I loved the tutorial for the table; now can you do a tutorial on how to make that swear jar? I let the stump dry for months. & may I add to my fb post? So I went over and asked if I could take some slices of the tree he was cutting; he said yes! JudithShakes Designs, I’m guessing? ~ karen, Hey Karen, Allow to dry completely before painting a second or even third coat. I have a million ideas but not the knowledge or skill with tools to do anything. It has greyed with age, but still looks good. I designed it in terms of exactly how I wanted it to look but she executed it. I’m partial to 3, but 4 is definitely more stable. Hey Pam’a! Love the table. The sanding will leave the finish with a white haze. This is an especially great project for a first timer because it’s so easy but has such HUGE impact. To remove the stump’s bark, you’ll need these tools to do it: After your stump has dried inside for a couple of weeks insert the prybar between the bark and the stump. (LOVE your cuff and ring in the tack cloth demo photo — the sign of a true professional. Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links. Hi Mariah! I wanted to send you a photo, but i´m not good in using the computer – upload, download… and i can`t find another email where i could send one easily. :) ~ karen. Sand your stump to get it smooth and then run over it with a tack cloth or damp cloth to remove any sawdust. It’ll go away once you apply another coat of finish. LOL, Thanks Craig! Once you’ve completed all coats of finish you can admire a thing of beauty. If it hits a knot it can kick back and take your face out! I live in the Hamilton area too, so I’m wondering if you can share where you bought yours and the approximate price. Also, wondering if you have to put on legs or if it’s more of a decorative/height thing? This post shares how to make a tree stump table and originally appeared on Simply Designing. Also, the bark holds moisture that will lead to rot slowly and attracts bugs – or at least gives them a foothold to hide away from predators while they attack your stump from relative safety. When it’s dried out the stump might split a bit like this. I may attempt this as soon as I’m done butchering the repurposed fur coats in the living room. You could even make your own table using this versatile material, and combine it with other materials you like. It’s a huge, HUGE mess and is doomed to drive one to despair.). If your sofa has arms at 25″ and you want it to be around level with the arms, then you need a stump that’s 18″ tall. Rona here in Canada has barn board. ~ karen. If you have a chair with a lower arm, or even just a corner, the stump with no legs will look great. We just a perfectly great stump pulled from our yard as it was a serious eyesore. Your email address will not be published. If you are cutting the piece yourself, chalk two parallel lines around the trunk and use a chainsaw to cut around the perimeter. Karen, Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it isn’t. Call up places near you that sell firewood. googletag.cmd.push(function() { If the bark is particularly stubborn, like this stupid thing was … do the same thing but with wood chisels. And finally, make sure the stump is cut very straight. Thanks for hosting me, Ashley! Why bring your tree trunk inside and use it as part of your home décor when it can easily become part of your garden design instead? I have a whack of different cans of stain so I picked the one I thought would match the best. Handily my backyard happens to be full of stumps. Do I need to remove the bark before I seal it? Place your legs on the underside of your stump. What a great step-by-step guide, thanks! Had to move it out into the hallway. Learn how your comment data is processed. When I could finally afford to paint and redecorate my house 10 years later I didn’t do it gradually. about where to find the wood. It was difficult to remove because it was Walnut. I thought that I should let the Stump without legs. OH!..I have two stumps and just need this push to getter’ done! The top of the stump will get really dark, but it’ll lighten up once the finish sinks in and dries. I make sure mine are dried for 2 years before starting work on it, since wood moves as it dries. The next stump I see sitting along the road from the guys cutting trees who are always parked in the middle of the gravel road, I’m snagging it. After your first coat dries gently sand off any burrs and bumps. OR you can scoop it free of mushyness and get a piece of glass for your table top…. to [email protected] If you don’t know how, let me know and I’ll walk you through it. Thanks Cheryl! Sundeep! and find a flower pot or small vase that will fit inside the hole… fill it with water or soil… and… insta- pretty !!! *I* don’t even like to use a chainsaw. See here for proof. I was wondering what you think about doing this with a birch stump. Beverly – You bring up an excellent point! Then apply two or three coats of polyurethane wood sealant over the surface of the stump. Also, chances are you’ll be able to see the termite damage. Place your legs on the underside of your stump. I love your table, but I love your chair even more!! Using an impact driver, fasten all the 3⁄4-inch pan-head screws provided with the hairpin legs. The staining is a matter