Flammability warning: Keep away from open flame and sources of heat. This hand sanitizer contains technical-grade ethanol, which Health Canada authorized on a temporary basis for use in hand sanitizers in Canada to address increased demand due … This protein is vital for a virus’s survival and multiplication. Rocky Mountain Soap Co. If swallowed, call a poison control centre or get medical help right away. From traditional hand sanitizer bottles, to spray pens, wipes, fun shaped sanitizer bottles and more, there is … Taris Consulting And International Trade Ltd. TPS Advanced Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Sabinois-Assainisseur À Base D'éthanol 70%, Shanghai Chuangshi Industry Group Co., Ltd, HealthfirstMD HFMD300 Antibacterial Wipes, Ayulent Clean-Guard Hand Sanitizer Liquid, Greenbrook Hand Sanitizer 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Greenbrook Pharmacy / 1117996 Ontario Inc, First Chemical Limited- Ethanol Sanitizer Liquid 62%, Pasion Hand Sanitizer - Ethanol Alcohol 75%, Sanitize Now Inc. Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 80%, Love & Beauty Product - Assainisseur À Base D'éthanol 75%, Purity Foaming Hand Sanitizer - Unscented, Askenootow Stem - 80% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer, Lelabo - Désinfectant antibactérient pour les mains à base d'éthanol 75%, SOS Germes Désinfectant Pour Les Mains Plus, Maple Cross Health 75% Ethanol Antiseptic Wipes, Hand Sanitizer - Isopropyl 75% With Lemongrass Scent, 10001163 Manitoba Ltd. O/A Morden Drugstore, Canpalm Liquid Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 70%, Yinba Antibacterial Disposable Gel Ethyl Alcohol 75%, Hand Guardian Gel 70% (V/V) IPA Sanitizer, Hand Guardian Gel 70% (V/V) Ethanol Formulation. Since June, Health Canada has recalled more than 80 types of hand sanitizers that contain ethanol or denaturants that are not permitted for use in these products in Canada. Originally Published: February 14, 2020 An application for a Drug Identification Number (DIN) or Natural Product Number (NPN Enping Jiaxin Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. Wessam Manqaruos Importing And Exporting Services, Désinfectant Pour Les Mains Gel Beauchamp. When using this product avoid contact with eyes. Avmor is a manufacturer of 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel and liquid. KB's Solutions pour Maréchaux dans le Soin des Sabots Inc. Greentech Naturals - Hand Sanitizer Gel(Gel), Greentech Agri-Bio Product Research Centre, Hestia Clinic Gel Hand Sanitizer (Handrub), Mikaël Zayat Gel Antiseptique pour les mains, ProLab Health & Beauty Ltd. Hand Sanitizer Gel, Hownature Hand Sanitizer With Vitamin C & E, Prolab Health & Beauty Ltd. Hand Sanitizer Liquid, Junction 56 Distillery Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Antiseptic 80% (v/v) Topical Solution Hand Sanitizer, ProLab Health & Beauty Hand Sanitizer Gel, Greentech Naturals - Hand Sanitizer Spray, Guardian Chemicals - Ethanol sanitizer 80%, Guardian Chemicals - Isopropyl alcohol sanitizer 75%, Junction 56 Distillery Alcohol Antiseptic 65% Topical Solution Hand Sanitizer, MCBSW Creative Services Inc dba Minhas Micro Brewery, Hownature Handrub Isopropanol-based (WHO-recommended handrub formulation), ProLab Health & Beauty Ltd. Hand Sanitizer Liquid, Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals Corporation, Athleticare - No-Rinse Hand Sanitizing Solution (AC 555), Petra Hygienic Systems International Limited, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry; The Bio-Industrial Opportunities Section, ALASKA- COLLAGEN GEL- Hand Sanitizer / GEL AU COLLAGÉNE Désinfectant pour les mains, Peak Processing Solutions - Ethanol sanitizer 80%, 2682130 Ontario Limited (o/a Peak Processing Solutions), Purist Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Aloe, Still Fired Distilleries - Ethanol Sanitizer 70%, Minhas Sask Ventures Inc dba Minhas Sask Distillery, Winery & Brewery, Uptrack Hospitality Ltd OA Park Distillery, Embassy Ingredients - Antiseptic Skin Cleaner, Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution Hand Sanitizer, Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic 75% Topical Solution, Snake Lake Brewing Company - Isopropyl Alcohol 75%, KOKAKO Disinfecting Wipes ( Alcoholic formula), Désinfectant pour les mains à base d'éthanol - 70%, Hownature Handrub Ethanol-based (WHO-recommended handrub formulation), Hand Sanitizer Spritz - Alcohol Antiseptic 80%, Botanical Products Hand Sanitizer Spray 70% Isoproply alcohol, nw Pure Alcohol and Spirits (a part of North West Terminal Ltd.), Dillon's Distillers Alcohol Antiseptic 80%, Pure Spirits Distilling Corporation o/a Dillon's Small Batch Distillers, Insta-Shield Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, Bandits - Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Hand/Surface Sanitizer, Vivier Hand Sanitizer Gel with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Vivier Hand Sanitizer Spray with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, BeSAFIE - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer 74%, Bridgeland Distillery-Ethanol sanitizer 72%, Distillerie Stadaconé-Désinfectant à base d'éthanol 70%, MGMA Ventures Ltd dba Odd Society Spirits, ALASKA- FRESH GEL- Hand Antiseptic cleanser / Nettoyant Antiseptique pour les mains, Rocky View Brewing Company - Ethanol Sanitizer 72%, GreenCentre Canada - Isopropanol Sanitizer 75%, Solution hydro-alcoolique pour l'antisepsie des mains, 1490290 Ontario Inc. - Rheault Distillery, LORIS 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic Wipe, Lipont Place Hand Sanitizer 75% Isopropyl Alcohol, B.Safe - Hand Sanitizer - Isopropanol 75%, Désinfectant pour les mains - Éthanol 80%, NADIN - Assainisseur à base d'isopropanol 65%, Acenzia Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer/Désinfectant pour les mains antiseptique, Soft Skin Hand Sanitizer Protection (Ethyl alcohol), spray-on 70% Isopropyl alcohol moisturizing hand sanitizer, Advanced Tech Advanced Tech International (ATSI)Inc. DBA Express Office, Authentic Seacoast Distilling Company Ltd, 70% Isopropyl alcohol moisturizing hand sanitizer, Soft Skin Hand Sanitizer Protection (Isopropyl alcohol), Hand Sanitizer Gel (70% Isopropyl alcohol), Caissie Distillery - Ethanol sanitizer 75%, University of Victoria - Ethanol Sanitizer 80% v/v, Dr. Bill Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray. Free next day delivery on all orders. For enquiries, contact us. All strict guidelines including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Illana-Francisco Manitoba Liquors & Spirits Inc. Athleticare - No-Rinse Hand Sanitizing Gel (AC 565), Stratum Reservoir - Hand Sanitizer, Isopropyl Alcohol 75%, Aerochem 70% Alcohol Liquid Hand Sanitizer, IPA Purist Advance Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Aloe, Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. Ltd. Shop Lysol Disinfectants, Clorox & Purell Wipes, 3M Masks at HandSanitize.ca to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Hand Sanitizer Gel; Pharmasave Hand Sanitizer Gel; Rexall Hand Sanitizer With Vitamin E, Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel;Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer, Purell 70 Instant Hand Sanitizer Moisturizing Foam; 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Disinfectant Pour Les Mains / Hand Sanitizer Réservé, Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Vf481 Tm, Azuro 80% Alcohol - Alcool Gel Unscented - Non Parfumé, Gel Désinfectant Pour Les Mains / Hand Sanitizer Bacti Control; Disney, Hand Sanitizer; Life Brand Hand Sanitizer; Rexall Hand Sanitizer; Up & Up Hand Sanitizer, Alcoscrub Instant Antiseptic Hand Cleanser, One Step Extra Strength Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer; Hand Sanitizer Gel - Vitamin E; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Apple Pomegranate; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Coconut Cream; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Coconut Papaya; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Country Apple; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Evergreen; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Fresh Water; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer - Gingerbread; Moisture Rich Hand Sanitizer, Purell Personal Pack Sanitizing Wipes;Purell Alcohol Formulation Sanitizing Wipes, Delon Hand Sanitizer Gel With Aloe Vera; Compliments Hand Sanitizer Gel With Aloe Vera; Rexall Hand Sanitizer Gel With Aloe Vera, Sanitizer Spray; Life Brand Sanitizer Spray, Push Non Parfumé; Stérilinet Non Parfumé, State Gentle Fresh Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer. The PURELL SOLUTION™. Enriched with shea