example of manuscript cover letter for help of authors, ijpbs-international journal of pharma and bio sciences ISSN Number: 2230-7605; print-ISSN: 2321-3272 (International Standard Serial Number) IC Journal ID: 6129 (Poland); ICV:4.72 Full author names; institutional mailing addresses; Email addresses of corresponding author(s) Title. The journals published by IJPBS Publishers are Open access journals, which mean that the publication cost should be covered by the author, author's institution or research funds. The following information should be included Paper title. The Journal will accept original and innovative submissions in English on the understanding that the work is unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Title and Authorship Information. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - ConnectJournals.com provides INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES edited by DR. RAM PRAKASH published by DR. RAM PRAKASH - EDITOR IN CHIEF Authors submitting to one of the three ASTRO Journals, the International Journal of Radiation Oncology • Biology • Physics, Practical Radiation Oncology and Advances in Radiation Oncology should use the instructions below when submitting a manuscript.Authors unsure of which journal to submit to should view this outline of each journal's scope. Supa Pengpid, Karl Peltzer * Uncorrected Proof scheduled for 14 (4) Sep. 2020. Practice papers are by, definition, practice-based Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences IJPBS is the Official Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences. Authors seeking assistance with English language editing, translation, or figure and manuscript formatting to fit the journal’s specifications should consider using SAGE Language Services. PUBLISH WITH US . 27 Sep, 2020 DOI 10.5812/ijpbs.98260. AUTHORS . These Instructions to Authors may also be downloaded as a PDF. Publons. Visit SAGE Language Services on our Journal Author Gateway for further information. Co-author contact information must also be entered into the system upon submission. Public Peer Review Submit Article. Additional sections. Cell Structure and Function supplies comprehensive and clear Instructions to Authors, which offer guidance on article types and format, journal policies, and how to submit manuscripts.. ORCID. The Journal publishes reviews (comprehensive and short), original research papers and technical notes. IJPBS abstracted/indexed. Submitting your manuscript 7.1 How to submit your manuscript Instructions to Authors. 7. Publication: Papers will normally be published in order of acceptance by the editors, quickly as soon as the corrected electronic manuscripts are received. Open Peer Review. UGC Approved Journal-No: 46322 International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences has been indexed in many databases worldwide. The following sections should be included after the text: Acknowledgments, Financial Support, and Disclosures regarding real or perceived conflicts of interest. Ijpbs-INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS should seek approval from the appropriate Institutional Animal Ethics committee in accordance with "Principles of Laboratory Animal Care". Positive behavioural support (PBS) combines the conceptual framework of applied behaviour analysis with the values base of social role valorisation and framework of person-centred approaches. Author guidelines for a practice paper The purpose of this section The Practice Paper section of the IJPBS is for practitioners to share information about effective, interventions in the field of Positive Behavioural Support that are function-based, person-centred, and/or constructional.

ijpbs author instructions

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