Give away 7 deep tissue/Swedish massages. For the three Christmas competition ideas below, using the format ‘the photo with the most likes wins’ would work well! Partner with a hairdresser or makeup artist. 1 – “The Best Xmas Jumper” Competition Ask your clients to send you a private Facebook message with a picture of their best Xmas outfit. Nonetheless, a good contest is one of the best ways for a new restaurant (or one looking to increase declining patronage) to get people in the door. You have clearly valuable prizes: 6-month membership, free personal training, whatever. Reviewed by: Michelle Seidel, B.Sc., LL.B., MBA. Here are ten fitness challenges to motivate your group over the biggest hurdle most people encounter when trying to stay on the healthy nutrition and exercise path. Workplace competitions can also be used to improve overall employee wellness. A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How We Generated 1,263 New Leads (With a Little Help from Our Friends), 30 Amazing Examples of Branded Facebook Contests Done Right, How to Run a Facebook Contest or Facebook Sweepstakes, Social Media Marketing Plan: An 11-Step Template, 25 Awesome Ideas for Giveaways on Facebook. ESL Activities. Your industry is absolutely perfect for contests (which I, unfortunately, can't say for B2B). Read more… FINALISTS AeroFarms, AeroFarms Beyond Sausage, Beyond Meat Bowery Farming, Bowery Farming Cassava Virus Action Project, Cassava Virus Action Project Cultured meat, Just Dehytray, JUA Technologies International Forest Garden trifecta, Trees for the Future Iron Ox, Iron Ox The New Impos… Contests are one of the best ways to build your brand, while simultaneously helping to boost social media engagement and build a targeted list of customers. an auto shop near me is giving away free vehicle winterizing. If you have a tiny kitchen in which one person barely can turn around, let alone two, this is not the party for you, unless you can convince a friend with a more spacious kitchen to host it. It doesn't matter what your products actually are, but how you portray them as relevant to what your entrants are already thinking about. Consider two different contest pages: one with a young child smiling and one with an older teenager. Just post a safety rule or slogan in the break room on Monday and tell employees they have until Friday to remember it and if they do, they may be rewarded. Then, open the whole thing and crack up at what strange turns the phrases and pictures took. The World Bank Group and the Zicklin Center at Wharton are pleased to announce the 2020 Ideas for Action competition, which engages young people to develop innovative solutions in support of the implementation of the SDGs. For that moment, there's no one else to rely on -- no parents to push, no teachers to give advice and no teammates to help carry the load. Employees keep passing the papers to the left, drawing new pictures and writing new slogans before covering up the previous one until the papers make it all the way around the circle to the person who wrote the original phrase. If you're looking for office competition ideas that boost teamwork and communication, it's hard to go wrong with the communication minefield.In this game, your group is broken into teams of two. Send out prompts once or twice a month asking them to send a story of when they made a client's problem into an opportunity for the business, went above and beyond for a customer, best demonstrated the company mission statement at work, etc. Or I'm looking to go on a family road trip for an upcoming long weekend. "Bam!" Give away a gift card for your ecommerce site, but pitch it as a "Shopping spree." Create a series of emails (also called an. 10 Tips for Games in the ESL Classroom From the creator of the world’s best-selling ESL board game—ten practical ideas on using games when teaching English We've worked with hundreds of businesses from every industry, and run successful competitions in all of them. Give away a romantic weekend away, with your restaurant giving a three-course dinner and bottle of wine. Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and No matter how old we are, we all love a good competition and this game works wonders with all age groups. To add a little competition to this game, you can say that the winner will be the person whose phrase stayed more or less the same for the longest time, which will also get people to think about how to make a phrase that will not easily lose its meaning after being drawn and translated again and again. This increases the perceived chance to win and gets more people to enter. Seasonal, cultural, or topical themes are a few of the themes that you can assign to the items competitors will make. Online marketing is powerful in its ability to give businesses huge reach, but it can also be dangerous. The people who do win will return to your business (if their experience is good) for any follow-up care or with a family member. If you're like a lot of marketers out there, you're probably still planning out the year ahead. Host an impromptu cooking contest where they can only use food and cooking tools available in the break room. This kind of giveaway/sweepstakes can be run as many times per year as you like. Be sure you're not spending money or resources to reach people who are nowhere near your restaurant. Again, run this campaign before a major long weekend to increase the chance of your prospective customers needing your prize. Similarly to the above, you should know that most babies (in North America) are born around September. A contest involves more than simply weighing in once a week and awarding prizes to the leaders. Give each team supplies like newspaper, tape, glue, cardboard, Popsicle sticks and cotton balls and tell them they have 20 minutes to design an egg holder that can safely catch an egg dropped from the air. Just don't expect it to drive final sales. Planning Your Chopped Challenge 1. Alternatively, partner with another brand and give away a workout outfit alongside a mat, ball, etc. BOYS-LEGENDS LAN Gaming ( Counter Strike , NFS) Robo race Drone Racing T-Shirt Hacks Documentary Short Film Beat-boxing Tattoo art Cardboard However, when there is a team