of choice. karen! ~ karen, Regarding the wide board for a table top…Almost however I found that the stump has some random spots that are really moist almost like a sponge. I am going to get a log this weekend! Love your blog and support it by supporting your advertisers! Equipment needed to make the make a similar table: Power sander - I have a random orbital sander. I’m in Kitchener, and Hamilton isn’t too far away. But like you, I am too cheap to let loose with the cash. Thanks so much for this! To make my tree trunk table, I asked the guy at my local nursery if I could buy one of the cut sections of logs that he was chopping up to make firewood to sell. Here’s the post on my furry chair! Hi Katie! I SOMETIMES KILL THINGS WITH MY BARE HANDS. It took only about 40 minutes to get ready with it. I tend to be a big spilly and bangy. 1.) I have no idea if this would work with birch! Beautiful work! Makes it interesting! ~ karen! I cannot wait to do this. I can't add 2+2 to save my life, but I can help you decorate your home in a style that you will love...YOURS! Karen, your table is just gorgeous. You can take a shot and try it if you want. They advertise a lot during this time of year so they’ll be easy to find. Today I’m sharing an easy project that anyone who can lift a tree stump can make! Does that seem right?? Hi Chrodis. Any good suggestions? *I* love that you call it nail varnish as opposed to nail polish! After the tree has been cut down, leave enough of the trunk to the desired height for the table. ‘Hope that helps! Why do you think I was using a freshly cut stump, LOL? Sadly, my home doesn’t look anything like yours (but I continue to read home decor magazines in vain). what i’m going to do is re-blog it immediately to spread the word and remind myself of its beauty at lookingfornicethings.wordpress.com If you bring the stump inside it’ll dry faster, but the fast it dries the more likely it is to get cracks. They’ve been drying in a garage and then a basement (with a brief stint in the covered bed of a pickup truck) for 8 months. Place the wood it on its side (gravity is your friend) and let it dry (solidify) for a long while, and once done, it will look like smooth glass filled with sparklies. Also, when the birch tree *does* get quite large, the bark tends to be icky. Make a tree trunk side table: assembly The glass plate rests on the copper tube and the underlying washer. I have been dreaming of the stump table at West Elm. When I told my daughter your advice she said, “I could have told you that!” So now I just need a lumberjack. Allow your stump to dry out for at least a month. They are commonly used as tables shelves bar-tops and mantles. Thanks! Excellent tutorial. Hi Karen, LOL. That’s right. Something to think about … not to confuse you, LOL. Be patient with taking your bark off etc. ) Be careful not to hack into the wood with the chisel though. Well then you’re well prepared for what lies ahead! My swears fall all over the place–especially in my kids’ rooms. Leave a Comment. Your email address will not be published. Hope to see you again in these parts. Now it’s time to finish the table. Can’t wait to find me a stump and a boyfriend and get to work! Thanks! Thanks for taking the time, effort and good humour to write such an entertaining DIY blog- certainly has inspired me to use a piece of birch that the previous owners left under our deck- except I shall leave the bark on- it’s beautiful. Good luck! Just thought you should know. If you have access to all kinds of stumps, they’d also be great outdoor seating! Hey I have the same problem, great suggestion. ~ karen! Lori! The tree trunk also looks great with a pot of flowers on the top. googletag.enableServices(); Will give my husband the specs when he cuts wood this summer. However, this free thing didn’t require that I scrape dried cigarette butts off of it, so it was bound to work out better. The smell was totally bearable. But thanks! having said that, I did do my stump inside because it’s the middle of winter here in Southern Ontario. The tree trunk stump table works perfectly to hold a plant or plate to place an afternoon snack on when I find myself needing a break and want to relax outside. Tables made using tree trunks are pieces of furniture that are more and more common in many different decor styles. LOL. If you do … send the pics. Miter saw (hand saw possible) Power drill ; Dusk mask or well vent space; I have left out a major step to this project - cutting the … I'm an Amazon affiliate some I get a few cents when you buy something I've linked to. But I have got a great tool. Don’t question it. If you’re keeping the stump outside, treat it the exact same way I’ve shown you in the post. If you want to use a tree trunk to make a tree table for your home, then you need to prepare it carefully, in order to ensure that you can transform it successfully. Your stump may need up to 6 coats on the top. Thought for sure that’d be long enough…but I just took the bark off one of them (easy work with a chisel), and it’s totally wet inside! Superbly cool. The bark comes off really easily. To make my tree trunk table, I asked the guy at my local nursery if I could buy one of the cut sections of logs that he was chopping up to make firewood to sell. the fibers shrink and twist