Recently I have noticed some of the morsels are extremely hard. It does not sit in any number of hot warehouses BEFORE it ever hits store shelves, so it is fresh and finally it is vacuume packed. I would appreciate any feedback. Recently, she started having seizures (only 2 so far). We developed a nutritional guideline and ingredient quality analysis to help rank the best dog foods. There are many people that we come in contact with that do dog performance sports in both the USA and Canada and they too are concerned about the direction of Champion Pet Foods and are on the fence right now in the USA from buying your products. So we tried him today and he loved it and was dribbling for another handful. The new formula (Original Flavor) has substituted animal meal as protein rather than real meat protein. Although Halo isn’t rated as high as Orijien, Halo brand seems safe and never has had any recall. My Siberian husky female, age 4 has been on orijen since she was a puppy. Surprise! No actually orijen is manufactured right in Alberta. Human grade poultry has not risen significantly in the last few years so why is this company hiking up the price so much each year to make the product almost unaffordable? I chose Orijen BECAUSE it was made in Canada and HAD to meet those standards. Cost is not the biggest concern with Orijen. So anywho as you can see in order to meet my responsibilities to these animals that I am responsible for their health, safety, welfare, and quality of life, I must educate myself and when needed work closely with really good vets. Plus, he eats about a cup less per day because of the density, which helps offset the difference in cost. You get what you pay for. I went with Orijen, but all of the food is manufactured in the same warehouse. i give this food 10 stars out of 5. My puppy has been eating Orijen since she waa 3 months and is now 10 months. There are many excellent dog foods that cost a little less than Orijen dog foods. He is allergic to chicken and white potatoes. They love it and are healthier dogs. Why am I not able to buy Canada made Origens but now must but from USA… Will the USA product have the same quality…. There were like 3 recalls from what I can see, however, it was nothing major. If you check the ingredients in the Orijens cat food however they use fish as the sole protein. Orijen is made with 75 to 80 percent meat, which makes it different from just about every other kibble you can name. I mainly changed to Orijen because my dogs were eating poop, and a friend said that when she gave her dog Orijen, her dog stopped eating poop. on Aug 11, 2017. Broke out in hot spots within three days into the new bag. Also, I’m actually paying LESS buying Orijen than buying any of the previous brands I’ve tried. I was able to purchase it through my local hay & feed store.......until two months ago when they began having trouble getting it from their distributor. It is now made in the USA also. For instance, I understand the fish will no longer be pacific wild caught, but rather Atlantic. … more, By Ashley My German Shepherds get obe cup in the morning, one at night, and they are solid, energetic and happy. He sheds less believe it or not. Personally I find this and Acana to be basically the same quality, it all depends on what type you want and Orijen is better for very active dogs or ones with very high metabolisms.. my dog is a pit-bull/whippet mix so she definitely needs all the protein she can get and the freeze-dried liver seems to be more enticing to her.. (something acana doesn’t have in it’s dry formulas). She will soon turn 9 and people think she is till a puppy…very active, slim with a beautiful coat. Consumer Lawsuits Are on the Rise. If you would like to know as soon as we find out about a recall, visit the Dog Food Recall page and fill out our form. Does anyone have information? Not to mention her coat is dull/dry and she’s itching really bad (with tons of fleas). WHO is opening up the issue of cancer regarding the it’s all clear statement back in the 1990’s on the use of that product. Wow ! Skin, ears, and we thought possibly it was allergies-although she was avoiding the food- then the second week into the second bag, her skin has erupted into open wounds, she has watery stool and is only eating when very hungry. I noticed this and asked the clerk why the difference and she said she didn’t know but pointed out the left bottom of package where it states, “Made in our USA Kentucky kitchens”. Lac La Biche Regional Humane Society. They have substituted mackerel fish for salmon. I’m personally done with price hikes and weight decreases and questions on content. I have fed this to my GSD since he was a puppy.His coat is beautiful. I want them to be with me for a long time, and I want them to be healthy. With Orijen Original he finally likes his food, and most importantly he has no more digestion problems. Hi, I hope you are following up on your questions & I hope this helps. Those aren’t gimmicky in any way and actually have helped me decide that I do in fact want this brand for my dog. early 2014 i did research and was appalled to read about science diet and its crap. A dog