We were born in different cities, at different times, we love different music, food, movies. Start by talking about your audience, not yourself. It must provide useful information succinctly and contain no fluff. Include keywords in content in … This applies to their font family as well; the standard Roboto font still looks original even though it’s such a commonly used typeface. We were excited by his creative way of designing a text-only page that is by no means boring in any way. Your business ‘About Us’ page is your story. Next off, the way Medium illustrates their brand values (after they’ve made it clear that their entire product is built around their community of readers and writers) is a creative masterpiece. But not only that, they dive right into the UI of each feature, so the visitor already gets a taste of what the product experience is about. If you want to see more precise details about the animation, you can always click ‘Inspect’ on your browser and see the exact CSS coding that’s being used. Pixelgrade and Etsy are my favorite! How does this layout not overwhelm the eye? What brought your company together? Jongde The dramatic costumes and photo backdrop gives each teammate character and artistic value. Darren Rowse has one of the most popular About Us pages on the internet. Since they offer wedding photography services, this is a brilliant design match. In terms of its content, Zendesk introduces itself as a real conversation starter. What caught our attention about Stripes’ About page? Display real photos of the team and individual members. We love their subtle tactic of using a bright color for specific snippets within text paragraphs whose main color is black. The best way to learn something is learning from the best! What do you see as its future? Streamline collaboration between design and development, The best desktop prototyping tool trusted by millions of users, Best remote work solution for design teams, One platform for design, prototype, hand-off and design systems - Plans that scale with your team, Desktop prototyping tool - Simple plans for everyone. Your email address will not be published. Pre-writing questions: Before starting any given page, you really need to wrap your heads around the primary goal of the page and to whom this page is targeted. Why… What Should an About Us Page Include? After all, it is a sheer representation of your brand identity. Although the entire page doesn’t have a lot of text, the product is effectively embedded into people’s consciousness. The alternating hashtags is also a nice touch. Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your site. Tumblr's "about us" page is standardized, with attention-grabbing rotating images behind a logo. We were wowed by degordian’s About page when it loaded in our browser. We are its heart. We party together, work together, hang out together, and so on. She spends a lot of time practicing her design skills and steeping cold brew coffee. It makes perfect sense that a site whose product is all about animation will use animation for every design element possible when designing their site. In the end, it’s our approach to telling a compelling and human story about our inner-why.”. Mockplus does it all! Now that you’ve seen these works of art, it’s time to get cracking on your About pages. Please share below your experiences with creating ‘About Us’ pages and how they have helped you generate business. The minimal amount of text is also a defining feature, as we see that the most dominant element on the page is the background color composed of different shades of purple, communicating the brand personality visually, rather than verbally. Now, it's time for you to design a stylish and effective "about us" page. Oana Filip, Chief People Officer at Pixelgrade, shared with us the design thinking and strategy her team used when designing the page: “Pixelgrade’s about page reflects a manifesto that reinforces what kind of experience we are shaping for our visitors. It’s a few things, really. In this article, I will analyse the most outstanding eCommerce About Us page examples to help you learn the lesson behind: How Shopify About Us pages really increase eCommerce conversion rates. She is a fruit lover and visionary person. By entering your email, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. . User Agreement Here are some things you should … However, extended content often helps generate high rankings for targeted … Only then do they begin talking about numbers, such as how many paid customer accounts they have and where their customers are located. What touched our design soft spot on this page is the way they use their color scheme as their secret weapon. To tie it all together, the final section of their page matches the interactive hero section at the beginning, same white background, same font, Sharp Sans No1 Bold. Unlike other company’s About pages that show real images of their team members (both individual headshots and candid photos of team members working together), Atlassian shows very few of these imagery types. 7 Examples of Well Written About Pages for Blogs and Websites. Oh Twitter, how do we love thee? They’ve certainly mastered how to use motion effects in a real classy way. In some ways, it’s actually more appropriate to refer to this type of page as “Our Brand Story,” or if you want another alternative, “Our Identity.” We like the first one better, but they’re both pretty accurate. Not terrible, but I don’t like the “urban” elements too much BUT I am sure other people do. Before even delving into what they do, what they sell, what they make, etc., they focus solely on their community of humans. Whether you need help in layout design or page scrolling, you’ll find it easy to create an interactive page with Mockplus’ 200 built-in components. It is, after all, a sheer representation of your brand identity. Their philosophy taps into human emotions: "We make sure everything we do honors that connection – from our commitment to