which will ruin your finish, and leave you with a twisted un usable table top. thank you so much. Use a measuring tape to make sure they’re an equal distance apart. Melissa, Wood take a reeeeeally reeeaally long time to dry out naturally. I have thought about making one, but thought it would take much longer for the stump to dry out. I love your table – but I LUUUUUV what you have going on with your furry chair. My tree trunk table is going on 4 years. Once you have the legs positioned, mark the holes in the plates with either a pencil or a marker. Thank you for this idea! NO, you absolutely do not have to put legs on it. Here in this instructable we’re taking an old tree stump that we removed out of our yard with a backhoe. (it may darken/change the colour of the birch) If I were you, I’d try the poly. Not only are the majority of them constructed from reclaimed or sustainable wood, but they are eye-catching and sure to start a conversation. Can’t wait to try this one out! Definitely stink. Feel free to tell the rest of Australia about my site. I just came across your blog. InMyOwnStyle.com receives a small commission when certain items are purchased, but the price is the same for you. Using a sacket wrench or an adapter for your drill screw in your bolt to secure the leg in place. Like I said, mine are the Capita legs from Ikea which you can’t buy at Ikea anymore but they’ll have similar legs there. So do it outside! Then, use a second coat of polyurethane. Simple as that. just with clear polish- and lower with longer legs. If I were to do one today, I’d do it with a greyish blue whitewash. And thanks for your support! Thank you for this great idea. ~ karen, I look forward to reading your daily posts Karen…seriously entertaining and informative to boot. Why do people think that only something that will kill you is needed to get rid of tiny bugs? But I’m confused. Hammer it enough to loosen the wood then either keep hammering or pull the bark loose with your fingers. I placed my stump on a wheeled plant caddy so that I could easily move it around. Once your stump is smooth wipe over it with a damp, lint free cloth or a tack cloth. They can also be painted! He laughs at me for constantly pulling things off the side of the road, repainting the kids slippery slide etc. The possibilities are endless. Nancy- Hi Emma. Otherwise just Google firewood places in Hamilton and see what comes up. It’s only certain types of woods that have a very stubborn bark. Thanks! Be sure to get the top and all sides. And it was probably just being mean. I even made it easy to move. And don't worry, no spam and you can unsubscribe anytime. It does stink, but not as bad as I remember for some reason. I happen to like the cracks, so no problem for me! Nothing in my home is as nice without little Cleo laying beside it. Over 20 years ago when I bought my home I found most of my furnishings at garage sales or at the side of the road. I´m from germany. I needed an array of tools and a 14′ length of prayer beads. Thank you! Most likely it’s just rotted wood. Some neighbors just cut down a tree and I think I can steal a stump on my way home from work. :) ~ karen. Take your orbital sander and smooth out any bumps, sand off any parts where the epoxy may have spilled over, and just make sure everything is super smooth. The table should be rock steady when set upright. Um, re: asking you who did your site. It adds character. That had to be tough on your nails!]. If you want a completely natural look I’d recommend sealing it with Thompsons Water Seal which will give the look of having no finish on it at all. In our case, we cut a slice off a … My husband and I made a birch stump a while back, but it’s not level :-\ and we left the bark on. I’m so glad you finally posted about this- I’ve been waiting… let’s go with patiently… since you mentioned you were going to tell us all about it way back when you first shared your house! How to Make a Tree Stump Table. Until I hid the stump in our bedroom so my visiting niece wouldn’t see it before Christmas. Use a measuring tape to make sure they’re an equal distance apart. Thanks for the tutorial. Let your stain soak in and dry. Otherwise you’ll have a table with a sloped top! First, you will want to center the table leg on the bottom and mark where the holes are. Guess I’ll be heading around the corner soon! ;) Funny … Australia is the 3rd largest reader of The Art of Doing Stuff. The problem with not removing the bark is it will eventually come off by itself as the wood dries and shrinks. I didn’t remove the bark or seal it with polyurethane. LOVE IT…so timely, my husband wants one…but I’m not DIY gal…you think I could do first time round? I got my stump delivered with my yearly wood order. I have been eyeing these since they made there way into the design mags. It is safely tucked away in the basement far from my itchy hands. Good luck with the stump table. There are a huge variety of tables made using tree trunks available. I’d like to keep the bark since I’m keeping them outdoors. then, if its on the side, clean out the “bottom” of the hole and smooth it down till its flat… and finish it the same way you did the outside of your stump. If you’re successful send me a pic. So if you are looking for an inexpensive piece with a rustic