CELL NUMBER: (so we can chase you down at camp!) Here are three apps that can help. – Thoomas Sep 13 '18 at 6:29 | Others are just extras, giving additional functionality if you need it. Can I run stripped Romex/NM through conduit? What allows the House of Representatives to fine its members and is there precedent for doing so? How to add multiple data types for VueJs Props? In our templates we saw that we just needed the prop name, like this: {{ rating }}. Instead, you should specify the type of the prop as well, using an object: By switching from an array to an object, we can specify more details of our props, like the type. Update: Hidden props have been removed due to Episode not allowing them to be used in regular user stories. Create a new file in the root of your repo called Directory.Build.props.. Add the following XML to the file. And when your co-workers ask you how you know so much, just smile and tell them you're awesome .