The chaplain advises the commander on matters of religion, morals, and morale as affected by religion, and on the impact of indigenous religions on military operations. An IG is authorized for general officers in command and selected installation commanders. D-1. Advising the commander and staff on Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act matters. Providing coordination between the corps and the special operations command and control element, which may co-locate with the main CP. Surgeon responsibilities include-, D-98. Integrating air support sorties with the Army concept of operations. Coordinating local procurement support with the G-1/AG for personnel, and with the G-4 for materiel and services. An AMDCOORD is authorized at corps and divisions. Special Operations Coordinator. Coordinating IO with other agencies (such as the US Information Agency, US Agency for International Development, and US ambassador). Participating, when appropriate, in negotiations with HNs on labor agreements. Developing the ISR plan (with rest of the staff). In addition, all staff members are responsible for supporting the overall command training program with expertise and resources from their fields of interest. Before leaving, they report any findings to the subordinate commander and any information they plan to report. G-6 (S-6) responsibilities related to C4OPS (general) include-. An AVCOORD is authorized at corps and divisions. They provide answers to the commander's critical information requirements (CCIR) to the commander and other staff members as quickly as possible. Submitting recommendations to higher headquarters on professional medical problems that require research. Dental surgeon responsibilities include-, D-95. 'Duty Rosters'! Physical security of critical assets, nodes, and sensitive materials. Action officers coordinate proposed COAs with staff sections the COA would affect. Recommending IO effects to influence adversary perceptions, decisions, and actions. Noncombatant evacuation operations (NEO). Providing for the general officer's personal well-being and security, and relieving the general officer of routine and time-consuming duties. Coordinating Staff Responsibility for Special Staff Officers, D-90. Recommending and implementing the commander's counterfire (including radar zones) and other target engagement priorities. Managing the organization and administration of the headquarters. Advising the commander on environmental issues, coordinating with other staff members to determine the impact of operations on the environment, and helping the commander integrate environmental considerations into decisionmaking. Planning and monitoring support operations and making adjustments to meet support requirements. Staffs collect, process, store, display, and disseminate information that flows continuously into their headquarters. Formulating the concepts of operations and support per the commander's intent. Capabilities, limitations, requirements, availability, and employment of resources. var d = new Date(); This includes administrative support of linguists. An ENCOORD is authorized at corps and divisions. Staff members arrive at them through a logical thought process. Performing liaison with local civilian law enforcement authorities. Identifying specified and implied tasks needed to accomplish the mission. Coordinating, planning, and directing communications protocols and user interfaces from within the Global Information Grid (GIG) to the Tactical Internet, for all BOSs. Recommending priorities for allocating critical resources, including-. Briefing adversary and friendly EW vulnerabilities for each COA. Intelligence tasks include-, D-52. Providing technical advice and assistance in reorienting enemy defectors, EPWs, civilian internees, and detainees. Participating in targeting meetings and developing applicable targeting products. Coordinating Staff Responsibility. 0 Injecting historical perspective and institutional memory into command activities. Coordinating with the G-1/AG (S-1) for civilian personnel involvement in tactical operations. Administering and chairing unit selection and soldier boards for enlisted soldiers. Integrating intelligence from the G-2 (S-2) +into IO. Implementing resource control procedures and serving as the primary fund certifying officer. Recommending priorities for accomplishing IO tasks identified during planning. Tracking requirements and disseminating intelligence to satisfy CCIR, then PIRs, FFIR, IRs, and other requirements. Advising on health and operational risks of animal disease, including possible biological warfare events. Community and family support activities and programs. Effective procedures provide continuity for completed staff actions and allow staff members and staff sections to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively. Personnel support includes-, D-47. Assessing C4OPS vulnerability and risk management (with the G-2 [S-2] and G-7, assisted by the 1st Information Operations Command (Land), [1st IOC {L}]). Imagine that! An EOD officer is authorized at corps and divisions, and normally serves as the EOD group, battalion, or company commander. 440 0 obj<>stream Personnel readiness management includes-, D-41. > Windows Authentication - Use this login if your permanent duty location is on Fort Leavenworth and you are physically located there. Planning and coordinating policies for soldiers deemed unfit for combat duty (for example, for medical reasons). It relieves commanders of having to address details better handled by subordinates. Managing ammunition requirements, resupply, and reallocation. Analyzing personnel strength data to determine current capabilities and project future requirements. The SGS is the special staff officer who acts as XO for the COS. Advising the command and coordinating with the G-5 (S-5) on public health issues involving military operations. They seek to identify problems affecting their fields of interest or the entire command. Coordinating positioning of fire support assets. If a special staff officer is not assigned, the officer with coordinating staff responsibility for the field of interest assumes those functional responsibilities. &KT��5ǩx���)E�G-k�y��(t�b��i~U��)*`;*5/��tI������v�M����U^����I2���옞���V@�N>s�N����� Examples are qualitative evaluations of progress toward meeting programmed objectives and using resources to support the command's missions. I did staff duty yesterday and got off at 0900 this morning. Resolving legal problems regarding administrative boards, investigations, or other military tribunals. Maintaining a command historical research collection adequate to support the historical mission. The SOCOORD's responsibilities include-, D-117. Coordinating weather support procedures (both for garrison and during deployments) before deployment with the supported Army command. No officer exercises coordinating staff responsibility over the aide-de-camp. Soldiers obey and promptly execute the legal orders of their lawful superiors. The G-2 collection manager integrates EW support targets into the collection plan and the intelligence synchronization plan. Nominating threat or foreign ground stations for targeting (with the G-3 and FSCOORD). D-23. Developing, with the commander and G-3 (S-3), a concept of fires to support the operation. Coordinating, preparing, and maintaining the EW target list, electronic attack (EA) taskings, EA requests, and the EW portion of the sensor/attack matrix. Coordinating staff officers frequently designate members of their sections as action officers. Military support to civil defense and civic action projects. Coordinating logistic and administrative support of civilian journalists under unit administrative control. script.setAttribute("async", true); Staff members prepare a variety of written communications-particularly at division level and above, where operations rely primarily on written directives, reports, orders, and studies.

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