Right behind the hind leg add the second hind leg. You need: a sheet of paper; an eraser; a pencil; 1. But in all honesty, this is just a reindeer that can be what you want it to be. This should be simple enough to tackle. Step 3. Next draw a large oval shape for its head and then an oval shape under the nose for its mouth area. Most of the other antler is being blocked by the antler on this side, so only draw the small section peeking through. These steps are super simple, perfect for any age. Finish draw the from reindeer legs and then sketch out the shape of the belly under. Below are the individual steps - you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version. Step 11: Follow the basic path of the small arc on the head to create the caribou's ear.Draw the base of the ear farther inside … 2.Draw two semicircular arcs for your eyes, then an oval nose and a big smile. Bend the lines on the right too to … Then press harder when you achieve the desired line and shape. Cartoon Reindeer drawing - step 13. It is under the species of deer where they have formed habitats in mountainous regions, boreal, Subarctic and Arctic parts of the world. I draw the short branches in the lower part of the antlers. It’s time to erase the unnecessary pencil lines. 1. - Dec 24 , How to Draw Santa's Sleigh Step by Step for Kids ??? This is actually chibi style. Children learn how to follow step by step instructions to complete the sequence. Meet me back in a bit for more drawing fun. Golden Eagles prey on baby reindeer. If you’re using my traceable, print it out and use a sheet of graphite paper to draw the design and transfer it to the canvas. Adult reindeer have several predators including, Polar bears, brown bears and wolverines. Next, we draw the auxiliary lines of the reindeer’s limbs. Ask your child to draw this character. Reindeer are thought to be the only mammals able to see ultraviolet light. Don't forget the tuft of hair on the head. The back of the hind leg is angled upwards and then curves inward towards the rump. Begin by drawing an oval with a smaller oval inside it to form the shiny nose. Then finish the antlers by drawing the squiggly type of line. This is a simple step-by-step guide to how to draw a reindeer. To learn about other Christmas stuff to draw then check out our How to Draw Father Christmas resource in the same series! Cartoon Reindeer. The most popular fictional reindeer is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, featured in the Santa Claus tale. Step 2. Each animal is unique … Let’s get started and create your masterpiece. Learn how to draw a cartoon reindeer in this easy step-by-step tutorial! This will be the head of a cute reindeer. The hooves of reindeer change with the seasons. Create the basic shapes of the reindeer by drawing circles for the head, and body parts, add a curved line for the main shape of the body, also legs, then draw around the guidelines to fill the body. To start the day off right, here is "how to draw a reindeer for kids", step by step. With the 0.1 ink liner, I add the lines to create a texture. 2. This guide is designed as a step-by-step tutorial that you can use along … A lot of people like drawing reindeer in their own way, but this tutorial will … How to Draw Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Step by Step. Add a very short stubby tail to the rump. If you want to draw Reindeer, follow our tutorial step by step for the perfect picture. Reindeer Head. The realistic way to draw Santa sleigh and reindeer step by step Step 1: Drawing Santa Clause Reindeer Sleigh Flying Lesson Begin drawing the fundamental shapes of Santa Clause by drawing a letter ‘8’ like shape (huge circle and little circle). Draw some hooks, or forks, for the antlers. Draw the eyebrows using curved lines connected by a short, straight line. Now I teach exclusively online through my website! The top branch has three smaller branches. Add details to the sled and reindeer, draw 2 curved lines, also for the belts. When you have finished your Reindeer drawing you might like to … The reindeer is also known as caribou in the Northern part of America. Divide your paper in half both ways by using a ruler or by folding the paper slightly. Reindeer: Draw a leaf shaped ear and an oval over his shoulder (Santa’s … Be sure to check out my how to paint a cute reindeer that this drawing tutorial goes along with! Then draw the legs of the reindeer. (Step 3) Draw an upside down letter ‘U’ shape for the top of the head. Draw a tuft of hair on top of the head using a series of short curved lines, allowing the lines to connect in round points. We are also going to add the forehead and connect it to the antler. Our step-by- step instructions will help you to make this easy and nice, because this drawing has a simple level of difficulty. Step … Some ideas are extremely original and stick out between conventional strategies. I recommend drawing with pencil lightly like you’re sketching multiple line marks. Right above the eye add a triangle-shaped ear. Here is another Christmas reindeer for you to draw. In traditional festive legend, Santa Claus’s reindeer pull a sleigh through the night sky to help Santa Claus deliver gifts to children on Christmas Eve. Finding a notion that seems worthwhile of your time can be a task alone. Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Reindeer Reindeer are of the family Cervidae which means deer.The reindeers are also called the caribou which is found in large herds in the very north of the world. Follow along with us and learn how to draw a reindeer! Step 6: Now for the fun part - the antlers. How to Draw a Reindeer For Kids.Allow us to teach you the simple steps on how to draw a reindeer for kids. Note: for 11 x 14 size painting like this one, you’ll need to print the double sheet traceable and tape it together. Draw a curved line for the smiling mouth. How to Draw the Cute Christmas Reindeer Rudolph Step by Step for Kids. The art and tutorials on www.stepbysteppainting.net are intended for personal noncommercial use. For use in a Paint Party Business, please visit my Small Business page for more information or contact me here. Description: You can now draw out the profile of the reindeer's face. This week, we're going to draw his friend Rudolph! Reindeer for Kids. First, let’s draw a sunflower seed shape placed