However on my O2 and Project Ember you can feel a solid kick from bass which makes these things perfectly fine to listen to rap and electronic with. AKG Pro Audio K702 Over-Ear, Open-Back, Flat-Wire, ... My audio path is Foobar 2000 WASAPI/ASIO -> Schiit Modi Multibit via USB -> Schiit Asgard 2 -> AKG K712 Pro. If you feed them garbage they will absolutely eat it alive. There's something very, very good about this combo. I am fairly concerned their comfort and it's one of the main things putting me off trying a pair of the K7xx range. I also did a 40 hr burn in run over a couple of nights when I got them. Here you can ask which headphone is. Com Akg K702 65th Anniversary Edition Open Back Dynamic K702 reference studio headphones k701 replacement parts alternate source headphone reviews and akg 2458m98030 k702 replacement inner headband assembly full dude pimp my headphones akg k702 edition gearz. The bass of K712 vs K701 is rich and enveloping and clear enough to hear the details of and still distinguish the individual bass notes. Looking for versatile headphones for under £300, any way to give the illusion that bluetooth headphones on pc have 0 latency. I love the MS-Pro, for someone coming from something like the K702 I'd usually say they'd take some getting used to but seeing as how you have the SR80i you should be somewhat used to that close and intimate sound signature. AKG K712 Pro - Review - YouTube [Metal571]: AKG K712 PRO Review - reddit; AKG K712 PRO Review - And Amazon UK is selling them for a good price, i think. Final Remarks of AKG K701 Vs K702. I'm actually not much of a speaker guy myself (I don't find them to be detailed enough and I like the closeness of headphones) so I find the separation a bit refreshing. Some people find the headband which has bumps on it to be aggravating but I don't find this to be a problem at all. I also noticed the AKG K712 which looks really good too, it may be a bit more character than the K702 but i don't know :/ *graphCompare - - H I checked the K702 and was mostly impressed but I finally did not buy them because I (also) felt that they never give you the sensation of a fat bass. I run these out of an Asus Xonar Essence STX since I use to game quit a bit.. but frankly not so much anymore. As for which AKG to buy, unfortunatelly in Germany I can only find the K701, K702 and K712. I mean I have the modded t50rps but they go in a different direction sound signature wise than the more common mad dogs etc do. Headphones - Open[PA] AKG K7XX vs AKG K712 Pro (self.HeadphoneAdvice). Chord Mojo > MrSpeakers Ether C Flow || Shure SE530, Focal Elear || TR-X00 || IE80 || RME ADI-2 DAC. [–]CaptainDoubtful 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (4 children). That's just my 2c. Thanks for the write up! Finde heraus welches besser ist und dessen gesamt Leistung in der Kopfhörer-Bestenliste. bigger. Due to the 62 ohm output impedance, OTLs are somewhat difficult to use the K702 with (unless it's something high end and powerful), however to add a tube flavour, a hybrid becomes a good option. And yes, what put me off Grado for so long despite liking an intimate and impactful sound is their brightness. [–]fishpan343[S] 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). Sound. I have a 558 atm so that's my only frame of reference but which one would you recommend the k702 or the q701? use the following search parameters to narrow your results: and join one of thousands of communities. Comfort and design. I've always loved the design of those cans. The model DT 1990 has 250 Ohm, while AKG K712 PRO has 62 Ohm. I know some purists hate anything that distorts sound but as explained before, they provide some extra musicality and can really tame the treble to make it entirely non fatiguing and less bright if that's what you're after. Every little thing is exaggerated in these headphones. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Now onto detail retrieval. For the record though, it's the best headphone and soundstaging, imaging, and detail retrieval that I've owned or listened to. From my fiio e9 and little dot i+ when I owned them, bass was light and subpar. I made another edit but see that you've already replied to I'll just move it here: Even with the AD900's great soundstage I prefer the soundstage of the MS-Pro which might seem weird but the thing is that even though the MS-Pro's soundstage is much, much narrower, sounds actually sound like they have more depth and that they occupy a much more 3D space and makes the AD900 sound flat and 2D in comparison. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 31007 on r2-app-001309cca1da32e0d at 2020-12-03 00:32:55.206853+00:00 running a42a821 country code: US. the sound stage of the K702s is much bigger than the xx headphones). Zwar habe ich die K701/702 nicht mit Gel Pads (kein Memory Foam!) My ears are quite sensitive and I really can't stand even the slightest bit of sibilance. I had a project sunrise ii before the Ember and it was great too. I have the earlier model, the K701. I don't find the k702 to be unnatural. The key to good neutral bass with the K701/Q701/K702/K712 is good cushion seal, so make sure you have this adjusted before starting a listening session. I find them to be an excellent choice for classical as that is where their detail shines most but don't hesitate to turn to these for rock, rap and anything else. According to our research, it is quite challenging to choose between AKG K701 and K702. Despite having a low-ish 62 Ohm impedance, the K712 isn’t easy to drive. In fact, I love them for those genres due to the fact that the soundstage and neutral presentation which is lacking on most headphones that are traditionally recommended for the genres provides a very different look at them. Hi everyone, I am currently torn between two different headphones. If you can compare it with another set of cans, it at least sets a reference point to compare to for people who has heard of those before (e.g. Thanks - you gave me an idea actually. What is the difference between AKG K702 and Sennheiser HD 599? And i must say i'm not an audiophile. These would be fantastic headphones to use as studio monitors because they are near neutral (other than a small treble peak) and it is very easy to zone in on individual parts due to the presentation. They're thin, bright, shrill, sibilant and downright unnatural. If you listen to a good set of tower loudspeakers or even been to a concert or played an instrument in the same room as others, you'll notice that sounds in real life do bleed into each other quite a bit and to varying extents depending on the acoustic environment. Before posting, please consider using the search function. [–]equlix 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (1 child). These headphones present as if you are about in the middle range of seats of a concert - still close enough to feel intimate, but not slammed against your ears like a Grado headphone would be. Headphone amp. Whats people lookup in this blog: Akg K702 Spare Parts; Akg K702 Replacement Parts submitted 7 years ago by RAZRr1275SFD-1>DNA Stratus>Various, [–]RAZRr1275SFD-1>DNA Stratus>Various[S] 16 points17 points18 points 7 years ago* (19 children). The plan would be to add on a modi later for music. AKG K701 vs K702 AKG K701 and AKG K702 are two similar high-end headphones with great comfort and sound. PS DL III>Silver Serpent ii XLR>Phonitor>K702/HD650/HF2. cheapest I could find was 184£ but my budget is 150. Are they worth the difference? Question for ya! As others have said - it does the twang of guitars amazingly well. "AKG says that it has improved low-end performance by 3dB over their predecessors, the K702" Another option that a user has is adding tubes into the equation. The K702/701/Q701 are known to need many hours of burn in to settle in on their sound. K702s are excellent for gaming due to their fantastic imaging and detail retrieval which make them fantastic for detecting and locating footstep noises in game. If you're a classical fan, these are the headphones for you. This headphone is about 18 dB less sensitive than say an AudioTechnica ATH-M50x, so an audio interface headphone output is a must at the very least. I was not able to check the K712. I just thought I'd say this seeing as how reviewers often cite this as always a good thing. Sorry for all the questions, i'm just trying to get into this world and i would like to have the best i can get with my limited budget :). The violinists bow bouncing when he plays your favourite violin concerto? [–]TheSlinkyChord Mojo > MrSpeakers Ether C Flow || Shure SE530 3 points4 points5 points 7 years ago* (5 children), Imagine there is a circle around your head and each sound occupies its own specific space and never once bleeds into the space of any other sound. The boost comes into play for everything below 1kHz. So, for a difference of 43 pounds, i should go with the 702s? K712 is not a K702 with a bass boost. The AKG K702 is a headphone in AKG's flagship series of the K702 65th Anniversary edition, K702, K701, Q701, and K712. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. I keep telling people that the amp makes or breaks the AKG K/Q 701/2 and they keep telling me I dont know wtf I'm talking about and that they cant possibly be all that difficult to drive. They do a great job since they're so detailed and accurate. Also check my blog here for previous reviews and some non review related exclusive content. [–]megawhackoFocal Elear || TR-X00 || IE80 || RME ADI-2 DAC 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (1 child). It's why I also generally prefer a warmer sound to a brighter (and to me harsher) one. [–]Manny-Calavera 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (1 child), That's great. As far as recommendations of what to listen to these with, anything goes. A magni/modi should work well for an amp/dac. You can hear it. As a violinist, these headphones produce the sound that is closest to what comes to my ears when playing of the headphones that I have. Would it be worth getting a pair of HD600 or HD6XX, or will I be disappointed? Comfort of the pads (K712 has softer memory foam, K702 'normal' and stiffer foam) and price will differ the most. Most obvious would be the Q701’s cousins: AKG’s K612, K701, K702, K712, and K7XX from Massdrop. They