Field bindweed is a nuisance in orchards and vineyards. Georgia, AE (1919) Field bindweed. They serve no economic purpose and possess characteristics that are harmful to humans, animals or the environment) and the Australian States of Victoria and South Australia. Also Known As: Creeping Jenny, Morning Glory. Property owners are not required to control this species. Convolvulus arvensis is a long-lived (perennial)  herb with twining or prostrate stems. Flowers are approximately 0.75-1 in. Accessed March 2011. Identification Notes. For more information, see Noxious weed lists and laws. The editors are not aware of successful biological control programmes on this species. Convolvulaceae. Early action is particularly important for Convolvulus arvensis which is very difficult to eradicate because of its long-lived (perennial) root system and the fact that the seeds remain viable in soil for up to 20 years Manual control is very difficult as the plant can regenerate from root fragments. The Plants Database. Originating in Eurasia, field bindweed was introduced into the United States as a contaminant in farm and garden seeds in the mid-1700s. Convolvulus farinosus L. can be distinguished from Convolvulus arvensis by the shorter petals 11-16mm long, white in colour and tinged pinkish purple, while the petals of C. arvensis grow to 20mm. Field Bindweed is a trailing or creeping plant, occasionally climbing up to 2m. Field bindweed is sometimes used as . This fact sheet is adapted from The Environmental Weeds of Australia by Sheldon Navie and Steve Adkins, Centre for Biological Information Technology, University of Queensland. Due to its climbing ability, it is able to infest various levels of a plant community (from ground level to the tops of trees). – Small bindweed, European bindweed, Creeping Jenny Scientific name: Convolvulus arvensis L. Family: Convolvulaceae (Morningglory family) Description Origin: Eurasia. Family: Morning-Glory Family (Convolvulaceae) . Field bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis, is a native of Eurasia that first was documented in California in 1884 in San Diego. EANHS, Nairobi-Kenya. introduced perennial, reproducing by seeds and creeping roots. The precise management measures adopted for any plant invasion will depend upon factors such as the terrain, the cost and availability of labour, the severity of the infestation and the presence of other invasive species. This is a rampant weed with rapid growth and tendency to choke cultivated plants. Field bindweed is a summer perennial member of the morningglory family. Arizona: abstract & image of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) (COAR4) British Columbia Ag. Convolvulus arvensis (bindweed). A flora of the Ferns and Herbaceous Flowering Plants of Upland Kenya. Scientific Name: Convolvulus arvensis Also known as: Creeping Jenny, Morning Glory Family: Convolvulaceae Description. There was a scientific name of this kind from the Latin verb, in translation meaning “to curl”. This spreading perennial will start growing back from overwintering rhizomes in early spring. Also, it competes with other species for sunlight, moisture and nutrients. can be distinguished from C. arvensis by the much shorter petals, 9mm long, white in colour to pink with purple centre. Other names for the hedge bindweed include heavenly trumpets, bugle vine, bellbind, wild morning glory, hedge morning glory, great bindweed, and false hedge bindweed. Convolvulus arvensis smoothers and topples native species. Bindweed is a climbing, perennial weed, widespread over hedges, industrial, amenity & waste ground. Field bindweed has no feed value and may make stock vomit. Due to its climbing ability, it is able to infest various levels of a plant community (i.e. Field Bindweed. Agnew, A. D. Q. and Agnew, S. (1994). The leaves of field bindweed are arrowhead shaped … bindweed … Its climbing nature and larger flowers can help to distinguish it from Field bindweed. Field bindweed control is best achieved when plants are actively growing and in the seedling to flower stage of growth.

field bindweed scientific name

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