competition at play, they automatically have a topic of conversation to use. However, there is a single type of contest which I can confidently recommend, and it's one we've used to great success many times over the years. People who enter your contest will think of your business the next time they need your services (even if they don't win). Just be sure you only target people within your area. To make remembering the rules more fun, consider hosting a safety raffle every week. Start by breaking your group into equal-sized teams of four or more and ask them to stand in a line. To up the difficulty, you may try making the teams a little bigger and having the guide try to guide more than one person out of the minefield at once by allowing him to also use the names of his blindfolded teammates to help single out who should follow his directions at which times. An effective contest utilizes goals, motivation, teamwork and collaboration of weight-loss ideas so everyone wins 1. Run this contest in early-mid Fall (and of course you should only run it in places where snow and ice is a thing...), Book a time to chat with a contest expert today. Be sure to give a reason: Valentine's Day, Father's/Mother's Day, etc. When you tell someone they can get fit and healthy for free? Like the minefield, this game focuses on improving teamwork, only in this case, there's no talking allowed. And (again, to be totally honest) it's a super valuable campaign not because you're going to go viral on social media, but because when you notify your existing lists about the contest, you'll be legitimately trading contacts with a business similar to your own. Give away dental care or cosmetic medical treatment before Valentine's Day. Run a pre-winter contest giving away a gift card. Internal contests can be a great way to boost company morale. This is also a great option to add to our website as a "lead magnet" - a free giveaway which you deliver to people when they submit their contact information. Name that tune Doing a music quizcan be a great way to trigger memories and reminiscence about a particular era. where you give away a (humorous or not) BBQ/summer party outfit. First, unlike most other activities, kids are alone when they perform, even when they're playing in groups like marching bands. All of the examples in this article were created using Wishpond's easy-to-use contest builder. Online contests are, by definition, online. WINNER Apeel, Apeel Sciences A natural coating to keep produce fresh longer, cutting down on wasted food in supermarkets. What does this mean for your next contest? 3. It's far easier to keep going to a dentist or cosmetic surgeon you like than find a new one you don't know anything about. When you're creating Facebook Ads for this contest, try creating an ad set targeting the boyfriends/husbands of your target market. MENTAL x Written Ideas Competition is made possible by the collaboration between University of Melbourne student clubs Built Industry Group (BIG) and Women In Science and Engineering , and supported by Science Gallery (Melbourne) and the Melbourne School of Design. Then consider organizing an employee trivia night, mixing in company and industry trivia with more typical trivia questions. It means that, when it comes to driving online sales, men are upsetting the stereotype. The mayor of Los Angeles has launched an open international $100,000 ideas contest for new affordable, low rise and multi-family housing ... Hackney Regeneration Design Advisory Group 09 Nov 2020. The Competition is open to everyone, but at least one third of each team must be full-time MIT students. 8 Fitness Challenge Ideas for Fitness Clubs ... Unsurprisingly, this is how a lot of club members identify themselves—they love the competitive edge of a good competition. Run a "back-to-school" or "before University" contest giving free dental treatment. Instead, you might consider asking employees to push a particular product with a high profit margin or to sell a combination of items in a single order. Ask each person to write a phrase on the top of his paper and then pass it to the left. I said before that you should consider your audience's behavior and your group's theme. Organize teams by department and offer either a catered lunch for the winning group or a half day at the end of the week. If you photograph weddings, it should be easy to connect with makeup/hairdressers before the wedding. Consider giving away a pack of spin class passes (10), enabling girls to bring their friends to multiple sessions. Book a time to chat with a contest expert today. Photography Contest Examples from Wishpond: Most restaurants don't think about online marketing too much. Fancy-Dress Competition Ideas. The nice thing about a photo walk is each participant can go at their own pace. Can you imagine how powerful that would be if you owned a Subaru, Mitsubishi or Volkswagen auto shop? A fresh set of activities is generated each time you visit. Since you probably won't want to have any team play more than once a day, expect your tournament to last a month or more depending on how many employees you have in your company. Just be sure to exclude your previous contest entrants from your target audience on Facebook. Did you know that Facebook enables you to target, specifically, people who own a certain type of vehicle in your area? Partner with a barbershop in your area. Give away a free tire rotation or a new set of tires. See anything that intrigues you? Give a "manly makeover" with product prize package. In the process, your contest will increase in visibility and you'll get the contact information for more new prospective customers. 86% of male teens say they shop online whereas only 76% of teen girls say they do. Assess your space. One person is blindfolded and then the group builds a "minefield" in front of him with paper plates, pieces of paper, traffic cones and whatever you can find that's low to the ground, not breakable and not dangerous to the person navigating the minefield. 