Thanks for this. $60.00. Press OK. 1. Control Panels Keypads SiX Technology 5800 Wireless Products Wired Sensors Life Safety Video Sounding Devices Alarm Communications and TC Expansion Modules & Accessories Thermostats Cabling Resideo Total Connect Remote Services Product Matrix I’ve tried turning it on and then off, turning it on and holding the switch in the up position, turning it on and then pushing the switch up again and releasing it… I’ve tried a bunch of combos… what’s going on? Possibly the manual on off button during the exclude step? Osram BR30 Dimmable soft white bulb. I’m going to add another one that is slightly further away this weekend. I have eleven of these outlets and looking to add more — no problems with including them in my z-wave network. It was the neutral wire. The communications module plugs into the "RJ45 phone jack style connector located on some appliance products; Utilizing the ConnectPlus requires that you register your appliance with GE, establish a GE Connected Account and that you have Wi-Fi and a Smart Phone in your home; The ConnectPlus works in conjunction with GE's Wifi Connect software Apps. View Connect-XT > Select "Fridge (Connect Plus)" to take you to the Welcome screen. Is there something Im missing or not doing correctly? Z-Wave 45606 dimmer pdf manual download. But…I can not get it to connect by doing the general search or the manual search by choosing the brand and then which style. Your advice to flip the switches applies to pushing the button on the outlets too … so you get to keep all your badges. The switches in my home are 25 years old. I have a couple other things including a motions sensor that are further away from the hub than this switch, so I don’t think distance is a problem. If the app doesn’t find the switch, make sure to scroll the app back to the Market Place and check to see if there is a device awaiting configuration. Wash, rinse and repeat (sometimes up to 20 cycles) until either it connects or you get pissed. Going to bed now. Using exclusively Z-Wave Plus devices on a Z-Wave Plus controller is also the best … Even with just line hot and neutral connected to the switch. To confirm compatibility, search for your model number on the website and find the product specification page. And here I was…all excited that I actually might be able to help someone and become a productive part of this community. MAKE THE EVERYDAY A LITTLE EASIER GE Profile™ smart appliances work with these partners, simplifying daily life, giving you a whole new way to cook family meals, do … Using certified Z-Wave Plus devices with a Z-Wave Plus controller will ensure the furthest possible wireless range, as well as the longest possible battery life, when applicable. Is there anything else I’m supposed to do? Thanks! screen and press Next. For those not electrically versed, do not use the tiny aluminum wire that’s included as that’s for an Add-on switch if you plan to use one. The light switch works on its own, but I’m having a heck of a time pairing it to the Smart Things v2 hub. Requires Wifi in your home and the SmartHQ app on your phone or tablet. they are outlets. The U+ Connect module works with select GE, GE Profile, Café, and Haier branded appliances. Richard & Son Credit Card Find the network name and password on the back of the … Was having trouble getting my GE 12727 switch to connect. Try the reset first, then connect. Switching your load and line wires may help. Got it at least doing what a switch is suppose to do. Open the App and go back to the "Have Connect Plus?" Osram A19 Dimmable soft white bulb. It’s entirely possible that the devices aren’t able to pair because of … The easy-to-program plugs work with LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs to deliver simple automation to … I noticed that there is an “LED” but I have not been able to ever get it to light up. When it was moved to 10 feet away it connected right away. That’s where I start - there is probably more exhaustive info coming. One of them is connected and working like a charm! Osram BR30 Color bulb. Well…This (GE 12727) toggle switch w/ the (GE 12728) add-on works manually so that part is nice. With 40 years of proven hardware and software expertise, we are the trusted leader in Wi-Fi reliability. Possible it’s bundle behind the switch? Possibly the manual on off button during the exclude step? 1.8-Million homes were secured with Interlogix/GE Simon panels in the last decade. When they work right they are among the easiest devices to set up, but when they don’t it is an absolute nightmare. Find the network name and password on the back of the module. I had one of my switches stop responding last week. Dude, you’re luck sucks… I’ve got around 45 or 50 of these things… never had a problem. From the Home screen, press the Plus sign (+) to get to the "Add An Appliance" options. I would do a general exclusion first (put the hub in exclusion and turn the switch on/ off). Any ideas? GE ConnectPlus Appliance Wi-Fi Adapter - PBX10W00Y0. The switch doesn’t need the hub to manually work. Maybe bad connection in the run or something? Then what worked was to perform the Exclusion process (even though I had never added a Z-wave device) and then added the device using the specific Marketplace selection of a GE on/off paddle switch (Z-wave) option. This should be listed at the top of the first page. Following your steps – basically, flipping the switch on/off multiple times (~6-10x) and it finally found it. If the above doesn’t work, close out the app and completely log out of ST. Thanks for the reply. This application is designed for larger touch screen interfaces like the GE Kitchen … Use the app to connect, control and manage your GE and GE Profile Smart Appliances. With U+ Connect and the SmartHQ app, you'll get alerts, controls and notifications. It’s entirely possible that the devices aren’t able to pair because of issues with your Z-wave mesh network though. Low prices and free shipping on all GE parts. I try repairing the mesh and it fails on the two outlets. The hub signal may be occluded by interference from a close wireless router. I believe he (OP) said it was the wall outlets. The hub signal may be occluded by interference from a close wireless router. An easy question. Unfortunately you need neutral for the new GE smart switch to work. Simplify your routine with myTouchSmart WiFi Plug-in Smart Switches. Then having ST search for it. It never told me anything and it doesn’t appear to have fixed the problem. Did you run the device’s own exclude procedure? My house is not that large (1950 sqft), what do you guys do if you have a large house? Except that time i put 4 in one box… and wired them wrong… long day there! According to the instructions, all you have to do is turn the switch on and it should be available for pairing. Out of all of my switches installed, I can only think of one, maybe two which haven’t been a struggle to connect. $681.45. I guess 25 feet away is too far a way for it to connect. They were reversed on the original switch but it didn’t affect operations being analog. Yes. HomeLink Connect ® gives you easy ... Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Smart Bulb. Open the Laundry - GE Appliances App and sign in. Shut off potential water leaks, track your water consumption, and set up notifications for water flow alerts with WiFi Connect on your smart device. Yeah I just read that somewhere, believe it was a post on a Lowe’s iris forum. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for GE APPLIANCE PARTS PBX10W00Y0 Connect Plus, White at the best online prices at eBay! How do I used the devices own exclude procedure? The weather-resistant housing with a protective outlet cover safeguards the outlet from dirt and debris when not in use. Still doesnt make a difference, other than I now get the LED status option. [Punching self in the forehead mode ON] View and Download GE Z-Wave 45606 manual online. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. The old switch works fine, btw. Out of all of my switches installed, I can only think of one, maybe two which haven’t been a struggle to connect. If this doesn’t work, give it a few hours (or a day) and try it again. After about the third or fourth try it finally connected. I could not get my SmartThings Hub to discover the switch no matter how many times I turned it on and off and tried the Z-wave repair (which never finished on my hub). I have two of these that use to work, I was able to remove them/exclude them, but when I add them back they come back as a generic “Z-Wave Wall Switch” and there is no “LED Light” option that use to delineate when the LED light would show. As it turns out I had to move the SmartHub to my wifi extender that is upstairs. I have a couple other things including a motions sensor that are further away from the hub than this switch, so I don’t think distance is a problem. From what I can tell these are suppose to be just like the Jesco wall outs in the Lights/Switches -> Jesco -> Outlets. PS - I have two of these sytle switches GE switches (without an air gap) and neither of them seem to have functioning LEDs, although they do seem to work otherwise, for the most part. Sounds like the device(s) is already paired, perhaps by factory testing or previous owner. I got two out of the three to work. Click the gear/sprocket on the upper right corner of the device to access it. Also it doesnt respond to any commands. Follow the instructions that came with the device, the section on Z-wave exclusion, or factory reset. Electric Smart Dryer. Wireless Lighting Control On/Off/Dim Dimmer Switch. In the end I wound up putting my old Securifi A+ hub into general exclusion, popping the air gap and pressing on/ off/ /on a few times. I have these switches throughout my house and yes, they can be a bugger to connect. One of my outlets doesnt have that option, just has the Name/Icon, its missing the “LED Status” options. Not that I really have a desire to, but I just thought that it was strange that there was a setting for something that wasn’t included. They moved the indicator light setting to the device preferences. I had to actually add a specific GE switch under the lighting section and when narrowed down to the type of GE switch and then it was discovered. THat is part of the problem, i dont know how to factory reset the device. item 2 24" GE GFD14ESSNWW 4.3 cu.ft. Flipping the switch on/off up to 15 times w/ 10 seconds in between did not work. Log back into ST and repeat the above process again. Osram A19 Lightify color bulb. You just need to go into the IDE and switch the device type. The device still doesnt work and accept commands. If it was included by accident, it will tell you that the exclusion was successful. I am pretty sure my neighbors to the back were less than thrilled I was flashing the back spot lights on/off from 11:45pm- 1:20 am trying to get it reincluded. Once you receive the Connect Module, open the SmartHQ app and sign into your account. Go to the GE on/off paddle switch and add it – I had to flip the light on about 5 or six times (about 10 seconds between each attempt) before it found the switch, so patience is the name of the game, I guess. I know that’s not much help. Don’t ask me why, but this has worked for me when dealing with stubborn switches. When added to a Z-Wave network, the heavy-duty GE smart switch enables wireless control of on/off functions for large load, hard-wired applications such as waters heaters, landscape lighting, spas, pool pumps and heaters. The GE 12727 switch should work without pairing with the hub or does it need to pair up first. If not then most likely the power coming into the light fixture first which only option left is micro relay module. This is an older levitron switch with only hot and line no neutral. Free shipping for many products! For both the include and exclude step … works for me. You also have to tie into the white (neutral) wire to use the 12727 switch. Sounded like possible wrong wiring hookup. Features: The ConnectPlus connects select GE Appliances to the internet enabling remote, monitoring, control and notifications. Will the exclusion process tell me it did something or do I just hit the “done” button after I toggle the light on and off? Whether Interlogix was a big part of your business, or you’re looking for a better takeover solution, it’s certain Simon will need a saviour as their 3G radios near a mass timeout. It’s ok if nothing was excluded. Good luck! This is how I’ve got them to connect: With the switch in the off position, start the discovery process from the app. Endless loop…, LED would blink or something to indicate its state. Connect-XT is your best Sunset solution for Simon XT panels. Terribly sorry. I have about 30 of them and some are stubborn. Ahh. The communications module plugs into the "RJ45" phone jack style connector located on some appliance products

ge wifi connect plus module

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