knows what’s good for them. We love this stuff. Why does it contain arsenic, what is the purpose of that? I don’t have room for a large container so do worry about keeping the food fresh. Calorie Content (calculated): 80 calories/medallion. To this point, the Orijen is all she chooses to eat. By Jack You can verify this by calling Chewy and they will tell you. We also encourage everyone to bookmark the site for future reference. That means who knows what. The point that hit home with me on this food is this, Dog food made in the USA is not regulated. The quality of Orijen really does reduce the amount she eats. Two females , one is around 91/2 the other is 6 years old both have problems with anal glands. I liked the many results of feeding Orijen, and liked the composition of the ingredients, and am still feeding Regional Red to my dogs today. Yes it is and there are recalls currently on all poultry kibble. I’m trying to switch my overweight baby girl Lab from Blue Buffalo to different brand and Orijen definitely got my attention. and seems to grow quickly. I switched to Orijen dry dog food and both of my dogs love it. I just found out they built a new building in Kentucky and won’t be coming from Canada anymore. Your issue has been submitted. I provide this feedback as I do not wish others to feed their dogs the Orijen freeze-dried foods (who do not break the medallions apart, following the package instructions) and unwittingly have their dogs sustain injuries. We started her on the puppy version dry food from orijen and she is now on the adult dry, mixing it up between 6fish & red every other bag. Our team of dog food nutritionists have analyzed and researched over 2,300 formulas to find the very best dog food brands. A large bag lasts me a month, and my three are all 80 lbs and up! Changed her to the Acana LID Lamb/Apple, along w/home cooked (grass fed filet, AK salmon, organic eggs, etc) & all was well. Omegas & glucosamine are included. Acana (owned by same company) had an issue. All this Information? Many people should upgrade dog food quality instead of choosing to add a little somethin’ somethin’ on top to make them eat. So I am convinced this is giving her better and more absorbable nutrients that her body can use. Cindy, So we switch back to Orijen. I’d had her on the 6 Fish for only about 6 mos. When they discontinued it, we were forced to find another product. Orijen’s foods are based on the idea of the “whole prey” diet. BUT HIS TRAINER WANTS HIM TO GO RAW. WHO CAN YOU BELIEVE ABOUT THE BEST FOOD FOR DOGS. We’ve chosen Orijen Original Dry Dog Food to be the representative product of this brand in our comprehensive review.. Orijen Dog Food Review Nutritional Content. I am keeping them on the Acana – no more switching games! I really like when they changed the will be perfect if they have a smaller size kibbles for small dogs like me. We have 4 month old German Shepherd Puppy and she is very picky. We have a bag of Halo coming in this afternoon. Pingback: Our Blog - Veterinarian in Fort Myers, FL | Animal Clinic at Kelly Crossing. I didn’t transition to orijen slowly by mixing his old dog food with the new. Appaloosa: Western pleasure, gymcana sporting, long distance completions, cattle ranch work. Since only the Kentucky Kitchen Products are sold in the USA now, I’ve noticed a major difference that is not good. At first my dogs did ok – not great but ok. He has always been a picky eater, and at almost 11 years old is even less interested in food. I have been feeding all 4 of my dogs Orijen since that time. Please advise. JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT’S BEST THANK FOR LISTENING. (You actually get 80-85 treats for ~$13 with virtually no moisture.. again good value if you look at the ingredients and their actual cost carefully), I love this brand and will continue to buy it for my dog Her food bill is still less than $3 a day which is a lot less than mine and she eats better than I do so I can’t complain , My maltipoo is the fussiest eater ever, I bought Orijen dry fish food and he loved it, I can’t believe it!!! Based on the feeding guide on the back of the bag.. my 60lb pit consumes 3 scoops a day. The company was founded in 1975 and today they say their foods can be purchased in over 60 countries. Could you please tell me if your diabetic dog is overweight? Puppy claims that Orijen Six Fish flavor is so tasty, that there’s no more need to buy treats. WOW he loved it… and before long want another bowl. Cats: Main Coon, starvation & neglect The EPA stopped glyphosate back in the 1970’s but Monsanto though lobbyists had the finding reversed in 1991 to allow it to be used. I mixed 2 part Iams with 1 part Orijen and feed it to him. YAY! Did they change the formula? For years we have been buying Natural Balance, most recently Wild Pursuit. I trust this brand and will use nothing inferior. I was told by vet that extra weight is to blame on Blue Buffalo and I’m horrified to think that my new baby is going to become diabetic if I don’t switch her food ASAP. After 2 days of my dog eating Orijen, she is almost back to normal. Thank you for your feedback. I buy Orijen, and yes its