the highest quality coffee in the world." All in all, we were quite impressed, to say the least. Etsy’s “About Us” page design gives web creators living proof that in web design, less is more. Join 2,630,128 subscribers who stay ahead of the pack. Medium explains who their brand personas are, and who their persona is not. ; exclusively real images (no stock photos), used often throughout their branding. What Medium did here is sheer genius. Keep tweaking it to make it better. For additional credibility, photos of the company’s leadership is displayed. You get a good community vibe from all the imagery they use of their team members, both as a group and as individuals. The page’s design is so image-based, but so sleek at the same time. Below the image is specific website data: the current total number of blogs and posts. Do you want users to know more about your company? Yes, we’re talking about your website’s About Us page. Here are 6 points to remember when creating your "About Us" page so that you'll make the … The vivid video clips of their team members on their “About Us” that subtly transition from one video to the next. Finally, our favorite design element on the page is the way they illustrate their solution to the “financial complexity” point, visualizing how they simplify financial management for businesses. By giving users a choice, Sulzer’s “about page” becomes more effective. About Us Page Design: Form & Function. This is why your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your site. Another important element of your … This comes to play with the motion effects they use such as the googly eyes above the ‘Contact Us’ section, and the interactive avatars that represent each of their employees. The two lists in the next section, “What we do” vs “What we don’t”, is another creative, atypical way to express their company values and culture. The GIF of logos in the second section is truly creative and delicate, a fine combination. Atlassian’s About page, or as they call it, their “Company” page, is built around telling the story of their brand values. Furthermore, the blue CTA stands out as you scroll down the page. The way they present their team is uber creative, too. Responsive Bootstrap About Us Page Template MEET OUR TEAM. It presents how the adventure began, it highlights the values we stand for, and it gives a glimpse of how we give back to the WordPress community. This “about us” page is dominated by grey tones, it clearly shows us the company's brand story, value, and real data support. If you are unsure on how to design an effective “about us” page, take a look at these 18 examples and find out what makes them tick. Writing an ‘About Me’ page or section for yourself is never easy. The more content you have on your website, the more opportunities you have to attract and engage guests online. The best example of Shopify e-Commerce "About Us" page template. But the community feel doesn’t stop there. GIPHY shows us web creators how to make a video background look awesome. The fire-like font color set on the white background represents a brand that is forthcoming, and curious, as they say themselves. Not only is it important to have an about us page for e-commerce, it's important to have a GREAT about us page. Joe Payton. It feels authentic, with seamless transitioning between locations and people without getting overwhelmed.   |  2020-09-27. Zendesk’s About page, similar to Twitter’s, goes to show how effective motion effects can be for brand storytelling. You're not like everyone else -- so tell the world what makes you unique! Ahhhh yes…the about page– assumed to be one of the most visited pages on a blog (or website for that matter) at least according to the good folks over at Copyblogger.. For the longest time, I thought that I was doing an excellent job of writing my about pages. Their philosophy taps into human emotions: "We make sure everything we do … Within their simplistic, minimalist design, their content covers the key topics that visitors want to know about: What they believe as a brand, what they’ve achieved, what their team likes to do, and of course, their work samples. Boston's Mei Mei Street Kitchen does a great job of this - including information about their restaurant and food truck, content about their local and sustainable approach, as well as links to recent press. Go check the About Us page of Dropbox now. Major points for originality. Having an about us page will increase the profitability of the business as it builds a level of trust between the company and the customer, increasing conversions on products in return. You only need a simple and easy-to-use prototyping tool to help you get it done. Your About Us page is your perfect opportunity to tell a compelling story about your business. Instead, they illustrate their company culture with vector drawings that align with their branding and general design theme. This is also true for their. They do the same when communicating to the user what they’re brand is about and what they believe in. Everything about it is eye-catching in its uniqueness. Just fill in the brackets with your company's information and you'll have a professional About Us page written in minutes. In general, we’re big fans of adding motion effects to take your website design to the next level. ‘We’re not advertisers, we’re people, we’re about quality, not quantity…’. The next genius technique dribbble uses is showing a “designer story”, of famed designer Pablo Stanley. Once you then scroll to the photos of the company offices, you get a visual representation of their brand’s personality as a business. Firstly, the page’s hero image is a full-width, relatively close up photograph of their team in costumes. Stand out with an "About Us" page that shows off who your company is and strongly conveys your brand's voice. After all, it is a sheer representation of your brand identity. Furthermore, the blue CTA stands out as you scroll down the page. Also feel free to share screenshots of