combine an extremely accurate response with agility and spaciousness. Sound. I found them to be that way as well as a bit constrained sounding out of the box but with more hours on them the mids began to gain a thicker, more airy quality. That would explain why people dont really recommend these for rap/electronic/etc. and join one of thousands of communities. By looking at the devices you will not see much difference in their construction, as there is only a slight distinction in their design. But I just meant that seeing as how you owned other cans, it could be more helpful to give some comparison. what!!! I wouldn't say it sounds unnatural though and tubes do help bring things together a bit. You are also encouraged to check the menu at the top of the screen, containing links for further learning, past discussions, and to a number of audio-friendly subreddits. First thing to talk about is comfort. Music is 90% of what im using these for. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 19325 on r2-app-0a9faedf960d163cf at 2020-12-03 00:32:54.090652+00:00 running a42a821 country code: NL. With EQ these may be hard to distinguish from K712. If you find the treble bright, tubes are your best friend. I have the annies and love them. AKG k712 pro Shure SE535 再レビュー : けーさんのブ … Then everything has a bigger soundstage than the grado sr80i. How soft are these bumps on the headband? Anyway onto the review. Look at the perceived FR plots (Tyll's compensation doesn't really show it) on GoldenEars, etc. Well it's definitely there. I found the Annie to go a bit lower while the K712 had a bit more presence. send link to the 145£ k712 pro pls. Plug, AKG K702 cord. As far as hours I'm not sure since I rotate headphones a fair amount but I've had these for 2 and a half years and for a year of that they were pretty much the only headphone I used and I listen to about 4-8 hrs of music a day. Speaking of their frequency response, the first device has a range of 5 Hz - 40 kHz and the second one — 10 Hz - 40 kHz. Instead of a presentation that presents a track as a whole, the K702 produces it as its individual parts played in different spaces. The AKG K701 look almost identical to the K702 and K712 PRO. Bass: This is where a lot of people complain about these headphones and I'm inclined to chalk it up to bad amping. Since a lot of questions have come up about the k702 lately, this is going to be a review of the AKG K702. The K702's are reference, open, over-ear studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering. [–]RAZRr1275SFD-1>DNA Stratus>Various[S] 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (1 child). If you're still concerned the K712 or K612 don't have any bumps, [–]Manny-Calavera 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (3 children). Thanks for your review. Then the bass is similarly flat on both models but higher in level vs the upper mids and highs in the K712. Do you have any other headphones that you can compare the K702s to? I find the K702 to be extremely comfortable largely due to the fact that the headphones only clamp just enough to get a good seal and the pads are extremely large so they cover your ears easily. 10 Hz ~ 39 kHz, unqualified. I'm just not sure exactly what a common reference that a lot of people here would have heard would be. Well they arent, and im not saying you need a multithousand dollar amp. I have 5 sets of headphones and have heard all of the grado srxxx and rsx line as well as a couple of the lower end senheiser cans and the audio technica ad700. The K701 do, although they are not the most bass heavy when compared to other headphones. Thanks for … Yeah, a lot of praise coming from head-fi on the sunrise II, in time I think the ember will really be a hit. [–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (0 children), [–]CaptainDoubtful 0 points1 point2 points 7 years ago (2 children). The more recent 65th edition, and k712 feature a bass boost that some feel is necessary (more on that later) while the K702/K701/Q701 are, depending on who you ask, either the exactly the same headphone or have small differences in sound with the Q701 being called warmer. There is only a slight difference in the sensitivity, as AKG DT 1990 has 102 dB, while AKG K712 PRO has 105 dB. The MS-Pro does that job nicely while still maintaining the Grado intimacy and impact. A lot of questions have already been answered in the past, often comprehensively. As far as what they sound like, they don't sound like an actual voice but that isn't the fault of the headphones -- it's that you can hear the production methods so well that it becomes apparent what methods were used to mic the recording and what work was (or wasn't) done to clean them up. I'll have to put them on my list. No q701 or K7xx. This subreddit is dedicated to a community of headphone enthusiast and newcomers. I'd venture to guess that very few people here have heard a K240 Sextett and the Denon D2000s are discontinued. Sennheiser 660s vs 58x: A Comparative Review, Bringing life to my Koss Porta Pros: Yaxi Pads. Fellow member luckylion has the OPPO, IIRC. In certain parts of songs with sounds that come from seemingly