Sources Holidays. Finally, Chile signed on November 18, 2002 a free trade agreement with the European Union, which led to a reduction of customs duties. The crescendo of Christmas in Chile isn’t Christmas Day – instead, it’s Christmas … Customs and Traditions Home History of Chile Geography Government Economy Tourism Customs Chilean Spanish or Ecuadorian Spanish? Chileans don’t like to feel pressured or rushed. ... as well as Catholic and indigenous traditions. We invite you to discover the most authentic side our country has to offer. However, there are several other Chilean New Year’s traditions that people do […] Chile’s people are largely descendents from European, indigenous tribes, or both with roughly 70 percent being Catholic. Some examples of traditions include bowing when greeting someone, dancing at a wedding, paying dowry and so much more. Spend time with the indigenous peoples and experience their traditions! Having Christmas lights is a fairly recent development with … Women's attire is rather feminine and men's costume is very masculine. • A tradition is a practice that has been passed down over generations and observed by most people of a society or culture while custom could be short lived and even observed at a family or individual level. The encounter between the Caribbean natives and the Africans who were taken to Belize as slaves by the European colonizers, gave rise to a new ethnic group: the Garífunas. Chilean Culture. 1950 W. Corporate Way PMB 25615, Anaheim, CA 92801, USA. If you’re traveling in the Tarapacá region, make sure to spend July 16th at La Tirana, where very special festivities pay homage to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. During this festival, more than 150,000 people dance in the streets of the village of La Tirana wearing vibrant costumes and devil masks. Get inspired by Nik & Dusty's world-wide adventures! Afghanistan - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette. Business cards are exchanged on the initial meeting at the very start. However, it shares many of the same Christmas customs as the USA. Articles about tourism: interesting tourist articles, articles about countries, resorts, tour tips and other useful information. Christmas in Chile. Here are some basic dining etiquette guidelines: When sitting wait to be shown to your place. Many religious festivals are held in Chile and La Tirana is one of the most colorful among these festivals. Since most Chileans are Catholic, a Chilean funeral service typically follows Catholic traditions. • Also, while all traditions could qualify as customs, not all customs can be referred to as traditions. Guide to travel, doing business, and studying in Chile - culture, greetings, gestures, etiquette, protocol, negotiations, gift-giving, and more. SO GOOD!) When addressing older people with whom you have a personal relationship, who may be referred to as "don" (male) or "dona" (female) with their first name. Twelve Grapes - At midnight, Chileans eat twelve grapes, one for each month. Over the next 10,000 years, they became more sedentary and eventually, by the second century of the Common Era, the Mapuche group had established itself as the main tribe of the area. The Good Night. 4. Christmas in Chile is very warm as it's in the middle of summer! You can have confidence in our experts' dedication to traveler safety, comfort, & providing a seamless trip. The expecting couple has many decisions to make and preparations to take care of in the months leading up to and following their baby’s birth. 1. The Andes mountains predominate the landscape, making the country’s highland culture, with nexus in Santiago, is the most influential and powerful in Chile. In Chilean culture, Chileans tend to be proud of their country’s achievements. If invited to a Chilean's home, take sweets/chocolates or wine for the hostess. Here are a few pointers that … Pay a trip Chile and you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Some women may not shake hands with men, although this is becoming less common. Therefore, if you’re planning a trip to this amazing country, gearing a visit around holidays and festivals is a great way to experience Chilean culture. Chile Traditions 8204 Montgomery NE Albuquerque, NM 87109. 2. Known for both bustling cities such as Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile is also home to the vast arid Atacama Desert, forests, fjords, canals, lakes, and islands. Typically the weather is beautiful (it is summer time in the southern hemisphere) and watching the fireworks over the water offers a great visual treat. A firm handshake accompanied with a smile and appropriate greeting is normal in a business setting. Due to class structures it is commonplace for people to try and deduce another's position in the social rank. Fiestas Patrias. The majority of Chileansare Roman Catholics (73%) while 15% of the population are Protestants. The majority of Chileans are Roman Catholics (55-60% depending on the study), and around 15% are Cristian Protestant, making it one of the nations in Latin America with the greatest Protestant influence. In the 19th century, European immigrants came to Chile from Germany, Yugoslavia, Croatia, France, Britain and Ireland, followed by Chinese, Middle Eastern and Peruvian immigrants. Local name: Easter. The significance of the grapes can be threefold: 1) to bring good economic fortune, 2) to make 12 wishes - one per grape - for the new year, and 3) predicting how the new year will treat you based on whether the grapes are sweet or sour. For a young girl's 15th birthday, a gift of gold jewellery is the norm. We are fully committed to low impact travel that not only preserves but gives back to the amazing places we visit. The family occupies a central role in Chilean life. Spanish is the official language, and unlike other South American nations that have experienced immigration from all around the world, the culture and ethnicities of Chile are relatively homogenous throughout. Spanish in the official language of Chile. The religion has played a large role in defining social and political life. Chilean cowboys. Try and have one side translated into Spanish. 2. Some spots in Santiago might remind you of the skyline from back home, for example. In the south of Chile and especially in the Chiloé Islands, Spanish and huilliche traditions mixed to produce the paricona dance, a variety of the Spanish pericón. Categories: Blog. Ethnic Groups: white and white … People like to decorate their houses with Christmas Trees and lights. Chile is a friendly country and home to a stunning variety of natural wonders, from the towering Andes Mountains to the penguin colonies of Patagonia to the historic city of Santiago. Between friends and family things will relax and become more unreserved - men may embrace and energetically pat each other on the back whilst women will kiss once on the right cheek. It shares some similarities with its nearby Latin American neighbors, such as Argentina and Bolovia. For all additional information, you can contact the Chilean Customs Administration. Chilean culture is located within the confines of the Republic of Chile, although today some 800,000 Chileans are living abroad. Capital: Santiago Other main cities: Valparaiso, Vina Causino, Antofagasta, Vina del Mar, Talchahuano, San Bernardo, Temuco, Iquique, Concepcion Population: 17,216,945 Size: 756,096.3 km2 (… Exploring Chilean Culture. Between friends and family things will relax and become more unreserved - men may embrace and energetically pat each other on the back whilst women will kiss once on the right cheek. According to a well-known folk song, "if you go to Chile, the country folk will come to greet you and you will see that Chileans love a friend from far away." Christmas in Chile. Chilean Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts. 3. When you lift your glass, look at the person being toasted. Do not give purple or black flowers as they symbolize death. Since the time of the Spanish conquest Chile has been producing grapes in its soil rich central region. The celebration starts on the eve of Christmas Day with dinner with family members and friends, presents are exchanged after midnight. It is considered polite to finish everything on your plate. Toll Free: 877-837-9468 Local: 505-888-3166 Explore more travel destination possibilities and experience the world first hand. Communication styles tend to be tuned to people's s feelings. Keep your hands visible when eating. There is usually a wake and a church funeral service afterward. Chilean Baby Traditions . It is important to be patient as time is not of the essence in Chile - meetings will last as long as they need to last. Easter Island has been holding its ten day Tapati Festival at Rapa Nui in February every year since 1975. Though many of the Mapuche’s traditions have been lost after centuries of Spanish and Chilean influence, there are still elements of Mapuche dress you can see in Chile today, especially in the southern regions, the ancestral land of the Mapuche.

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