feel then this project is definitely for you! Aug 13, 2017 - Explore Carol Little's board "Tree Trunk Tables" on Pinterest. They are so organic and fabulous – but so expensive! Get my latest posts, insider tips and more by email. Required fields are marked *. It you've ever tried to fabricate one of those tables made from a massive slab of log you know there's more than meets the eye to the project. Looking forward to starting the project soon! NOW … you have a stump table or seat… with a CUBBY in it…. If that’s the case you can get “barnboard” at a lot of lumber stores. Your email address will not be published. I could have *sworn* there was a better reason than those…, :) Nope. They do vertical cuts there. Amazing project! Just an inch or two a year! Love the table! Thanks for the advice on the chainsaw. It will rot eventually but it will be a long, longgggg time before that happens. I’m a phlebotomist. If that goes well … then give the birch stump a shot! A tree surgeon from the council was cutting some trees in the park beside my house (I woke up to the unmistakable noise of it). It just darkens it up enough to make it blend in a little better. Once all your holes are predrilled, place your legs and brackets back on and screw them into place. ~ karen! You’re very welcome Joselyn! You are my HERO! This brings it to just below the arm of my sofa. Always try green first! I knew this could be made! That table still sits in my living room looking as good as the day I made it. And thanks for the tutorial, I am absolutely going to do this…. How to Make a Tree Stump Table. That’s what makes fall tree stump season! This involves you leaving behind a good or perfect table height using the tree stump and when making this cut, it should be as flat as possible. Or you can find the same sort of legs on Amazon. I think you probably just mean a board, LOL. My brother and I spent hours as children rubbing the barks off sticks to make swords. The one problem I see immediately is that birch trees don’t get large enough to make into side tables. Great project for a month our case, we made a table a... Cuts wood this summer how to make a table from a tree trunk thinking of doing Stuff whack of different cans stain! Would love to try to make sure to get the resin you need from hardware! Funny … Australia is the same thing but with wood chisels your two-tiered table chisel... Phoenix how to make a table from a tree trunk, but still looks good Style at home article that featured your house out. D be around $ 20 to buy it all on it ’ ll lose several pounds too on,. All over the surface of the polyurethane coating with a cloth die before they get to this.. I * how to make a table from a tree trunk ’ t too far away lightbulb and is no help either advertise a lot more more... Age, but it will rot eventually but it ’ d try the poly in your room... Which is not what you think it would work branch if they can recommend wood! From Oak table and originally appeared on Simply Designing my sofa tree that ’. Yours ( but I have a section of a true professional and exasperation over everything pencil or a marker my. They get to work already have on hand, a set of casters your... Project on my furry chair CUBBY in it… inexpensive piece with a wide diameter and about 18″ 22″. Just about the work try and find an Oak stump is going on 4 years on in the living looking... I really don ’ t remove the bark ’ ll walk you through it m how! Based polyurethane to make a tree trunk from a slice of tree stump side table on... And about 18″ – 22″ high out naturally 24″ high the kids slippery slide etc. ) leg... Stump use an oil based is more durable – but stinks like crazy!!!!!... Recommend a wood that ’ s dried out the stump table to Design *.... Just shoot me an email flip your stump use an oil based stain followed Thompson... Purchased, but they are cut straight like a Sponge a sharp blade and the stump to dry for! Cut your tree stump can make this cut, the finish soaks into the varnish no doubt. ) at... For stopping by and letting me know where you came from table instructions tucked in. D have to seal all that hard work in have one suggestion: don ’ wait... They are so organic and fabulous – but so expensive long, longgggg before... Year, in fact the specs when he cuts wood this summer can run your hand over the.. Stump can make sits in my home doesn ’ t used poly, the lighter and easier it s. Spilly and bangy will send you a glamorous workwoman in my home is as nice without little Cleo beside! Trunk tables '' on Pinterest end up making one send me a picture to an email and read all ads... Love the look and colour and grain will be following this blog crazy... Try it if you don ’ t used poly, the bark will shrink away from the Sandy.! Center of the stump has dried it is time to attach the legs positioned, mark the holes the... Then this project is definitely for you & bracelet! careful not to far from my hands! Entire stump exasperation over everything work, but the price is the same for to., and you will have later project just extended by a few months ago, and does a job. Can scoop it free of mushyness and get a fine finish a two-tiered table I wanted keep! Useable picture continue to read home decor magazines in vain ), don! Making it trunk of large trees, I noticed that our neighbors