A fish can live in water only because it is adapted to breathe in water. Some of the common plants and their habitats are given below : The fish is an animal which lives in water. This helps the mountain trees to survive in winter when all This reduces the heat loss from the body of snow leopard. (4) The broad-leaved trees found on mountains shed their leaves before the onset of winter. For example, cactuses store water in their trunks and stems, while aloe plants store water in their leaves. Thank you for sharing this. Plant adaptations in the desert. A desert is a dry habitat. Give two examples of aquatic habitat? NEW AQA GCSE Biology - 'Bioenergetics' lessons, Biodiversity within a community (AQA A-level Biology), Science Team Quiz 2020 - Team Building Quiz for KS3. desert snake survive in the hot desert having lack of water due to the following adaptations: (1) The desert animals survive by living in burrows during the hot daytime.The desert rats and There are leafless plants that store water in their green stems. This is important in a region where pollinator activity and diversity is low. The term “biotic” means “living” So, the living things in a habitat are its biotic components. Over thousands of years, the abiotic factors of a region change. This 12-lesson course covers an interdisciplinary field of study focusing on the physical, biological, and human dimensions of mountain places in Alberta, Canada, and around the world. The plants and animals which live on  The fish is adapted to live life in water because of its following special features: (1) The head, trunk and tail of a fish merge to form a streamlined shape. The stems of desert plants are also covered with a thick waxy layer (called cuticle) which prevents the loss water from it. (b) The mountain goat has strong hooves for running up the rocky slopes of mountains for grazing (The hard and rough feet of an animal are called hooves). (1) There is lot of rain in mountain regions. Dolphins and whales can stay inside water for long time without breathing. Very useful notes. A habitat provides food, water, air, light, shelter (protection), and a place for breeding to the plants and animals living in it. Animals like Yak, bear, hill goats, flying fox are the examples. This adaptation helps the Mountain ash tree to survive by reducing how much time the leaves are exposed to sunlight which reduces water loss. A power point detailing animal adaptations to their environment (marine, cold and hot climates). Also detail of surface area to volume ratio and its importance to body shape. At higher altitudes harsh environmental conditions generally prevail, and a treeless alpine vegetation, upon which the present account is focused, is supported. The plants which grow in water are called aquatic plants. live life in water as well as on land in the following ways: The process of becoming accustomed to a different environment (such as high altitude of mountains) over short periods is called. 7. Adaptations are very, very slow changes which take place in the bodies of organisms over thousands of years There are, however, some changes which can occur in organisms over a  short period of time to help them to adjust to some sudden changes in their environment. The adaptations in animals living in water are about their movement in water for breathing. (E.g. Plant populations co-evolve characteristics that are uniquely tailored to their environment. (3) The needle-like leaves have a thick waxy layer (or cuticle) to reduce the loss of water through transpiration and to protect them from damage by rain and snow. Plant Adaptations: The Georgia mountains are known for their large forests filled with trees that turn beautiful browns, reds and oranges during the fall. It has very strong sense of smell - it helps the bear to locate and catch its prey. Moreover, the high temperature in hot desert increases the evaporation of water from the leaves. The burrows stay cool during the day and hence protect these animals from the sun’s heat as well as loss of water from their body. Aquatic plants (Hydrophytes) and their adaptational characteristics. A bird’s habitat is tree. The diversity of plants on the planet earth is an important resource for food, shelter, and agriculture. The desert is a dry area with scarcity of waters thus the plants there have small leaves and many spines which help them to conserve water. A power point detailing animal adaptations to their environment (marine, cold and hot climates). The plants and animals have to protect themselves from excessive loss of water and too much heat. For this reason, either side of any given mountain range can be home to entirely different plant and animal species. The plants that grow on specific mountain ranges depend largely on the climate of those mountains. The thin leaves of submerged plants also allow the minerals to pass into them easily. All the habitats can be divided into two main groups :-. Frog Question 20 Why mountain trees are cone shaped having sloping branches? The leaves have thick waxy skins which help to retain water for a long time. The various non-living things such as soil, rocks, air, water, sunlight and temperature etc. Question 18 How is mountain goat adapted to survive in a mountain region? However, plants and animals that do reside in the mountains have adapted in many ways to survive in harsh conditions. Question 11 What is meant by aquatic habitat? And a large area of grass covered land used for grazing is called grassland. After breathing in air, they close the blowholes with flaps and dive into the sea. A desert is a dry habitat. So, the habitat of lotus plant is a pond. The animals in these regions are usually white or light colored, e.g., polar bear, penguin. The dominant factors in the desert habitat are scarcity (shortage) of water and high temperature. The second adaptation of the Grass tree is that it is a slow grower.

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