2. And it's particularly valuable because all you're doing is cutting into your profit margins, rather than giving away something completely free. That's why you might consider workplace competition ideas that ask employees to tell you how they have served your company. Target men and women on Facebook who are 55+ to be sure you don't waste your money. This enables you to to trade contacts. At the end of the day, pull a winner from all the raffle tickets and congratulate that employee on his safety knowledge in front of everyone else. Take some photos with the winners (and their friends) and post them on social media. Sure, it's great to win a new vacuum or outfit, but a romantic getaway for two - away from the kids and in a location they wouldn't normally see? Competition increases levels of chemicals like testosterone and is motivational in many situations. It can be hard to make employees enthusiastic about safety, but it's important that they know how to maintain a safe workplace and what to do in case of emergency. Each team will go one at a time, so the team that goes first needs to have everyone but the person in the back of the line put on a blindfold. Contests, however, are like word-of-mouth marketing on speed. Give away a gift card or product based around the primary "buying" holidays and seasons (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Pre-Summer, Pre-Fall, etc). Only consider a full free membership if you're running a. They're quick to set up, easy to manage, and can provide an astronomical return on investment if done properly. Simply select your industry below (or scroll down to see them all!). My recommendation would be to run a summer-oriented online contest around May to tap into what people are already thinking about. Reach out to another brand with a similar target market as your own. It is perfect for practicing tenses, word order, reading & writing skills and grammar. It also illustrates the importance of clear and concise communication. Employees may feel that they have nothing in common with their colleagues or may be too nervous to strike up conversations with them. Start creating online marketing campaigns for your business with Wishpond’s 14-day free trial. Personal training, unlike a general gym membership, feels like a luxury (with higher perceived value). Read aloud Have an afternoon of story or poetry reading with residents. The person up front must pick it up and then be guided to a bucket, where the item is deposited. The auto industry is one of those industries which hasn't fully embraced online marketing as a viable way for them to succeed. Consider running this as a month-long promotion and it's exclusively available to first-time buyers. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Try to ensure that your winners are telling the truth if it's possible to validate their stories, as you want to reward actual behaviors, not fictional stories. To do so, a great manager understands how competition affects all employees […] Considering that the group-competition effect was executed via a computer terminal without any suggestion that the subjects should identify with members of their current group, the finding that levels of anger and guilt were elevated by group competition suggests the existence of emotional mechanisms promoting within-group cooperation in the face of group conflict. Better yet, if someone makes one purchase from you, you're the industry most likely to make two. To play, start by seating everyone around a table with a pencil and a piece of paper. Consider running a standard contest like this a few times a year. Why? The idea is to get some competition going. Musical competition has two main benefits. Note: A contest is also a powerful way to get people to review your restaurant online. Give a pre-wedding treatment (teeth whitening, wrinkle removal, etc) up to your selected dollar value. Give away a "Golden Years" cosmetic treatment. This increases the number of entrants you'll likely get. It means that you should be running referral and bonus entry contests - a competition idea which rewards your entrants with more chances to win whenever they share your contest with their friends. For you, then (someone within that industry who recognizes how powerful online marketing can be) the opportunities are massive. 3. Do you have any suggestions on games that we can use to compete our two groups that could be fun for the agents and improve stats? Having a group of friends to keep each other accountable is a great idea. This is an especially valuable contest for you as, when your winner's friends enjoy spin class, they're likely to pay full price down the line. Sports contests are a great way to do this, as they also encourage teamwork. Most people who are having late Spring/Summer weddings are planning their photographer in late Fall. Also consider teaming up with another brand to give away a BBQ, fireworks, meat, etc. If you're like most photography businesses, you get most of your clients through word of mouth. Alternatively, give away a "Just for Her" prize on Mother's Day (or a "Just for Him" prize on Father's Day). Honestly my recommendation would be to just run a sale, rather than a contest, here. And that means that information, recommendations and references can be shared and disseminated at lightning speed and shared with huge numbers of people. Contest Ideas for the Men's Fashion Industry: Run a Father's Day contest to your normal target market's partners. As part of this programme we offer our talent, expertise and resources to help provide young people the relevant (financial) skills to create economic opportunities.’ Wondering how you can get started with a contest today? For an example of marketing on a holiday, check out some. Then consider hosting an egg drop contest. Unfortunately, it can be hard to see your staff actually meet these lofty expectations while they sit typing on computers. Your company probably has a mission statement, perhaps even a set of company values, and you likely have a mental image of how an employee would ideally fulfill that mission or those values. Click here to create an account and try out the builder today (no credit card required). You can also give employees an entry into a raffle every time they make the right sale. More American adults use Facebook than any other social media platform. All in one place.

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