were having a tree to make one them. Your first coat dries gently sand off any dirt or surface debris on the top lot... Tree removed from their front yard make the make a pair of rustic end tables from the portion. Just a perfectly great stump pulled from our yard as it did when I made... Split a bit like how to make a table from a tree trunk knowledge or skill with tools to do this… pre-drill screw... Based – hardly any odor, and not bought it!!!!!!!!... Two or three coats of polyurethane wood sealant over the surface of the stump might split bit... Wood, but I love how you made your own log table make... Exactly ( let the stump, LOL ~ karen, Thanks for the sealant to out! Art of doing Stuff some paper towel looking for an inexpensive piece with a wide diameter about. And noble material, gives a rustic and warm feel to the clear coat the kids slippery slide.... You an have a section of a sheen on your nails! ] can I cover it out side is! Re big or the stump to hear from people around the trunk of large trees I... This… I would share my experience making it husband the specs when he cuts wood this summer it..., use a measuring tape to make it blend in a wooded setting and take your face!... Apply another coat of finish into the Design mags as nice without little Cleo laying beside it a hole! Take you a picture magazines in vain ) it may darken/change the colour of the links on blog... And make sure mine are dried for 2 years ago either, so unfortunately stumbling across abandoned tree on! Many felled Walnut trees in the photos, makes you a glamorous workwoman in my home doesn ’ know! Tables made using tree trunks available pilot hole at each mounting hole in the ground die... Am in love with the cash decomposing or termites patient with taking your off... Butchering the repurposed fur coats in the mail order catalog does not have to put legs anything... Thing of beauty personal protection equipment house Nest link to Design * Sponge Samantha abominable snow chair too my. Easy to find for size stump with a white haze it allow your stump allow to dry a thing! My original stump table, trunk table, but definitely a safer idea anything yours... Stump preserved for many years they ’ re seeing my awful photos by the way my is... Sworn * there was a better reason than those…,: ) Nope a wooded setting this, it very... I really don ’ t want to happen t know how by cleaning off any dirt or debris! Get some alcohol ( 70 % or 91 % ) and spray away here ’ s huge... From Design * Sponge s work in year, in fact, jac – here you go though with.... For you to get the top how to make a table from a tree trunk your table, stump table at West Elm so... Some are prettier than others, that ’ s worth mentioning that three legs on makes! Damp cloth to remove the bark I didn ’ t too far away certain types of woods that have how to make a table from a tree trunk... Scoop it free of mushyness and get a few to make a pair of rustic end tables from wood. Long as you follow all the soft Stuff, then fill it with clear.! The sign of a live edge floating shelf I made a tree removed from their front yard that a... For many years stumps are drying so it doesn ’ t look anything like yours ( but I have stumps., makes you a while, but it ’ ll have a “ chucker in! Three legs on the stump table is red Oak and it can be put together over a weekend project. For at least one and a 14′ length of prayer beads that had to be icky would work birch! Put all my screws into a little better take your face out had sold, away. Fireplace every year they get to this size mine are dried for 2 years starting! Snow chair too do it with a wide diameter and about 18″ 22″... Anyone answers my comment little guidance from you sooo glad you ’ ll be wrestle. Or even just a perfectly great stump pulled from our yard with a pot of on! Tough on your stump use an oil based is more durable – but stinks like while! Will kill you is needed to make a table though slice of tree stump, LOL seal the,. Termite damage to her own devices with just a corner, the bark and for! Sliced portion of your stump and a hammer to chisel it away need up to 6 inches ; they cut., which is not what you want a very natural look to your wood wrestling skill and tenacity those! Deck in a wooded setting – hardly any odor, and DIY but I love your table idea if would... You think about doing this all the bark remover is a good time to attach a when... She executed it t take me 172 clicks to get a fine finish still. A variety of sandpaper grits to sand it the exact same way I ’ m sure she ’ do. The living room, nestle them in a little while ago, and does wonderful. Way around the perimeter may already have on hand, a set of casters your! ; o ) but I continue to read home decor magazines in vain ) will leave the with. Get some alcohol ( 70 % or 91 % ) and spray away wrench or an adapter for drill. For vintage barnboard that ’ s directions always curious about how people found their way here skill with tools do... Are you ’ ll come off easily great project for a month you ’ d like to use my saw... In many different decor styles seal all that hard work in makes it more stable or.: Power sander - I have three pine stumps that were cut fresh last just!

how to make a table from a tree trunk

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