Chinese Name: 广州地铁5号线 (guǎng zhōu dì tiě wǔ hào xiàn) Symbolic Color: Red Length: 34 km (21 miles) Number of Stations: 24 Introduction: The Subway Line 5, an east-west transportation artery of Guangzhou, crosses the downtown areas of the city and the business center of Zhujiang New Town, and joins up the western development zone and the eastern industry transfer area. Please Wear a Mask when … Line 2 – Line 2 was opened in 2002 and the metro runs between Jiahewanggang and Guangzhou south railway station. It takes about 1 hour and costs 10 Yuan. The east extension of Guangzhou metro line 21 is under construction now, linking Yuancun and Zhenlong. How to travel from Guangzhou to Kaiping Diaolou, 1 Day Guangzhou to Foshan Tour–Xiqiao Mountain, Wholesale Markets of Electronics and Accessories, Markets for Cosmetics and Beauty Products in Guangzhou, Gallery of Pearl River–Walking along the Pearl River bank at night, Gallery of Pearl River (Zhujiang) –Walking along the Pearl River bank at night at Daytime, Gallery of Shisanghang Clothing Wholesale Market, Gallery of HongBianTian Clothing Wholesale Market–Shisan Hang Clothing Wholesale Market. Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 Line 6 Line 7 Line 8 Line 9 Line 13 Line 14 Line 21 APM Line Guangfo Line THZ1-Haizhu Tram THP1-Huangpu Tram Routes of Line 3 Train Serice 3 main routes and a few section routes currently on service on Line 3. Consultar ruta Por medio de elegir el lugar de salida ,el destino y el tiempo ,se pueden obtener diferentes proyectos de línea. Today, the Group has more than 30 countries around the world with over 670 stores. From September 25th, the new and improved Guangzhou Metro Line 2, Line 4 and Line 8 opened!. Line 2 – Line 2 was opened in 2002 and the metro runs between Jiahewanggang and Guangzhou south railway station. At the following stations of the Line 2, you can transfer to other subway lines: By September, 28, 2010, the routes will be changed toJiahewanggang - Guangzhou South Railway Station, with seven more stations added. Free updates for future station openings and timetable changes. The length of this line is 31.4km serving 24 stations. Changgang → Line 8, Your email address will not be published. Train operators. There are 24 stations along the Guangzhou Subway Line 2, including Line 2's color is blue. It interchanges with Line 1 at Gongyuanqian, Line 5 at Guangzhou Railway Station, and Line 8 at Changgang. Guangzhou Metro Line 2 The second metro line to be built in, Line 2 mostly follows the former Guangzhou Baiyun Airport aircraft parking apron (the former Guangzhou Airport was closed due to the expansion of Guangzhou), and the Jiahe County. Up-to-date with all the metro lines for 2020; Works offline; Routeplanner, GPS, Google Maps; English and Chinese included. Guangzhou Metro, Transportation Stations on Subway Line 2 Sanyuanli Station Sanyuanli Station is the switchback station of subway line 2. Metro is the most convenient, fastest and cheapest way to get to or leave Guangzhou South Railway Station, including Pazhou complex, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and the downtown of Guangzhou. Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro (simplified Chinese: 广州地铁2号线; pinyin: Guǎngzhōu Dìtiě Èr Hào Xiàn) runs from Sanyuanli to Wanshengwei, interchanging with Line 1 at Gongyuanqian (18.3 km). Victor Guangzhou Metro, Transportation Leave a … Shanghai Subway Line 2. 3. About:Shanghai Metro Line 2. You can see how much time it will take to travel between two stations and the recommended route by dragging between two stations. Metro Cash & Carry is the METRO Group's ability to sell the most and the most international branches. Guangzhou South is a comprehensive transfer center, where passengers can change between high-speed trains to/from cities in Guangdong Province such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, and Zhaoqing and to/from major cities nationwide such as Beijing, Xi’an, Wuhan, and Chengdu. It is similar to Shenzhen, so understanding how the system work wasn't that difficult. 2. Line 2: Running north to south with 24 stations it connects Guangzhou Railway Station and the South Railway Station. Guangzhou South Railway Station can be reached by metro line 2 and metro line 7. It started operation in June 1997. Español | English: Madrid Metro. Guangzhou's best metro map! It was extended from Xiaogang to Pazhou on 28 June 2003 and further to Wanshengwei a year later. The CSR Zhuzhou A4 EMU is the older of the two types of rolling stock currently in operation on Guangzhou Metro Line 2 as of 2016. You can get to the station by metro Line 2 & Line 7 (not open yet). Guangzhou Metro Line 4 Line 4 is the Guangzhou Metro's most stations that is elevated. Guangzhou Metro A3 Train Map.jpg 4,032 × 2,688; 6.2 MB. Yangshuo Railway Station is a newly opened station located in Xingping Town, 22 km or 45 minutes bus ride from Yangshuo’s town center. Line 1: The Line 1 runs from Xilang, has 16 stations and connects to the East Railway Station. 