All students complete a general business core, along with 24 credits of project management specialization courses. Graduates with a project management degree can pursue professional certification to advance their careers, like the project management professional credential from the Project Management Institute. A project management degree not only furthers leadership and advocacy skills, but it also instills confidence in students moving forward. Earn a scholarship worth up to $10,000 Master in Project Management. ... The class prepares graduates for careers in global business. This information is usually described in project documentation, created at the beginning of the development process. ... Project management is a global profession, with over 750,000 certified practitioners in PMI alone. This focus on hands-on practice extends to the school’s internship program, in which 100% of technology project management students participate. Home to one of Michigan’s top bachelor’s programs in project management, DU offers a fully online curriculum and a generous credit transfer policy. One of the country’s largest online colleges, SNHU offers a, bachelor of science in business administration. See below for soft skills that project managers need to succeed in their careers. Project Scheduling: Project managers must create detailed schedules showing project milestones, team objectives, and the order that tasks must take place. Our MSc in Project Management for Construction will help you confidently tackle the technical, commercial, organisational, financial and legal issues that can appear in a project’s lifecycle. Core coursework covers key project management topics such as business communications, project leadership, procurement management, and risk management. As a student in the Bachelor’s of Project Management program, you will develop theoretical application knowledge, as well as the soft skills associated with leadership in project management. Business Administration-Project Management. Leadership: Leadership courses may cover the principles of leadership, theoretical approaches to leadership, and different leadership styles. Connect with over 1 million global project management peers and experts through live events, learning seminars and online community. Project management is the field of management dealing with the leadership, organization, planning, securing and controlling resources to achieve specific goals within a time- or funding-constrained project period. This is to say that there’s potentially no single degree better at preparing you for a project management role than a masters in project management. Procurement and Contracts: Procurement and contracts concentrations explore the acquisition of products, resources, and services. ... When creating timelines or estimates, project managers draw on research skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), project managers, classified as general and operations managers, earn a median salary of over $100,000. The following list outlines several common project management concentrations. Project management degrees are available at several different levels and in several variations. Project Management experts are able to continuously work under the pressure of a deadline to produce valuable results for an organization, business or corporation, often supervising a team of professionals working on the project. Project management degrees are broad and career-focused, and can open up job opportunities in multiple sectors, including healthcare and human resources. This RICS-accredited Online MSc in Construction Project Management puts principle into practice, aiming to provide you with a framework for understanding project management within the construction industry. Learners also study topics like project planning, team motivation, and effective communication. After gaining admission to the school, undergraduates must meet the admission requirements for the project management major. The University of Law Business School Postgraduate. Once students meet all graduation requirements, they graduate with a bachelor’s degree in project management. However, the need for qualified leaders goes well beyond that. You will also gain skills in effectively analysing data and using it for improved planning. The concentration covers specialized topics like project planning, negotiation strategies, and budget management. Discover the fast-paced, exciting world of project management with our postgraduate course. No programs meet your search criteria. Building critical thinking and leadership skills, Liberty’s project management degree approaches business from a biblical perspective, framing coursework in the context of Christian ethics. Project managers draw on a variety of hard and soft skills to perform their jobs. Completing assignments and capstone projects during a bachelor’s degree helps students strengthen their organizational skills. The class prepares project management students for upper-division coursework in the major. Many senior project managers today came into project management from another field, such as software development or healthcare administration. Some capstone projects address real-world organizational challenges. We'll calculate your UCAS points & connect you to a personalised list of courses for you to compare. This fully online degree explores business knowledge, leadership, and team development, giving students the skills to improve organizational outcomes. Master Emphasizing the role of information technology and systems in modern business practices, this interdisciplinary degree prepares students to streamline the technology systems that organize and facilitate business operations. Advance your career as a highly proficient project leader with our internationally recognised Certificate in Project Management. Admission MSPROMAN. The Project Management Institute is a not-for-profit association for project and program managers. Schools may waive the standardized test score requirement for students with prior college credits. In addition to project management courses, online learners take business and general education classes. They also typically strengthen their training by completing an internship or a capstone project. Organization: Managing complex projects requires strong organizational