Angela could see it. Something that is unlikely to happen is a ____ ____ Word Craze [ Answer ] Posted by By Game Answer 8 months Ago 1 Min Read Add Comment This topic will be an exclusive one that will provide you the answers of Word Craze Something that is unlikely to happen is a ____ ____ , appeared on level 136. never have a good word to say about (someone of something) never have a good word to say for (someone of something) never hear the end of; never hear the end of it; never hear the end of something; never heard of such a thing! If something is inevitable, it will definitely happen, like death or tax season. Exercise is proven to release hormones in your body to make you feel happier. Whatever you choose to do, remember the aim is to take your mind off of what it was you were worried about in the first place. This would be a word that "triggers" something to happen, like a bad memory or an action. Cold hell Rises from the general belief that hell is an extremely hot place. Okay, first of all, the word is NOT regret. What's that word that means to wish something never happened? The idioms of this page are used to indicate that something is highly unlikely ever to happen, or that it will never happen. hide. The dictionary meaning for regret fits, but to me, it doesn't sound quite right in the paragraph I wrote below. The concept has many definitions, including a melancholy nostalgia for something that perhaps has not even happened. "The sorrow, the pain and the longing, it was all there within the brown depths of his eyes. Her crazy mother said that being so lazy, Megan is going to be rich one day for sure and without any hard working job. something that will never happen; impossible; highly unlikely to happen; when hell freezes over; Example Sentences. The popular vernacular, saying something will happen "when pigs fly", or "when pigs have wings" is traditionally used to mean that the specified event will never occur. Find more similar words at! A flying pig is a symbol of an impossible event coming to pass. This phrase is thought to come from an old Scottish proverb. save. The word, "dis," does no exist, and the creation of the word, "dis," will never happen. “You think it will never happen to you, that it cannot happen to you, that you are the only person in the world to whom none of these things will ever happen, and then, one by one, they all begin to happen to you, in the same way they happen to everyone else.” 5 comments. So, maybe choose something that you can do repeatedly whenever your worry emerges again. 5. A word that means something will never happen. I'm trying to think of a title for a song I'm writing and I'd like a word which means that something that will never happen, preferably not an adjective if possible and preferably something wistful. I asked my boss if I could go on a two month vacation, he said yes, when pigs fly! Come on, when pigs fly! share. Synonyms for not happen include hold off, be delayed, keep off, stay away, not arrive, not begin, not occur, not start and not come. Get Lots of Exercise. report.

something that will never happen word

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