If you launch an application frequently, you can assign a … The easiest way to do this is to right-click on each of the existing shortcuts, choose the Propertiesoption, and then copy the Targetpath. The first step to setting this up, after you've picked out the two (or more) applications that you want... Get Program Paths. Start launches the executable file. Firefox. After getting the location, click on the Next button below. One useful shortcut key helps you quickly open the applications saved to your taskbar. Guys im working on a batch file that will launch 2 programs at once. : Alright, it's pretty self explanatory. If you want to add or remove any of the programs, simply right-click on the batch file and select edit. … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 3:11. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Create a shortcut for CMD.exe. Right-click on the white space and select New > Shortcut from the context menu. Start multiple programs with 1 shortcut. When the Properties window appears, the program path will be in the Target box. Step 5: Once you have collected the target info for all of the programs you want to open in one shortcut, arrange the text so it looks like this: Basically, you'll need to add @echo off to the top of the note, put cd in front of each file path, and chop off the last part of the file path (program.exe) and put it on the next line with start in front of it. Step 6: Save your file as a BAT file to the desktop. In this case its chrome and goopher360. This is however very easy. Double-click on that file to open it. You’ll need to path to this batch file when creating the shortcut in the next step. 1. like the title says, i want to know how to create one shortcut to launch multiple programs( Two or three programs at once)? Posted by 3 years ago. Well, you can, by creating a batch file, or a desktop shortcut that opens two or three or more specified programs at once. The first step to opening multiple programs with one shortcut is to get the target paths of all the programs. In the example taskbar below, you would press … It seems my home page took too long to load and the other sites jumped on the last open brower instead of the new one. Create a DOSBox Shortcut - then modify it for your game. What if you could open multiple programs with just one (double) click? Start multiple programs with 1 shortcut. Find Target: field, select the text in the textbox, and copy it. Yes, You can create a customize shortcut to launch multiple application. Run two programs at once or start multiple programs with one shortcut windows 10, 8.1 and 7.0? Step 1: Open the Start menu and go to All apps to find the first program you want to open in your batch. …but the sites still opened in the last opened browser session instead of the new one. Browse for additional programs and include them to complete your list of applications for this profile. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. The application files are usually just the name of the program … Alternatively, hit Browse to find the file. For instance, Steam and Raptr, Winamp and Last.fm, MS-Word and Photoshop, etc. Launch File Explorer and go to the directory in which you want the shortcut that opens multiple apps. Double-click on this shortcut and you should see a Command Prompt window pop up and disappear, followed by the programs you wanted to open. Found it here: Knowledge Sutra - Start Multiple Programs With One Shortcut - Windows XP. That will open the File Explorer window right into the program location. Example: Enter start and the name of the file. Step 2: A File Explorer window will open to the program's location. Step 3: In the Properties window, click the Shortcut tab. There are three tricks that can be used to launch multiple web sites with a single click in Firefox. Be sure to put This changes the directory to that of the program. We’ll categorize the process into three easy steps: Read on, as we go through the detailed steps for configuring a shortcut that opens multiple windows programs at once. Test the Master Shortcut. This tip works in older versions of Windows as well. Depending on your computer’s settings, you may or may not see the .bat extension on the file: Double-click the file and all your programs should open up. Right-click on the shortcut and go to the Properties option. Step 1: Open the Start menu and go to All apps to find the first program you want to open in your batch. Right click the shortcut, click Properties. You can go to Program Files of your System Drive (C drive) to do so. Then click Save. When the application shows up in the search results, right-click on it and select the Open file location option. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. 0. Right-click on the program and click Open file location. That’s all it takes! You can create one yourself, use one from your Start Menu, desktop, or anywhere else on your PC. (edit: i have founded a tutorial on the forume. Firefox is one of the leading web browsers in the world. Modify the content of the note following the guide below: The content of your Notepad should now look like this: The script above is an example of one done for starting Google Chrome and Wunderlist at the same time. Archived. Get the paths for the programs you want to start. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware. Sometime we need to launch two or more programs at a time. Suddenly one of my teammates wrote 'I can see your desktop' in the chat and started … Right-click on the program in the File Explorer window and click Properties. Enter the paths for each of the programs into Notepad, one per line. You’ll see the selected programs will be opened one by one on your computer. Press the Windows button and search for the programs. After reading this guide, you’ll learn how to bundle these apps to launch when you double-click one shortcut. Then open Notepad editor. This fixed it (Open a new browser window FAST): Start “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” “about:blank” Start … For example, we used batchfile.bat. In the Specify your hot key section, choose a key combination for the profile to start all the applications at once. Start by navigating to the program on the Start menu for which you are going to … Batch Files That Open Multiple Programs! Right-click the program and then click Properties. Right-click on the program and click Open file location. Christopher Lyons 17,390 views. Advertisement. Maybe there are a few programs that you open every time you start up your computer. Close. It's what's in the Target box that we want to modify. Note Down the Program Target Paths:. This takes you to the directory in which the application’s executable file resides. Download this PC Repair Tool to quickly find & fix Windows errors automatically, Download PC Repair Tool to quickly find & fix Windows errors automatically, Bot breaks Google Audio ReCaptcha with Google’s own Speech to Text API, New Dell monitors feature dedicated Microsoft Teams button, IR Camera, Easily Migrate Data between Cloud Services with Wondershare InClowdz, Wondershare DemoCreator Review: All-in-one Screen Recorder and Video Editor for PC. From the General tab, copy the location of the program. How to open any program with a keyboard shortcut (set hotkeys for shortcuts) If you prefer to use a custom keyboard shortcut to start an app, you need a shortcut for that app. I’ll show you how to launch multiple programs from a single shortcut. How to start multiple programs with ONE mouseclick as we all know, you can drag a shortcut / program / file to the startup-folder, then it automatically starts when you boot. Append .bat at the end of the File name. Right click on the DOSBox Shortcut and choose "Properties" This will bring up the Shortcut's properties dialog. 1. Step 2: A File Explorer window will open to the program's location. You can do it on your desktop. To do this, go to File > Save As, navigate to the desktop, and type the name of your shortcut followed by .bat (for example, Chrome and Steam.bat) in the File name field. This is the first step to open multiple programs with one shortcut. You can even make a shortcut to the .bat file and add it to your Start menu or the Windows quick launch … Depending on where you have DOSBox installed, what's in the Target box for the Start Menu Shortcut will be … Creating and using custom configuration files in DOSBox - Duration: 7:11. Here’s how to find the program paths. If you are not comfortable adding yet another desktop shortcut, there are simple tricks to open multiple URLs directly from your browser as well. Note where you save the batch file. Custom Shortcut Key. Depending on what you do on your PC, you’ll notice that you are constantly using two or more programs at the same time always. Simply hold down the Windows key and select the number that corresponds to your desired application’s location on the taskbar (not including the Start button). You'll see a new shortcut appear on your desktop with a little gear icon. How to open multiple apps with one click? Anand Khanse is the Admin of TheWindowsClub.com, a 10-year Microsoft MVP (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP (2016-20). Copy out everything in the Target field and paste in a Notepad note in the format below: Enter cd, paste the full path to the application, and hit ENTER. Open Programs from Your Taskbar. There are myriad ways to open programs in Windows 10 -- use the Start menu/screen, pin shortcuts to the taskbar, or use Cortana. Before you start, you will need to create a shortcut with a code that can open multiple websites at once. Enter the path to the newly created batch file in the Type the location of the item field. Give the shortcut a name that you’ll remember and hit the Finish button. This can be especially useful if you are at work and you go through a process where you have to open… It’s always the last part of the path after the last slash (\). 1) Create two.cmd files (one for each way of running your application) on some folder on your system In them launch your application with the appropriate parameters. Open up a new Notepad noteand paste this text in that window. Basically, in your batch file (*.bat), '@echo off' shuts off output on the command prompt, 'rem' lines are comments, 'cd' changes to a directory, 'start' starts up the program without waiting for that program to finish. 