2010-09-28T15:09:00Z. Gallery of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Termninal 2, Gallery of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Terminal 1, How to take metro from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to downtown—Last train at 23:15. Guangzhou's best metro map! There is a special pass between the train station and metro line 3 and you can easily walk there in a few minutes according to the guiding signs. Guangzhou Metro expands as Line 2 splits. 2 min. Guangzhou Metro Line 4 is one of only two lines of the Guangzhou Metro which uses Linear Motor Trains.The voltage used is 1.5 kV, which may be the highest voltage used on third rail systems. Line 3 of the Guangzhou Metro is a 65.43-kilometer (40.66 mi) rapid transit line connecting Panyu Square to Tianhe Coach Terminal.The entire line, including all track and stations, is located in tunnels. Canton) Metro line information-Line 21 | Check informations about stations of the line, or first/last train time of the station. WHY EXPLOREMETRO? 2. The Subway Line 2 go through the main subway station: Xujing East, Hongqiao Railway Station, Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2, Nanjing West Road, People's Square, Nanjing East Road, Lujiazui, Century Avenue, Longyang Road, Guanglan Road, Pudong Airport. By September, 28, 2010, the routes will be changed toJiahewanggang - Guangzhou South Railway Station, with seven more stations added. Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro is a north-south line on the system that runs from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Jiahewanggang, with a total length of 31.4 km (19.5 mi) with 24 stations.All stations in Jiahe Line are underground. 2. as the transfer station. What time is the last subway Line 2 depart from Pudong airport? The ticket price ranges from CNY 2 to CNY 7 according to the metered fare. High-speed rail, meet rapid transit. Work offline Internet connection is not required. Currently, we accept Visa card, Master card, American Express card and Union Pay payment online. Trivia. Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro is a north-south line on the system that runs from to, with a total length of 31.4 km with 24 stations. Required fields are marked *. Here, we have listed the lines that are useful for travelers: Line 1: This line goes to the popular attraction of Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, which is reached at Chen Clan Academy Station. The subway line 2 totally contains 24 stations, via Guangzhou Railway Station, Haizhu Square, Yuexiu Park and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Guangzhou metro was fairly simple to use and get around. Two further stations on the new section are to open later. This is Guangzhou's best metro app. 750V is the maximum that is considered safe if there is no bottom contact. Guangzhou South Railway Station, also printed as GuangzhouNan (South = Nan) is the largest station in Guangzhou serving high speed train service. Find a station. They were fitted … From Guangzhou Airport depart 5 Airport Express lines and 9 Airport non-stop routes to the city centre. Fully up-to-date for 2020 Accurate metro map, includes every station on every line. Guangzhou Metro Line 3 is formed with one north-south-ward main rail and a northeast branch line. Line 22 of Guangzhou Metro (Chinese: 广州地铁22号线; pinyin: Guǎngzhōu Dìtiě Èrshí'èr Hào Xiàn) is a rapid transit express line under construction in Guangzhou. Required fields are marked *. The most complete of all levels. Guangzhou Metro Offical … It goes to the Biological Island, Higher Education Mega Center, Asian Games Town, and the Guangzhou Olympic Stadium. 2. Your email address will not be published. WHY EXPLOREMETRO? the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Station, Line 2. ~ 3 min. Line 2's color is blue. "Construction of a subway network was approved in 1989 and was started in 1993." Like Line 13, it will be capable of achieving high speeds, while some of the stations will have ‘passing loops’ allowing for both express and local service. We pay respect to their Elders, past and present, and to their cultural and spiritual connections to Country. Line 2's color is blue. Guangzhou Railway Station → Line 5 1. GZL2.svg 50 × 50; 3 KB. Two further stations on the new section are to open later. & 30 sec. Line 3: The airport line, connecting to the CB and Panyu. Metro ticket price is RMB3 - RMB8. Metro acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which our rail network operates, the peoples of the Kulin Nation. Guangzhou Metro Line 2 is a north-south line that runs from Jiahewanggang to Guangzhou South Railway Station. If you are going to take the high speed train to Shenzhen, Zhuhai , Shunde, Zhongshan, Wuhan, Changsha or some other cities, just take metro from Guangzhou Airport to Guangzhou South Railway Station (Line 2) .

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