expensive, for my German Shepherd ‘Sammy’. Mackeral fish is known as junk fish to fishermen. Just buy the best dog food you can afford. To the contrary, the many bone fragments that I discovered most assuredly do not dissolve in water! For more than 25 years, Orijen Dog Food is a brand that has been produced by the Canadian company Champion Petfoods. Hi, Can you tell me how many kilograms I should feed my 4 month old short haired german pointer please? Home; Dog Food; Orijen Review; Orijen - Orijen Senior Review. Orijen Tundra Dry Dog Food Orijen Tundra Dog Food is formulated to be biologically appropriate food for all life stages. I called the Kentucky manufacture and they said they did change the recipe and they now use goat and mackerel instead of salmon. I have been feeding my Murphy freedom blue buffalo, he’s a bit overweight, he used to eat wilderness duck, I’d like to give him orijen, he loves it, I’d give it to him here n there, he’s a small /medium dog, I wasn’t sure which one to give him, he loves them all, I was hoping for some advice. Great product! My vet. The guaranteed analysis only lists the minimum and maximum values and as a consequence, these can sometimes be an inaccurate representation. Orijen has altered their recipes in the last year and reduced the meat protein in their foods. what do you think of N&D Natural&Delicicious Pumpkin Formula Chicken,pumpkin and pomegranate My dogs immediately had bowel problems when give the new formula. I’ve been feeding them together just to get rid of the Halo. The rotty has a beautiful, silky, shiny coat who always gets praise and comments. For sr dogs, the kibble is lacking glucosamine & chondroitin. We have been feeding our dogs Orijen since they were puppies. We did our research and finished the bag a dry food from the owner we bought her from. Our content is free because we may earn a commission when you click or make a purchase using our site. I pay $20.00 for original flavor . Wild boar also has less fat and more protein than beef. Dogs will appreciate the much stronger flavor. Overall Orijen – Puppy contains an average of 3960 kcal/kg or 451 kcal per 8oz. Hi! Theresa, I’m picking up a new puppy in a couple weeks. My dogs mean everything to me. There are a lot of great super-premium dog foods that any otherwise healthy dog should thrive on. The best dog food according to experts includes wet, dry and grain-free dog food brands like Rachel Ray, Instinct, Orijen, The Farmer's Dog, Freshpet and more. She is extremely active, happy and healthy, but I think we will try Origen due to her poor coat/skin and the negative Royal Canin reviews. Our dog had been eating Fromm Gold for a few months then after reading reviews we switched him to Orijen. They also make a sister brand to Orijen called Acana.Both brands are super premium pet foods sold in selected pet stores and from some online sources. Did my research and found out that Purina is the lowest rated ever! Hope we have her at least another 9 years! Thanks. More people need to complain. Each product utilizes a unique set of ingredients to achieve a desired nutritional profile. Thanks for this kind reply, Sandra. All of this has me wondering if this is the result of changes they have been making to their manufacturing locations. We just purchased our first bag of Origin Senior on the recommendation of a friend who feeds it to her 9 year old dog. They are now making orjien in the USA and have changed some of the ingredients. Send me coons, Hello everyone I have a lot of questions my maltese mixed shit was taking Beneful dog food which has a recall on it and it was making my dog sick he would not even eat it I had to add wet food with it for him to touch I’m trying to find a good dog food for my dog he is 7 months old I purchased the Blue Buffalo dog food from Petsmart but I am seeing a lot of recall on it. By Harper But this article talks about the addition of peas and lentils and that kind of concerns me. In closing > I highly recommend Orijen. He also doesn’t have to eat as much of this because it’s so rich. This means that it includes 80% fresh whole meats which gives their food a protein percentage between 38 and 42% — this is incredibly high compared to many commercial dog foods. I love my dogs to pieces and want them to have a long life without expensive vet bills. The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to Acana. After all I am the one responsible for the quality and life of my furry friends. bag would last FOREVER and I think it would be very easy to absorb this costly choice. Acana Dog Food Recall History. He loves Orijen! If however you have a tiny pooch, a 28 lb. My dog loves Orijen! Compared to other pet food, it is expensive, but that is because most (not all) pet food is of poor quality, this no comparison). Has anyone experienced this? I presently use Orijen for my dogs. Sammy can still play hard with our 5 month old English Lab, though he needs a little more rest afterwards. Orijen is great, because it does it all, and has many varieties of prey that I am not going to make at home. By Chelsea I used to feed my Samoyed Natures Variety Instinct Salmon kibble and he did very well on