AquiSense was chosen to participate as their UV-C LED technology is known for point … Page 9: Troubleshooting The dripping should be temporary. Check for refrigerant leak. She said she would send me out a new cartridge and It should arrive in about 3 days. She was very helpful in helping me find a replacement cleanout cover for our facility here in Alaska. The VersaFiller PWSBF unit can be retrofitted to existing Oasis P8AC and older P8AM wall mounted pressure coolers. Check for restriction in cap line or strainer. I put the parts on and they are working . M8GSBF / Oasis Aqua Pointe Sports Bottle Filler # M8GSBF. I'm a facilities manager so I deal with a lot of people and she was an absolute joy to speak with. This unit has a high cooling capacity and is ideal for refilling bottles and cups, while the drinking fountain is great for on-the-go hydration. Floor Models. Check for restriction in cap line or strainer. This Oasis MWEBF Electronic Bottle filler is a direct replacement part manufactured by Oasis. Oasis Parts. purged through the bottle filler, carefully inspect all water connections for leaks. I hope you and I will have the same type as well. : 31-60595 Enjoy the highest quality filtered water, refrigerated, or ambient, 24 hours a day without the hassle of storing and changing bottles, or … Water too cold or frozen. oasis mmrslebf sensor activation (bottle filler only) Sign up for our Newsletter (504) 822-4886 Phone * (866) 402-6893 Fax * 3316 Conti Street New Orleans, LA 70119 Oasis PWEBF Electronic VersaFiller Bottle Filler Retro Fit Gray (Non-Refrigerated) # 504971 QTY: $1,398.00 Oasis # PG8EBF Water Cooler w/ Bottle Filler # 506010 (504) 822-4886 Phone * (866) 402-6893 Fax * 3316 Conti Street New Orleans, LA 70119 You are truly helpful. P8SBFSL is now energy efficient PG8SBFSL. It is the perfect solution to refill bottles in a safe and hygienic way. Check for vibrations caused by loose fan blade. Oasis Foot Pedal Kit for Free-Standing Fountain (Models P8FA, PLF8FAH, P14FA, PLF14FAH, PLF16FAW, PLF20FACP).KIT, FOOT PEDAL P-FA FS NSF. Order this Oasis PG8SBF-SAN today and you will have your Oasis project completed in … Nr. About OASIS History Certifications Innovation Timeline Awards. Feel free to forward this email to your supervisor, to let him/her know that you did an outstanding job today! From the beginning of the order, to the delivery, you helped with updates and information that was very helpful and beneficial for our customer. I am guessing they are fortunate to have you working for them. We purchased a Mori 6-spout bottle filler and love it. Sensor activated bottle filler with electronic digital counter. If you are looking to find Oasis products quickly and easily, you’ve come to the right place. The Oasis PWSBF Bottle Filling Station retrofit kit is designed to be retrofitted to either an existing P8AC or P8AM, and has independent manual activation.The VersaFiller® alcove and activation button contain Freshield®, which utilizes a silver-based antimicrobial compound that reduces the growth of micro-organisms and mildew to protect the surfaces from discoloration, odors and degradation. If you are looking to find Oasis products quickly and easily, you’ve come to the right place. Oasis Versafiller Bottle Filler. Best Wishes. Bottle fillers reduce plastic bottle waste – an essential fact, since only about 25% of the plastic produced in the U.S. is recycled. I will definitely keep your contact information handy for future use. Mallory was great, she helped search for hydrant keys even when I was sure what we needed ... outstanding customer service. This water cooler shall deliver 8.0 gph of 50 o F degree water at 90 o F ambient and 80 o F inlet water. She really hung in there, found what I needed, and posted links for me to click on and ensure that the parts were likely correct. Filter Results . Electronic (Touch Free) Surface Mount Bottle Filler ... Model PWSMEBQ Type Electronic (Touch Free) 10° C Drinking Water/ 21° C Ambient Air Temp: Non-Refrigerated Rated Capacity LPH I forgot to send you mail to thank I received the items almost two weeks ago. I will not hesitate to order parts from Kully Supply next time. You are wonderful Shawn! View and buy Oasis water coolers, bottle fillers, filters and repair parts from Equiparts and get all of the info you need to make sure you get the right unit/part the 1st … The water dispense point Contact Oasis Customer Service. USA Drinking Fountain Parts.Com. The Oasis PWSMSBFY is a solid and highly reliable surface-mounted, non-refrigerated hands-free bottle filler.

oasis bottle filler troubleshooting

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