Allison. Estimation of Survival Probabilities. •Descriptive analysis on survival data in clinical trials should be extended to include more than Kaplan-Meier survival curves •Pre-planned primary statistical analysis of survival outcome measures should be based on modelling •Trial statisticians need to be provided with training and The purpose of this statistical analysis plan (SAP) is to document technical and detailed specifications for the final analysis of data collected for Clinical Trial Protocol (CTP) EMR 100070-008. 4-5 October 2011 Almost all trials with a censored time-to-event outcome are designed, powered and analysed with a target hazard To our knowledge, this work is the first to consider the reporting of survival analyses in clinical trials in terms of the potential implications for meta-analysis and HTA. It is constructed that the RMST difference or ratio is computed over a range of values to the restriction time τ which traces out an evolving treatment effect profile over time. Validation of the Proportional Hazards Models. Survival analysis is based on the time until an event occurs. • Substantial follow-up time. This article introduces the researcher to the different tools of survival analysis •Substantial follow-up time. The Cox Regression Model. The method, named PISA (Prag-matic Interpretation of Survival Analysis), is described in detail and tested on PROVE-IT [10], LIFE [11] and HOPE [12], three major, heterogeneous and positive CV prevention clinical trials. Censoring in clinical trials: Review of survival analysis techniques The indicator variable 0 0 0 1 if i i 0 if > i i i XC i i XC X C δ ≤ ≤ = = 1 will show whether the i th survival time is censored. Methods Trial selection The criteria were as … •Well-defined starting points. •Exact time records of the interesting events. The primary event of interest in those studies is death, relapse, adverse drug reaction or development of a new disease. [] Medical articles dealing with survival analysis often use Cox's proportional hazards regression model. Purpose: To raise awareness and discuss relevant data and analysis issues that are critical to the ultimate success of oncology clinical trials. MODULE 16: SURVIVAL ANALYSIS FOR CLINICAL TRIALS Summer Ins

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