it. on Aug 11, 2017. I fed this food to my two Labrador Retrievers for the last three years. Your reply would be greatly appreciated. on Aug 10, 2017. Orijen’s Biologically Appropriate dry dog food is made according to the whole prey model of feeding for dogs. Below you will find a history of recalls. I figure it is the food chain side effects from Japan that is finally affecting our side of the ocean now. Due to the recent decision of Fromm to no longer be offered through Chewy, I tried this as a replacement (discounted due to the issue with Fromm by Chewy). Feed your dog lean meats, chicken, etc. I read about all the scary processing, additives, and horrible ingredients including euthanized dogs ground up into “pure meat protein” really? I bought some different food (Nutro) and he gobbled it down like he was starving and then tried to get into the room where the new food was kept. The Acana lamb is good, and no chicken, which we think made our Tzus so itchy. And yet they sell it buy the truck loads ? They changed the formula of both the US & Canadian dog food and treats so you can’t get the previous versions in either country. They have also shortened the bag weight from 28.5 pounds to 25 pounds but charge the same. That fish farm has farm fields around that pond and one of my concerns was runoff from those fields into the pond. I received two bags from and was very happy with their delivery service, but then I received an email from stating that THEY were no longer able to get it. Orijen Original is one of Orijen’s most popular products among customers. ... novembre 26 2019, 3:19 am. I will definitely be monitoring their product more closely due to these inconsistencies. Feed them pumpkin for the poop eating. See All New Reviews and Updates. I have a 23 month old Samoyed, and he is a fussy eater. I knew that both of them were crap, and was given a recommendation of Nature’s Balance, which was OK, but not the best. my dog pennie turned 16 in nov.-she was switched to orijen by my friends recommendation—it seems she is drinking more and eating more and her skin and coat have improved=i have her on adult food just ordered SENIOR food see if it makes a difference=you cant put a price on whats left of your pets lie span you want to always know you did all you can for them===i got her at 5 wks old and have fed her a few different foods hoping this will help her=====. 1/3 of meats are air dried at 90°C from fresh chicken, turkey and fish to create a concentrated source of richly nourishing protein. Orijen hit our shores this year (2019) but some will remember it being on our shelves just over 10 years ago. What do you think? Yes it’s pricey, but compare it to comparable foods and the prices are very close, maybe 10 to 25 cents per lb difference. We had tried everything. The kibble size was notably smaller from what I had previously purchased. They have my email – use it. Below is a list of Products reviewed in this article. Orijen has built quite a reputation for itself in being second to none. I tried another highly rated food and he didn't like it. I did a comparison of the nutritional value of a few foods and Orijen came out on top. Thank you and God bless you and your loved ones. Maybe that will fit your budget. I’ve tried nearly every dog food on the market (including “good” ones like BLUE and Royal Canin) with no success. With cheaper dog foods, I’ve be buying a bag a week (or more), using their feeding guide. After having fed Orijen to my 3 Pembroke Welsh Corgis for 5 years, I began noticing they were having the health problems that go along with feeding kibble – even the best kibble. The kibble appears different. That is why they now state on their packaging FreshWater Fish….not like Orijen/Acana from Canada which is Wild Caught in the Lakes of Northern Canada and around Vancouver Island, BC. Great dog food- wouldn’t think of buying anything different. Learn to respect others . I just switched from Bufallo Blue to Orijen. Over the past 3 days we have had 2 disappear, 2 die, & 2 become sick & currently being treated. Since there is no zip or Velcro closure, the bag rips the more I unfold it. And yes, blue changed their food so I started with Origen. My older one has been picky since day one…….he will love all the good brands of dry until about a few weeks later – then is less enthused. Calorie Content (calculated): 414 kcal/cup, First five ingredients: Chicken, Turkey, Whole Herring, Chicken Liver, Chicken Heart, Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein: 36 percent, Crude Fat: 35 percent, Crude Fiber: 5 percent Acana Dog Food is made by a Canadian company called Champion Petfoods that has been in business for over 25 years.. View 10 Best Dog Food . I don’t have the time to make my own dog food to ensure quality ingredients. I gave up trying to find another cheaper dog food that did not contain chicken or white potatoes and didn’t list peas as the second ingredient. I guess the company was recently sold, and changed the recipe. View Top 10 List. As the Breeder was a mess which costs me few visit to the Vet) she was eating Purina Puppy Chow.

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