horizontally. Step 7: Draw four lines under the body (two below each circle) as guides for the reindeer's legs.The caribou will be stepping forward, so draw one of the lines in front shorter and bent. There is a thick hoof at the bottom. Don't forget to detail the eye and then make the cute small antlers and … To do this, you will use the two easiest basic shapes to sketch available: squares, rectangles and triangles. I am a Certified Elementary Art Teacher and have taught visual arts to all ages for over ten years! The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved. Draw 2 lines for eacxh arm and on his chest. Of all the reindeer that sledded Santa, eight are responsible for pulling and Rudolph is the lead deer. Realistic Reindeer. It bends down sharply at the rump. How about making a neat drawing of one of his reindeers and hanging it in … View by Slideshow. With the exception of the moose, the antlers of male reindeer are the largest among all deer. Step 7. Step 2. (Step 2) Draw a letter ‘U’ shape for teh bottom of Rudolph’s face. Draw some hooks, or forks, for the antlers. Draw a Reindeer: Following Directions : Printable Worksheet. At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Reindeer … 1.Draw an oval first, and then draw a semicircle at the top. My drawings always look like chicken scratch at first but the more you render the shapes and lines the better it gets! Rainforest Animals. First draw four small marks for the height and width of the circle, then connect the marks using curved lines. If she can draw it, anyone can (my mom told me to say that)! Draw a Reindeer – Auxiliary Lines. These will be the inner lines of the antlers. Description: Now we can draw in the big, round eye. Step 3: Inside the head, near the bottom, draw a curved, horizontal line as a guide to help you place Rudolph's eye later. The top branch curves upwards with three small branches right at the top. How to draw a Christmas sleigh To draw this Christmas picture, you will need a white sheet of paper, a lead pencil, a gum eraser and some felt-tips and colored pencils to color in your masterpiece! Draw lightly at first so that you can erase easily if you want to change anything. 1. To start the day off right, here is "how to draw a reindeer for kids", step by step. 2. This one shows you how to make your very own reindeer. How to Draw a Reindeer Face - Step-by-Step Tutorial. Enclose a long curve to that tuft of hair, shaped a bit like a big peanut, forming the head of the reindeer. 6. How to Draw a Reindeer Step 1 Begin by drawing a circle for the reindeer’s head and follow it up with a pair of pointed ears. Facebook Youtube Pin Interest Instagram Toggle navigation DrawingTutorials101.com First, we draw a big circle, taking care to flatten it a bit. Step 6: At the end of the neck line start drawing the long thin front leg down. How To Draw A Christmas Reindeer face in ten simple steps A Step by Step Guide for kids! Draw a #2 and #5 for feet. This one is also a cartoon reindeer, but this one stands up and holds on to a Christmas bell and Christmas tree ornament. You can add fun things in the background like Christmas trees or even some Christmas lights on the reindeer’s antlers! Drawing Santa`s reindeer. (Step 5) Draw a smaller rectangle, with each corner touching the small lines that you drew in step #4. Color his nose red to make him Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. A reindeer … Step 10. Step 3. 8. The texture here is much smoother than on the coronet part. Farm Animals. Now follow step by step the indications below to make a nice … The top part is the nose. Check out my full gallery here! Watch the video and draw your own version at the same time, simply have some colouring pencils and paper handy! Add a line near the middle for the mouth. There is a small curved line at the tip. … © 2020 Step By Step Painting With Tracie Kiernan, 16 Tips For Beginning With Acrylic Painting, How To Enlarge Traceables For Transferring, How To Paint A Fall Barn – Tutorial with DecoArt Americana Premium Paints, How To Paint A Scarecrow (Now with video!! I hope you like this … Step 1. These ideas are astoundingly simple, very simple drawing ideas for children. In this drawing lesson, we’ll show How to draw a Reindeer step by step total 18 phase, and it will be easy tutorial Draw … ), How To Paint A Spring Wreath On Black Canvas, How To Paint A Shamrock With Faux Wood Background, How To Paint Tropical Moon Rise With Ship. Draw lightly at first so that you can erase easily if you want to change anything. The line the reindeer is perched on is about 3” up from the bottom. Start by drawing the eye and nostril of your Reindeer in pencil. Step 3: Draw the first antler. Note the size. Now you can add some new tines or creative features if you wish. I created step by step directions and tried them on my mom. Draw a small arc on the lower right side of the head as a guide for the reindeer's … … Lastly, draw the beginning shape of the hind legs and hooves before moving to the next step. Fossils of deer found in North America date back about Radhika apte movies and tv shows . Head and body. Step 2: Continue the bottom snout line to make the neck line. Step 5: Draw a long back line. 3. … Let’s get started and create your … Tracie Kiernan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Step 2. They curve down from the bottom of the mouth area and stop at the horizontal fence line. How to Draw a Reindeer. How to Draw a Reindeer (Step by Step Pictures) With Christmas approaching fast, it is again time to start looking for simple yet neat holiday themed crafts, handmade Christmas tree hanging instructions and then of course planning your letter to Santa Clause. Draw antlers on your head, hair on your forehead, and then draw ears. 5. Step 16: Use the lines under the right side of the body as guides to draw … 1. Draw a Reindeer: Following Directions : Printable Worksheet. How to Draw a Reindeer (Step by Step Pictures) With Christmas approaching fast, it is again time to start looking for simple yet neat holiday themed crafts, handmade Christmas tree hanging instructions and then of … This will be the head of the reindeer. Next add the mouth, and outline of the head. 2. (Step 4) Draw lines in each corner of the rectangle.

how to draw a reindeer step by step

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