extract, vitamin E, 68% alcohol and aloe, Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers kill 99.9% of most common germs and keep your hands clean and soft. All rights reserved. To date, there are no hand sanitizers in Canada approved with COVID-19 related claims. Import Export Beauchamp International Inc. Bio-Actif Nettoyant Antiseptique Pour Les Mains. We offer the germ-killing power of PURELL products in several different formats and dispensing options, so you can promote well-being throughout your facility – and your home. Find a One Step Hand Sanitizer - 1L at Staples.ca. Five more hand sanitizers were added to Health Canada's evolving recall list on Tuesday, which now includes more than 100 products that may pose health risks. So, can there be a better way to put your brand on a healthy display than custom logo hand sanitizers? Manofoam Antiseptique Pour Mains /Hand Sanitizer, Sanitize Me Hand Sanitizer Gel Unscented with Aloe, Hill Dermaceuticals, Inc.-Isopropyl Alcohol sanitizer 75%, Sanihealth Hand Sanitizer Isopropyl Alcohol USP 70%, Young Spirit Supplies - 75% Ethanol Gel Sanitizer, Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer, Light Elegance LEpro Hand Sanitizer- 70% Isopropanol. Technopro International Fire Protection Services Inc. Brookstone Botanical-Rich Collection Clean & Refresh Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizing Gel, WGI Manufacturing - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes 70%, ABC Medix Solutions Hand Sanitizer-Ethyl Alcohol 70%, WGI Manufacturing - Isopropyl Alcohol Gel Sanitizer 65%, IgM Medical - Hand Sanitizer 75% Ethyl Alcohol, Kwik Protection Products 75% Alcohol Wipes, MOXE Hand Sanitizer Gel 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Essity Professional Hygiene North America LLC, HoppeSyler Scientific Incorporated-Ethanol Sanitizer 70%, Refmax-Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel 70%, Rexall Laboratories and Chemicals-Isopropyl alcohol 70% wipes, All Clean Natural Sanitizing Wipes - 80 % Ethanol, Neptune Hand Sanitizer IPA Fresh Linen Scent, Désinfectant Pour Les Mains - Usage Commercial, Gel Assainissant pour les mains à base d'éthanol 70%, Désinfectant pour les mains noix de coco, Palm Fresh Gel Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol, Whiteridge Gel Hand Sanitizer with 70% Alcohol, Rainforest Natural Sanitizing Spray-80% Alcohol, HealthFirst HF200 Antibacterial Skin Cleansing Wipes, Jacas International Trade Company Ltd. -Ethyl Alcohol 75% No-wash Antibacterial Gel, Dalhousie University/Dept. Natureland Products Ltd. / Pacific Western Brewing Co. Organic Matter RES-Q Sanitizer Spray 80% Alcohol. To date, there are no hand sanitizers in Canada approved with COVID-19 related claims. The following antiseptic/antibacterial skin cleansers or hand sanitizers meet Health Canada's requirements and are authorized for sale in Canada. D And L Distribution And Logistic Services Inc. K-G Spray-Pak Inc. (Assured Packaging Division), Opal Hand Sanitizer (95mL) - Ethanol Sanitizer 75%, Eveline Charles Clean and Simple 72% Hand Sanitizer, Conbab IPA65 solution désinfectante pour les mains à base d'isopropanol 65%, Flavour Art North America Hand Sanitizer IPA, 3284906 Nova Scotia Ltd. (O/A: Nova Scotia Spirit Company), Molecular-Tech Coating - Isopropyl alcohol 70%, Flavour Art North America Hand Sanitizer EA, QVL Pro-Pureta - Assainisseur à base d'Etanol 80%, Seaquanil Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer (75%), Lulu Island Winery - Ethanol sanitizer 75%, Rubicon -Ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer 70%, Dr Maple instant hand sanitizer Ethanol 75%, Confab A70 solution desinfectante pour les mains à base d'alcool 70%, Elite Cleaning Solutions - Hand Sanitizer Gel, Smooth Ridge - Ethanol Spray Sanitizer 65%, Apothecary Naturals Liquid Hand Sanitizer, Compass Distillers Hand Sanitizer 80% Ethanol, Smooth Ridge - Ethanol Liquid Sanitizer 65%, QV ISOLAB ProGeleta - Gel Assainisseur à base d'Ethanol 80%, Ecological Hand Sanitizer with Conditioning Aloe, Luxe Health Hand Sanitizer Gel (Ethyl Alcohol 74 %), All or Nothing Brewhouse 65% Ethanol Sanitizer, Cambli Gel Hydro-Alcoolique OMS à base d'ethanol 80%, ALASKA- Hand Sanitizer Orange Blossom / Désinfectant pour les mains, C & C Candle Company Inc-isopropyl sanitizer 68%.

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