thing is to think that everything is just that has been approved in the institutions or laws of peoples. If the impious dare to call it this, with what enthusiasm will good men worship such a thing, I ask! And not only allegiances toward human beings but also ceremonies and religious observances for the gods are eliminated, which I think ought to be preserved not by fear but by the connection that exists between human being and god. But do you see what a series of matters and thoughts this is, how some things are woven out of another? But if anything could differ only a little, the name of friendship would already have passed away. Bracketed words or phrases usually represent Professor Fott’s efforts to supply a missing or unclear part of the text. The absence of a written law at Rome concerning defilement during the reign of Lucius Tarquinius does not mean that Sextus Tarquinius did not bring force to bear upon Lucretia, daughter of Tricipitinus, contrary to that everlasting law. But if he denies that he is going to snatch his life and take away his gold, he will never deny it on the ground that he judges it disgraceful by nature, but that he fears that it might become known and the result might be bad. Copyright David Fott. And so they judge that law is prudence, whose strength is to command what it is right to do and forbid wrongdoing. All rights reserved. a commentary on cicero de legibus Sep 07, 2020 Posted By Denise Robins Publishing TEXT ID b3367970 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library A Commentary On Cicero De Legibus INTRODUCTION : #1 A Commentary On ~ PDF A Commentary On Cicero De Legibus ~ Uploaded By Denise Robins, de legibus has been one of ciceros most neglected works this new commentary provides a

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