Thanks a lot. You can roast for a few more minutes, if you want. Thanks for taking time to share your feedback. You are welcome Angitha. Copyright © 2013 - 2020 Shaan Geo. Good Luck. Ingredients Ripe Tomatoes (Medium S… It is pleasure to know that you love cooking. I used to go to school with a yellow skinned face. All Rights Reserved. Rania, Thanks for the commment. Thanks, Anyway I am from Philippines married to Keralite, I really love cooking as well and learned variety of south Indian recipe and willing to learn more. Thanks for the recipe. Kappa biriyani aka ellum kappayum is a mix of Kappa (tapioca) and beef (with bones). I am a beginner in cooking. It is a food item common in middle Kerala mostly between the Christians and Muslims of Kottayam and Idukki. Thanks Noyal I will try to include more recipes. Kadala Curry or Kerala Style Chickpea Curry is a quintessential dish in every Malayalee household.It’s a very popular dish to serve with puttu, appam and dosa and also eaten with idiyappam or string hoppers, paratha and boiled red rice for lunch or dinner. 5.0 (1) My Foodies By Josna. What is needed is the love for cooking. Nancy, It is pleasure to know that you found what you are searching for. Thank you very much for the feedback and also for the tip. YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_EjzpNexdKm8, Vada Koottu Curry- Vada Koottukari- Trivandrum Sadya Special, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_6j_ESAUSxs0, Beetroot Pachadi -Kerala Sadya Style Beetroot Pachadi, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_CHwOERE6F9M, Erissery/Mathanga Vanpayar Erissery-Varutherussery -Kerala Sadya Recipes, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_9YXj71Xb2Lk, Puli Inji-Inji Puli Recipe-Kerala Sadya Recipes, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_DAqpSWMihBA, Idiyappam/Noolappam with Cooked/Leftover Rice-Stovetop & Instant Pot Idiyappam-Noolappam, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_RxCmoDlLc7A, Instant Pot Kadala Curry-Black Chickpeas Curry-Instant Pot Version, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_w7pWNZD-EKA, Instant Pot Puttu-How to make Kerala Puttu in Instant Pot, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_oalP4ipme8s, Click here for more Non Vegetarian Gravies and Curries Recipes. I will comment once I eat it. I had this curry so many times. Hope you will share the feedback. Here is how to make Kerala Style Ulli Theeyal Recipe Soak a lime size tamarind in one cup of water for 20 minutes. Hope you will share the experience. Good luck . Hope to see you here often. People from Kottayam area also follow is method usually. Happy cooking . , Prem, Thanks for trying this recipe. Thank u Shaan. Iftar Recipes -Iftar Specials -Ramadan Recipes, Christmas Recipes – Kerala Christmas Recipes, Onam Recipes – Onam Sadya – Kerala Onam Sadya, « Beetroot Vadai-Beetroot Vada Recipe-Beetroot Fritters, Mushroom Curry Recipe – Mushroom Masala Recipe – My Version », Thattukada Style Red Coconut Chutney- Thattukada Style Thenga Chutney for Idli & Dosa, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_yolvcM_8FJ8. Add socked Brindleberry and water to the pan and allow to boil. Rava Upma. I hope it will taste well. And for other viewers plz visit and encourage people like him. Step 1. The methodology presented is simple. I am really happy to see like these recipes. Hi, I am really keen to make this curry as it sounds delicious but not sure I will be able to get Kukum Star in New Zealand. But the dishes we get in restaurants are not so. Hope you will try more Indian recipes from this website and see you here often. Hope you will share the feedback . This is actually a toddy shop fish curry. Hi Mr Geo, Very Interesting Recipe I will try this today. … Let the curry remains in the cooking pan for a few hours, allowing all the spices to steep into the fish. Sonisha, Glad to know that you did well and your husband liked it very much. Wendy, Thanks for the comment. I tried this recipe and it turned out really well…. Its biological name is Garcinia gummi-gutta. Naadan Ayala Curry is a hot and spicy dish with kudam pulli ( Gambooge ), kerala fish tamirand . Can you tell me approx how many pounds of fish would be needed for about 45 people — considering that there will be other dishes too? One small tip. You can keep it refrigerated upto 3-4 days , Hi, I am trying it today. Hi Prasanna, Thanks a lot for sharing the tip. See more ideas about Recipes, Cooking, Cooking videos. Fresh Fish simmered in spices,cooked in different kind of coconut bases and the description goes on….Among the many varieties, this is one which is served in Toddy Shop in Kerala (a state in India). (instead of arakallu it can be mixi in modern days). From that I may be able to extrapolate the other ingredient quantities. Really it is tasty and very easy to cook. Hope you will enjoy the dish . Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement, appreciate it very much . Reduce the flame and cook till done (it takes 10 to 15 minutes). Thankyou so much. I tried this way to cook fish curry. Believe me, I tried your recipe and all of us liked it. Definitely it sounds tasty without coconut. Thanks so much for this yummy recipe. 1 month ago. Cover and cook over medium low heat for 5 – 6 minutes until the bitter gourd pieces are half-done. Glad to know that the Kerala fish curry turned out good for you. Hope to see you here often. I was hunting for a recipe like this. Saleem, I am glad that you love Kerala dishes. . Veena's Curryworld. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But consuming less oil, may benefit people struggling with high cholesterol . Required fields are marked *. Chena Varutharacha Curry is a famous mouth watering and traditional Curry dish that tingles taste buds. try it, Suma, Thank you very much for the feedback and also for the tip , Thanks for the recipe. For garnishing place green chilly slits 1 tomato slice and curry leaves and then wrap the fish tightly with banana leaf or foil paper. God bless you. Add water, green chillies, vazhakka pieces, kodam puli and salt. I have been searching for this recipe for ages.. good to see the same.. Gonna make this yummy fish curry 2mrw or so.. thank you so much! I have tried this recipe with sardines. I added some coriander seeds and some fresh coriander at the end. Kerala fish curry or Meen curry can be prepared in many ways. Thank you for this beautiful recipe. If you are new to Indian foods then you may be wondering What are soya chunks? This curry tastes good with hot rice and Mumbai pav. thanks. Rima, Good to hear that the fish curry came out well for you. Delicious! Mackerel is a healthy and tasty Fish. Nadan Vellarikka Pachadi is a version of North Indian Raita, a delicious dish with slightly spicy and sour flavor. You are welcome Grace. Do you know how to make snacks like murukku, achappam, pakkavada etc. Hope you will try other recipes too. It can also be used as a Soup or as a Curry with Rice. Hi Shaan, I was really searching for this dish. Soak cocum in 3 tbsp water for 10 minutes. Good old memories. Hi Sheena, I am really happy that you found what you were looking for. One quick word; use bit more coconut oil… Fish is a good source of nutritional contents like Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The yellow colour would not go even after taking bath. Prepare the curry overnight and serve in the morning. Keep posting good recipes so that I will get good compliments from my family members by cooking your delicious recipes. Here is the recipe for the ever-popular Tomato (Thakkali) Rasam. Have a good day. Hi Sanitha, Thank you very much for the nice words. Great to know that fish curry worked out well for you by adding raw mango. I don’t believe that coconut oil has more cholesterol than others. Hi…. Going to make this one…!! Hi Anna, Thanks for the comments. Close the lid and cook in medium heat for about 15 mins. Mulaku Bajji-Molaga Bajji-Chilly/Banana Pepper Fritters & Bell Pepper/Capsicum Bajji/Fritters. Excellent recipe Shaan. Ravi, Just wash the kokum (Brindleberry) before soaking it in the water. have a nice time. Kavitha, Thanks a lot for your wonderful feedback. 11 talking about this. It is optional for Kerala fish curry. A bit spicy, but i guess if you add half tsp of dhaniya powder it’ll be fine. I will definitely try a few and update the feedback. Kirsty, Kukum star is a kind of tamarind. Then the taste will be excellent. I think Kukum star will be available in most of the Indian stores in New Zealand. Hey… thank you soooo much. Rasam is quite easy to make and is tasty. I miss my mothers curry, and I crave. Your email address will not be published. Very simple and easy steps. Are there alternatives? Caterers in Las Vegas on November 25, 2014. Keep up the good work!!! Hi Meera, Thank you very much for your nice words of encouragement. Lemon – 5 – 6 Salt – To taste 2. today my wife has referred your recipe of making fish curry without coconut or any coconut substitute…. Hi Mary, You can use any fish of your choice to prepare this curry. Hope you will come back with a wonderful feedback this weekend. You can use raw mango as an alternative for Kukum Star. Add the grounded coconut paste to the pumpkin curry and mix well reduce the fire to low and cook for 2-3 minutes. Adding more coconut oil will definitely makes the dish more tasty. Regina, it requires 9 pounds of fish to meet your requirements. But you can replace it with tomato or tamarind. പാചക