your ‘About Us’ page so that other readers can learn from your successes. The uniqueness and creativity that we see in Drift’s About Us page makes their design work stand out on several fronts. Here are 16 of our favorite About Us pages, whose design and content strategy are worth writing home about. The team photo tells visitors that real people - not machines - are the driving force behind the company. Furthermore, clicking on the link on the right will showcase specific company information and culture. And did you notice that the last team member they show is their dog? Medium is the exact opposite: No ads. An effective “about us” page is not just about filling a page with the brand logo, company, and team information, or sharing the company's philosophy. Instead, all of the content is subtly weaved into their design, answering questions (but without stating the questions themselves) such as: ‘What can I do with Twitter?’, ‘What’s the added value?’, ‘What will I gain by using Twitter?’ And of course, ‘What’s the product experience like?’. Human nature dictates that … Lastly, the real unique selling point of this page is the example of a tweet tweeted by Twitter’s support team, with a large, clear photograph as its background that illustrates the topic of the tweet. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your About Us pages and how you continue to design them later on! It’s also a great way to add followers and turn casual supporters into raving fans. Your About Us page should be a work in progress. It’s easy to start writing before … This is a major success for their brand storytelling. In other words, killing two birds with one stone. What we mean is, hone down on the essence of your brand values and make that the focal point of the page (and don’t forget you can create CSS text animations with Elementor). A clean layout and simple design appeals more to users. His choice to not use any imagery for this page makes sense in the context of how he designed his site’s homepage. Every "about us" page exists to let users know about the company and what they do. … 2. And of course, the large typeface and crisp design is interesting, sparking curiosity among us all. With five brief statements alone, Twitter’s brand objective is crystal clear: Twitter is the place where people around the world learn and discuss what’s happening everywhere, as soon as it happens. Code properly with H1 as the main title, then H2 as the next sub-heading and H3 as the sub-sub-heading. This is also true for their brand imagery; exclusively real images (no stock photos), used often throughout their branding. Hi Brandon, Pixelgrade actually used a cool CSS trickery, a sophisticated CSS technique that advances one keyframe at a time. Drift’s varied usage of Proxima Nova font family accomplishes a level of simplicity that stays interesting thanks to the different font weights used for the titles and the body text. Structuring and Labeling About Us Content. HUMAAN’s About page is all about their people. This is highly effective in keeping users on the site. Privacy Policy Yet at the same time, their brand story is so rich and present everywhere on their site, no matter what content you encounter. Most of all, keep it … The benefit is that you save hours of time writing content, but still provide valuable information for your clients and Web site visitors. With few words alone, they represent what their product is and what their brand values are. This brushstroke effect is highly unique and creative, and each project’s color scheme matches the brush strokes around it perfectly. The best writers are those who can put themselves in the buyer’s shoes and write as if they a… Here’s how to write an ‘About Me’ page you can be proud of. Writing your "About Us" page on your website can be fun and enjoyable. The imagery in the photos of their employees, specifically their facial expressions, shows personality and dedication to their work. An About Us page gives online shoppers insight into your brand and the people behind it. We like to believe that we succeed to start the narrative and a conversation that can lead us far. If you want to leave a good impression on users, you need to take it very seriously. Once your content is generated, you’ll be able to tweak … Next up is pixelgrade, which was built with none other than Elementor . This is the most basic. Since video appeals more to humans, this “about page” design is more likely to keep users on site and increase conversions. Anton & Irene is a design agency based in Manhattan. Stripe also manages to strike a fine balance between their traditional (and well-known for its design expertise, by the way) brand language while keeping the content original. Here are 16 of our favorite About Us pages, whose design and content strategy are worth writing home about. To recap, these are some takeaways we’ve learned from our personal favorite design examples: As with most things in web design, trends chosen and loved by web creators are constantly changing and evolving. Why the "About Me" Page Rocks: It's confident, creative, and easy … The reader really experiences what the brand stands for, and what experience they provide to its users. Offer your visitors informati… So, next time you design or tweak your About Us page, we suggest keeping in mind some of the great things Stripe has done with theirs: think carefully about what you emphasize most. Another ‘built with Elementor’ masterpiece, ShakeDesign uses a slideshow gallery as their hero image. The old picture on the left highlights its long history (the first Starbucks store was established in 1971). The bright pink background, including its low transparency pattern, makes an immediate ‘statement’ of “we’re different, come get to know us.”, Drift’s varied usage of Proxima Nova font family accomplishes a level of simplicity that stays interesting thanks to the different font weights used for the titles and the body text.

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