skills, including the ability to maintain detailed records and juggle multiple responsibilities. This fully online degree explores business knowledge, leadership, and team development, giving students the skills to improve organizational outcomes. Degrees in…, Community colleges have long provided an affordable and convenient way for students to achieve their academic and career goals. ... City University of Seattle. Project Management Tools; Master’s Degree. Students also learn about communication technologies and different approaches to communication. Internationally recognised, this online project management degree is accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM). Learners complete 127 credits, including a 33-credit business core and a 21-credit project management core. You will also gain skills in effectively analysing data and using it for improved planning. Students learn to create a procurement management strategy, oversee the procurement process, and manage contracts with outside vendors. Students learn to create risk management strategies and address problems. Project managers communicate with team members and clients to make sure projects meet an organization’s goals and to keep the project on schedule and under budget. Our Project Management degree specialization brings the real world into the classroom, and teaches you the most current technology and project management processes. Learners study foundational business and project management concepts. Our project management courses don’t just give you the expertise to manage projects of different sizes, scope and complexity. For example, coursework may cover risk management from a financial perspective, such as cost overruns, or from a performance perspective, where problems can cause delayed schedules. Complete your goals with your IACBE-accredited Bachelor of Arts in Project Management from Ashford University. A professionally focused private college in the Pacific Northwest, CityU offers one of the country’s top online bachelor’s programs in project management. No matter what industry they choose to work in, project managers build teams, communicate with upper management, stay on top of costs, and lead their projects to successful conclusions. With refined knowledge of agile approach, effective team-work skills and most importantly, capability of responding swiftly to change, your talent is of significant demand in project management. The project management core covers project scheduling and cost management, system dynamics, negotiation and competitive decision-making, and communicating with data. People who study a Project Management Bachelor’s or Master’s degree will learn how to be responsible for projects and strategies within an organisation. Depending on the school, you … The business major includes 33-34 credits of lower-division courses, 27 credits of upper-division courses, and nine credits of project management specialization courses. Many project managers also choose to be self employed and enjoy flexible schedules. It offers globally recognized PMP certification to accredit project management professionals. A technical college known for its aeronautics and aviation programs, ERAU also offers several business degrees, including a. . The program helps learners build the skills to design, implement, and assess organizational projects in businesses of all types. : Healthcare project managers plan and implement projects related to population health, patient outcomes, and quality assurance. Thousands of universities across the globe offer degrees in project management. We want to help you create it. Bachelor’s programs in project management build the knowledge and skills necessary for project management careers. Ranked #1, Columbia Southern University charges $6,900 per year for their B.S. Students learn about planning and controlling projects, the project management lifecycle, and effective project management techniques. Postgraduate (masters) programs are available 100% online, allowing you to complete a degree from the comfort of your home or office. The school also maintains a tuition reimbursement program with several additional partner organizations, including the South Carolina Federal Credit Union and AgSouth Farm Credit Union. Top 10 Bachelor’s in Project Management Programs, Bachelor’s in Project Management Concentrations. : Procurement and contracts concentrations explore the acquisition of products, resources, and services. All students complete a capstone project that requires them to demonstrate mastery of nine major program areas, including human resources, risk, scope, integration management, and communications. Applicants to online bachelor’s programs in project management typically must hold a high school diploma or equivalent and submit official transcripts. Each course emphasizes experiential learning. It takes a few good men (or women) […] These professionals enjoy lucrative salaries. Students learn to evaluate sources of information for credibility, create written work that communicates technical information, and determine the usability of technical communications. Awarded by the Project Management Institution, this certification demonstrates the ability to manage both projects and teams in various professional settings. The program offers several specialization options, including accounting information systems, information security, and health information management. Online MSc in Construction Project Management. A technical college known for its aeronautics and aviation programs, ERAU also offers several business degrees, including a bachelor of science in project management. Though based in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty serves students from around the world, offering one of the best bachelor’s programs in project management online. The project management section explores project risk and control and agile project management. Top Bachelor’s Programs in Project Management Online 2020, A Catholic liberal arts college located in Florida, Saint Leo offers one of the Sunshine State’s top, bachelor’s programs in project management. A project management degree can help graduates find jobs in areas such as operations management, business administration, and supply chain management.

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