വീഡിയോകൾക്കായി യൂട്യൂബ് ചാനൽ സന്ദർശിക്കുക. Guys, Thanks For sharing this Great Recipe. Kashmiri chilli powder, normal chilli powder and turmeric powder should be made as a paste adding little water. My husband & kids enjoyed it. Hi, please can you tell me what kukum star is? മധുരസേവ | Madhura Seva | Sweet Sev | Nostalgic Memories | Koonthi | … Remove from the flame before it starts boiling. I want to try this with coconut milk. I also like cooking. Libin, Thank you very much for such a wonderful feedback . When can i add into this? Beans Thoran is a simple and nutritious Kerala style Beans side dish for Rice. Thanks again for the feedback. Njan ithe reethiyil thanne anu fish curry undakkaru. Mix the powders (chili,coriander & turmeric) together with coconut oil/water & make a paste. :-) loved it. When it splutters, to this add finely chopped shallot, ginger & garlic and stir well. Wish me luck. And I appreciate your effort of sending replies to all who giving their feedback. As you said, coconut adds to cholesterol.. want to see more of our traditional recipes without coconut.. thanks. Instead of pouring hot water to the kokum and then to curry I directly put the kokum to the curry while boiling. Oyster Mushroom And Potato Gravy. Thank you so much!! It is not limited by the age, profession, caste, colour or creed of a person. Happy to know that my recipes helped you very much. Chena Varutharacha Curry is a recommended dish for Sadhya meals and special occasions. I will definitely try this as its not too complicated and sounds delicious. Martin, Thanks for trying the fish curry recipe. I will post my feedback later. Glad you all liked it. In my childhood I experienced a lot. I have been searching for this recipe. Jins, we use the Brindleberry soaked water to prepare the fish curry. In either way, there won’t be any significant difference in the fish curry gravy. Soooperr. If you don’t have the Kashmiri chilli powder add only 1 1/2 table spoon of normal chilli powder. Soak Brindleberry in 2 cup of hot water with little salt added in it. Your recipe helped me to give surprise my family. But now very clear about what exactly to do. These are used widely in the Indian food as they are considered healthy, protein rich and a good alternate to those who want to refrain from eating meat. In private, the term ‘Profit’ has no role whereas in business ‘profit’ has major role. In the modern day recipes we hardly see any such process. Open the lid and stir-fry for 10 – 15 minutes, stirring occasionally until the bitter-gourd is completely done and slightly browned. See more ideas about My recipes, Recipes, Food. When it is done add curry leaves and ½ table spoon coconut oil & remove from the flame after 1 minute. Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. My Family Loved it. Heat the oil in a frying pan and pop mustard seeds add dry red chillies and pour the seasoning to the pulinkari…Serve hot with rice and Enjoy ! Hi Vincy, Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. Popcorn Shrimp-Prawns Popcorn Recipe with Video. If you don’t have it, try the recipe of Kerala Fish Curry – with Coconut, Should we rinse the kodampuli after soaking to remove the burnt odor of dried kokum pieces. Sibin, Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. Hope to see you here often . Hi Shaan hw r u? Generally which fish will be good in this meen curry? Anyway waiting for your feedback , Oh Hi Shaan…. Happy cooking . Thank you for the recipe. Neat, clean, simple and easy to understand. very precise description…!! That is why we call them Chettinadu, Mugal, Continental, Arab, Thai and so on… In my point of view, regarding restaurant preparation and homely preparation, the major difference is nothing but one is private and other is commercial. Naveen, Thanks for trying this fish curry recipe and also for the feedback. Kerala fish curry is ready. Dear l am from karachi. Kerala Fish Fry/Nadan Meen Varuthathu/Meen Porichathu /Avoli Varuthathu .Recipe no 84 - Duration: 11:41. Soya chunks also called as meal maker or soya nuggets. Please don’t say all kind of fish. Found your website from Sandeep Mangalath, l will definatly try above recipe, However I have a query, is Fenugreek Seeds are available readily in market or is that something special to Kerala? Waiting for your feedback, please share it . I am sure that it tastes good. It is sublime. Have fun in the kitchen . Because this is what the way my mom cook (fish curry). Hello Shan, tried this simple and tasty fish curry. I have a puttu maker from Kerala, gifted by my mom. Thank you very much for the feedback. You can use raw mango or tamarind as an alternative to kokum star. Grind the coconut, turmeric and chilli powder. Hi Shaan Geo, I tried your Fish curry