2) In your "Start Menu" create a shortcut to each of your.cmd files (You can right click and drag the files to the following folder and select "Create Shortcut". What we do, we click the shortcut twice of those two different files to launch the programs. If the shortcut is for the actual program, then there's no shortcut to start … Open the Notepad on which you saved the paths to all the applications you want to open with a single click. You always run Firefox and Spotify together anyway -- here's how to create one shortcut for two (or more) programs. For Office, everything is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Officexx if you installed the 64-bit version or C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Officexx if you installed the 32-bit version. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Hit ENTER after the paths to each of the applications. In the Save as type field, click the dropdown menu and select All files. but it is a bit complicated) 2. First, open your favorite text … How to Open Multiple Programs with One Shortcut - Duration: 3:11. Example: Carry out the above steps for all the programs that you want to open with the shortcut. Right-click on the app and select Properties. Want to learn a simple tip that saves 2 seconds of your time? Finally, go to File > Save as, and in the Save as type, choose All files. At the end of the note, you'll need to add exit after a line break. Some apps go together naturally. Once you find the app, right-click on it and in the side-menu click on Desktop (create shortcut). Set the Target to: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start "" /b "[path of first application]" & start "" … Create The Batch File To Open Multiple Programs. With the application paths saved in your Notepad, you now have to create the batch file from which we can run both programs at once. You can do it on your desktop. This is simple and straightforward. An example will make you understand the situation better. Step 4: Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the second (and third, and fourth) program(s) you want to open in this shortcut. In the Properties window, switch to the Shortcut tab. Launch Multiple Programs From a Single Shortcut Using a Batch File Pick Your Icon. I'd like to be able to have a shortcut icon in Win7 taskbar, and if it points to the launcher, then the shortcut icon does not reflect the actual program, but instead the launcher. My second question is, is there a way that i pin a folder on taskbar and when click on that icon If you just want a shortcut to launch multiple applications and don't want a separate script file, this is an option. You’re also going to need the app’s program path, but this is easy to get. All you need to do is create a .bat file that will contain couple of lines of code in order to open apps. On double-clicking the new shortcut, your computer will open all the programs whose shortcuts are in the batch file. On your desktop you should now have a file called launch. Create A Shortcut Batch File Launch Notepad from the Start Menu. Launch File Explorer and go to the directory in which you want the shortcut that opens multiple apps. Select Ctrl, Alt, and/or Shift and click in the edit box to enter a letter to press. All you have to do is, open the file location where you have saved the batch file. If this is the case, you have to manually go and look for the EXE file on the system. but, what can you do if you want a similar function for other programs / files, and you want to start them manually, NOT when you boot ? Right-click the desired program and then click on Open file location. To start with, open start menu by pressing the windows key. start "DXtory" /Min "E:\Program Files\Video\Dxtory\Dxtory.exe" exit You can add any number of programs or games that you want to auto-launch, just follow the pattern for the three I gave in the example. How to launch multiple programs with a click on Win PC, start favorite programs, Launch Multiple Programs with One Key Click? So, at first, create an app shortcut on your desktop. For me, it's Google Chrome and Microsoft Word (hey, I'm a writer), for you it might be Skype and Steam. Let's see the best one … The another program can't launch the service because it heavily depends on it. Launch Multiple Programs using One Shortcut in Windows 10 Launch Multiple Programs using One Shortcut:. There are some programs that you always run together. E:\Books\Xmudham\James Hadley Chase\PDF\Test In your demo entry it … Step 2: A File Explorer window will open to the program's location. To do it, follow these steps: Step 1: Open the Start menu and go to All apps to find the first program you want to open in your batch. Step 3: In the Properties window, click the Shortcut tab. JLab unveils $49 alternative to Bose Frames audio sunglasses, Discuss: Launch multiple programs with one shortcut in Windows 10, Vaccine seems to fight coronavirus variants.

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