nowhere such as Black Stacey by Saul Williams I have looked in the direction of the sound thinking that something was there and I've also thought that my speakers were on due to the illusion of space that the K702s provide. yes, i'm weird like that :P ). Hi everyone, I am currently torn between two different headphones. I have no idea which one to pick (K702 or K712). You can hear that too. Edit: And it seems a bit like I can't publish an entry without pictures so using my wonderful project amber....err...I mean Ember light source I used a setup with a 25 sec exposure, ISO 800 and F/8, and to throw you objectivists out there a bone this is a graph of the K702s in comparison to the Senn HD800s. They have the same retro design with large circular ear cups and a headband with a self-adjusting strap. The open-back ear cups are well padded and covered in a suede-like fabric that gives the headphones a more premium appeal. Frankly, on a not so great amp, these sound awful. The treble began to become a tad more tame, bass kick increased, and they became more open sounding as well. [PA] Mid-Entry level audiophile headphone for music lover & gamer, [PA] Media and music listener noise cancelling headphones under 65 dollars. So it could well complement my DT990. The DT880 when it is semi-open, and has the area to give a little more in the bottom but good, saw the curve there is not much difference .. It has a detachable cable and replaceable ear pads which are things absence in AKG K701. I'm not sure how the quality of Asus sound cards are. After I finish reviewing all of my headphones I'll do a bit of a shootout post that ranks the headphones I've owned/heard in categories that most people pay attention to such as how resolving they are, treble, mids, soundstage etc. – The overview of AKG K702 Vs AKG Pro Audio K712 – The quality of the sound – The design of AKG K702 and AKG Pro Audio K712. The AKG K712 PRO deliver a great sound for critical listening. I haven't heard the pairing though but a friend of mine has the magni so I'll get back to you on the synergy issue once I get a chance to hear it. The AKG K702 is a headphone in AKG's flagship series of the K702 65th Anniversary edition, K702, K701, Q701, and K712. With the K712 pads back on the warmth found in the Annie was almost present, it's not 100% identical. So that everyone's requests are seen by the community, please limit your posts to once every 24 hours max. Wondering if the K712 pro is a marked improvement over the K7XX to warrant the extra £20 spend. gehört, aber beide ausgiebig gegen den K712. For a solid state amp that gives some warmth and body to the K702 while maintaining its neutrality and cleanliness, the O2 or Matrix M-Stage are excellent options. Rendered by PID 19325 on r2-app-0a9faedf960d163cf at 2020-12-03 00:32:54.090652+00:00 running a42a821 country code: NL. The little bit of vocal distortion that Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday does on his vocals before he starts a phrase? was just wondering if they were brand new, [–]RAZRr1275SFD-1>DNA Stratus>Various[S] 2 points3 points4 points 7 years ago (0 children). As far as frequency response related things go. Among them are the 65th-anniversary AKG K702 reference headphones, upon which the Limited Edition K7XX—being reviewed here—are based. Q701/K702 65th Annivers ary Edition /K712 PRO 中央、K702 65th Anniversary EditionはAKG設立65周年を記念して発売された限定モデル。落ち着いたグレーを基調に、ブルーのアクセントのきいた配色。個人的に700系の中では一番好きです。 そして右が最新モデルのK712 PRO。 I'd venture to guess yes though since the O2/ODAC has been compared to much more expensive amps/dacs and I haven't heard the same about the asus. If you disagree with something, please use language that orients others to problems or alternative perspectives, not language that evaluates or attacks others' knowledge. This is achieved by using revolutionary flat-wire voice coils and a patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm. I just got a pair of ATH-W1000Xs and it really makes them sing. If this is your first visit to our community, please familiarize yourself with the all content in this sidebar - as it will make your stay more pleasant. The K701/702 all have a big nasty peak (plus ringing) at ~2k, right in the presence region. Vocals sounds amazing as well and have a wonderful slightly airy presentation that isn't dark or bright. You can hear that and it stands out in spectacular fashion. AKG K702 is a tool for creating music. I was thinking about buying the Sennheiser HD598, but for a 40 pound difference, i can pay the difference and buy the K 702 if they're better. Audio Bandwidth. Next is soundstage. Using a Belkin Gold Series USB cable and 1ft gold plated RCA interconnects from CablesOnline. So I have a clean path with a good DAC and an excellent headphone amp for these. Thanks for this post! That's really great to hear - another thing that puts me off Grado a bit is how at least up the SRxxx and RSx series of their line there are minimal differences as far as upgrades so that's why I haven't really felt the need to buy any new grados despite me having technically better headphones in my collection.

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