recipe. After washing the fish, rinse it with Kokkum water to eliminate all slimy stuff (ulumbu) from the fish and wash it in clean water before adding to the masala. Water is from the kodumpuli or extra water can be added? Thanks for trying this recipe and also for the tip. But the fish pieces tastes better, if you add the socked kukkum with water. I appreciate your rational thinking. Thanks a lot. You can use the fishes like Seer, Tuna, Shark, Mackerel, Sardine, Salmon, Red Snapper etc. You can ignore it if you don’t have. I have been trying few recipes of fish curry without coconut. Thank you for sharing Shaan . Breakfast Dishes Beef Recipes Biriyani Recipes Bread & Parathas Cakes & Bakes Chicken Dishes Chinese Dishes Chutneys & Chammnthis Desserts Drinks & Refreshments Egg Dishes Healthy Salads Kerala Sadya Recipes Mutton Dishes My Cooking Videos Pickles Post Delivery-Care Medicines Rice Recipes Indian Veg… Siciliya, Thanks for trying Kerala fish curry recipe and also for the feedback. Hello, I came through this recipe while searching for kerala recipes without coconut. Anyway I like your way of presentation and will try this Kerala fish curry soon. Fresh Fish simmered in spices,cooked in different kind of coconut bases and the description goes on….Among the many varieties, this is one which is served in Toddy Shop in Kerala (a state in India). Some people call it kappayum erachiyum also. Hi Shaan, this fish curry recipe seems very similar to what we prepare at home except we add little coriander powder too… Anyhow thank you so much for your recipes, especially the way you depicted is remarkable. Soak tamarind in 1 cup of hot water and keep aside for few minutes..Then squeeze and strain.. Heat oil in a kadai or manchatti (Clay pot) and splutter mustard seeds followed by fenugreek seeds.. Then to this add onion slices and green chilli,sauté for 2 minute or until they are soft.. Simply tasty and delicious. It was a Friday ritual. Occasionally on some days, I make kadala curry with puttu. Anyway I will try to post some recipes without coconut. The eggs are hard boiled and is cooked further in spicy coconut based gravy. Its very tasty and came out well. Ammu, Thanks for the comment. Heat 2 table spoon coconut oil in a cooking pan (recommends open mouthed earthenware pot), put mustard and fenugreek seeds. Soya chunks curry recipe or meal maker curry recipe to accompany rice, biryani, chapathi, pulao. Anju, Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement and wishes. When it becomes golden brown, reduce the flame and put chilli and turmeric powder paste into it. Means it can help people like me(beginners). See more ideas about Fish curry, Kerala fish curry, Curry. Why like that? Thanks for the feedback. I am really gonna try this dish at home. Other than that its a wonderful recipe. Thanks Siciliya Convey my regards to your sister. Hi, I tried this recipe and it came out well… Although it was very watery, so to make little thick I added finely grinded coconut paste just 2tbsp, since its for was for rice, if it was used for tapioca, coconut can be avoided.. I made this curry, easy to make but I guess the chilly powder of 2 1/2 tablespoon made the curry very mirchi and everybody was coughing what can be done to reduce the chilly? I think we can also use lemon juice or vinegar water for the same purpose. I must try this Sunday and will inform you later. Thanks. This kerala nadan curry is no exception to it. If you like garlic, add it more, you will get little more thick gravy. Almost all dishes (shown/seen in various media) have the same process of starting with heating oil, adding mustard seeds, shallot then adding the powders (like chilli , coriander, turmeric) then adding the main item (fish, egg, chicken etc). Hope the fish curry will come out well for you. Jun 27, 2018 - Explore mariyam28j's board "Kerala fish curry" on Pinterest. Usually Kerala fish curry (meen curry) is prepared in open mouthed earthenware pot for better taste. Reshmi, You can use any fish available in the market to prepare this curry. Thanks for the recipe. Nov 21, 2016 - Explore Veena Jan's board "My Recipes ", followed by 422 people on Pinterest. Kerala chicken recipe - A simple & delicious dish made by simmering chicken in fresh ground kerala spice powder & coconut milk. 1 month ago. We are from Trichur and we never make fish curry like this, we add coconut paste or milk to our curries. Thanks Tressa . The traditional dishes I had seen in my childhood had lot of mixing of various ingredients in traditional ‘arakallu’ to make what we used to call ‘arappu’. Home made recipes in easy and short videos When it boils put fish and add salt to taste. Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a thick bottomed vessel, add the cherupayar parippu and stir until the paripu turns light brown. Suresh, Thanks for the comment. But I wont get the taste which my mom made. The aroma and flavor of roasted coconut is what makes elephant foot yam a special dish. You are doing a good job by providing simple and easy method to cook delicious Kerala food. Shan chetto, njanga dubail chetaide recipe vechu oru poli polichu. Most of our traditional dishes are coconut based. I normally use coconut for my fish curry. Glad you like it, hope to see you here often , Thanks for replying me Mr.Geo, actually me and my elder sister loves south Indian food, so if we want any recipe so we will probably come in you website. I can’t wait to make this recipe, I am making fish curry this weekend, hope will come up good like yours. Try It.. Its Wonderful! There is some practical difficulty in placing the photographs in each step. I have just made this curry. 6. I added raw mango pieces as well… It increased the sour taste of the curry and it really complimented it.. very good recipe.. keep posting more simple recipes… , Hi Ambili, Thanks for taking time to share your feedback. Krishnan Vaidyanathan. According to me cooking is an equal-opportunity talent and I find that anybody can cook. Thank you so much for this recipe. Definitely there will be a remarkable difference. I fell in love with the way he made this curry. Hope they also love it. Ingredients (Makes about 1.5 cup) 1. Regards, Jobin. TERMS AND CONDITIONS. No need to pour extra water. Looking for more recipes…. Heat oil in a pan and sputter mustard seeds and curry leaves. Very yummy n the way of narration was so simple that i could make the curry easily. Try to post like these too…. Gingelly oil / nallenna – 2 – 3 tbsp Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp Dry red chilies – 2 – 3 Fenugreek seeds – 1/8 tsp Ginger – 1/2 inch, thinly sliced Garlic […] Hi Shyni, Great to know that the fish curry turned out well for you. Thanks a lot. I will try to include more snacks recipes. Hi Geo, Thanks for your above recipe. According to my knowledge not only coconut oil overuse of any oil will leads to cholesterol. Happy to know that you like the recipes posted here especially the Kerala fish curry. Siciliya. Visit YouTube channel for video recipes This is a very close alternative. Jins, I think you added normal chilli powder instead of Kashmiri Chilli powder. Stir it well in a very low heat for few minutes (till the oil starts appearing). I am going to try this curry which I had been searching for. To day I will try this also. Thomas, I am glad you found what you were searching for. I just made it It’s truly delicious and yet so simple Thanks a lot You are a lifesaver , Jojo, Thanks for trying this fish curry recipe and also for your kind words of encouragement. Can we add ginger garlic paste instead of chopped ginger garlic. Hi Santhosh, Thanks for the nice words. Instead of didn’t adding coconut or coconut milk, this curry tasted is very nice & even very quick in making. Hope to see you here often. Kerala cuisine is well known for its unique flavors, delicious taste & simplicity. Venugopal, Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement, appreciate it very much . Pls add more recipes which is a big help , Tressa, I will try to add more recipes. It tastes Yummy. Sarah, Thanks for finding time to share your feedback. Can we ignore it? Dear Mr. Geo, Varutharacha Mutta Curry Recipe is a popular Kerala dish made with eggs. Hope you will try more recipes from here. What kind of fish we can use in this curry? Because he is doing a great job. Going to try with ginger and garlic… lets see… will keep you posted! 11:41. Hi Shan, thank you very much for this delicious fish recipe. Heat 2 table spoon coconut oil in a cooking pan (recommends open mouthed earthenware pot), put mustard and fenugreek seeds. Instructions Chop Shallots and Garlic, cut Green Chillies lengthwise, slightly pound Ginger piece, slice Raw Mangoes and keep them aside. I used to make fish curry almost same as mentioned. I tried at my home. Simple Recipez. One doubt- How many days we can keep this curry refrigerated?. Every place has their own common ingredients and base tastes. Please can u post picture for each steps. Thanks for ur wonderful recipe. 1 month ago. Heat Oil in a Earthenware or a Deep Pan, splutter Mustard seeds, Fenugreek seeds and Curry Leaves in medium flame. Chop shallot, ginger and garlic finely. Here is the recipe of a popular Kerala dessert which can be served on your sweetest occasions. Arjun, Usually we use Kukum for this recipe. Should be tasty, one doubt is it coconut oil really going to make cholesterol?

meen mulakittathu veena's curryworld

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