So the total for our Norway road trip itinerary for tolls was £104.94 Word of warning, the Oresund Bridge and the A/S Storebaelt, which are the big bridges from Sweden to Denmark, cost us £275 one way. Road trip planner. 1783 EUR. Eur. Great post for motorhomers in Norway. from. You can use Rome2Rio website or a local platform called Entur to plan your Norway itinerary. For fjord tours or nordic safaris, the prices usually start at €100 for group activities and go up for day trips and private experiences. EUR. Oslo to Bergen Driving Tour: 4 Day Road Trip. Click on the name of the activities to check the prices. Follow our travels at The Gap Decaders blog or on, Flavors of the World: food tips, recipes and more, guided hike to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). We didn't get as long to explore the country as we would have liked, but that just gives us a reason to go back! Authentic Scandinavia – exciting Norway tours. Switzerland was way more expensive – I think it is just one of those rumours that starts and runs away with itself! Seriously, these places are out of this world- here's one of our favourites! We paid 42€ and besides indoor and outdoor pools, there were jacuzzis inside and outside too. Even a box of cereal and a carton of milk can save you spending money on a … We went to Norway last year. The Oslo Pass includes entrance to 30 attractions and museums, free public transportation and discounts on some tours. New Trip Calculator tool, lets you estimate complete Travel Cost, get cost Estimate for your next Vacation including Hotel Cost, Taxi Fare, Flight Prices, Train Prices, Daily Dining Expense, cost of various Travel route choices, airport to destination transfer cost via UBER thus managing your Travel Budget For more tips about planning an unforgettable holiday (from luxury to backpack) read our, We are Phil and Izzy. Eur. As an indication of costs, we accrued around USD$60 in road tolls over the course of our three week trip. Thanks for putting all the hard work in to enable us to have your knowledge. As everything in Norway is based on length. Before making a road trip in Norway, you need to know some details. There are plenty of options for hotels in Norway, from luxury to more affordable ones. If you stay in self-catering accommodation every night and travel 50km a day, then your average daily spend in Norway will be around €150 per person. Norway Road Trip and Travel tips, including the best destinations to visit, things to do, visiting the fjords and glaciers in Norway- plus how to travel Norway on a budget! We have a touring caravan. Norway is probably the most expensive country for car rental from all our trips. So we would probably have driven just as far. We recommend using. You can easily drive to Norway from Europe, a great option if you’re planning on touring Norway in a campervan or taking a road trip in your own car. Calculate the driving distance and total travel time from Tau to Vikevag by car if you're planning a road trip. Don’t underestimate how vast this country is though, and how difficult it can be to navigate and drive in Norway. You can definitely buy food fairly reasonably (it's probably equivalent to shopping in Marks and Spencer or Waitrose- high-end food stores for my non-UK readers!). Where’s been your favourite place so far?? Love it! Ha! Norway has a reputation for being a really expensive country to visit, and in many ways it is well deserved. Always enjoy your form of writing and your wit. We would like to arrive in Oslo the afternoon before (Thursday) to spend a little time seeing the city but the Fjords, Scenery and Hiking are our main goals. If money is not a problem, you can spend your nights at incredible 5-star hotels or in a fairytale igloo hotel admiring the stared sky or waiting for the northern lights to appear. What are the Costs of a Scandinavian Road Trip? Touring Norway in a Motorhome – Is Norway expensive? This includes transport, accommodation, food and activities for 3 weeks for two adults, one toddler, and one baby. Although Norway produces a majority of the gasoline in the world, Norway’s fuel is the most expensive in the world due to the high taxes! Norway. Hi Eliana! We took our time getting up to Norway and allowed a week. It's really weird when you actually get to tick something off your bucket list and we're so pleased and grateful to have been able to do that. ), visit the Start Here page to find out more about me, us and how our experiences can help you! Just click on the name of the company and book your Norway travel insurance now. Eating out in Norway is expensive. Great read, my wife & I were two weeks behind you for seven week but went through Sweden as far up as Senja. We wanted to look at the stars and practice our night-time photography, but sadly there wasn't a single night without cloud cover (except for the very first night… shame we didn't know that was our only chance!!). Olav Mjelva's Norwegian Road Trip - The Norwegian American. A life time. A road trip through the fjords is a bucket list item for many. If you're planning your own trip to Norway soon, here's a look at my 10 days there to help inspire your own travel itinerary: Day 1-2: Oslo. As I mentioned above, we didn't buy much food in Norway at all over the 2 weeks. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Basically, I've spent the last two weeks buried in paperwork, trying to figure out how much our little Norway road trip itinerary cost us. Fortunately, the hiking and sight-seeing is free and brilliant. Unrivaled Vistas and Leisurely Drives. We bought the odd hot dog or bag of sweets at a fuel station and a lot of bottles of water. 3009 EUR. Norway is a land of incredible nature. or taking a road trip in your own car. Hotels in Norway cost around one third more than most of Europe. Sweden is the fourth highest, so it will still eat up a lot of your budget. Cruise & Train. If you are visiting cities like Oslo or Bergen and want to enjoy the most of it then buying the city card is a good option. Close map view. If money is not a problem, you can spend your. for money off the bridges and some motorway tolls. The Norwegian Kroner or NKR is the official currency, but for ease I’ll use Euros to share the travel prices in Norway. Hi there, I’m Kat. 1235 EUR. I’m sure you’ve heard about people going up north to Tromsø to chase the Northern Lights, go dog-sledding, and raving about all those awesome things to do in Norway in winter.Luckily, the south part of the country is equally beautiful, but much less visited in winter. from . You can book your Bergan card in advance here. While many of Norway's highlights can be seen from a train window or by bus, renting a car opens up a whole new set of opportunities. your own motorhome and taking food with you. from. Be prepared to pay something around €50 to €100 per day for car rental in Norway. Myself and 5 friends are planning a road trip in Norway in mid/late July for 10 Days. We had a coffee and cake out twice, once at the top of Trollstigen Road – the crazy road up the mountain with 11 hairpin bends!! The cost of staying at a quarantine hotel is NOK 500 per night for both private individuals ... Join five friends on a fun road trip full of experiences through Norway. Thanks for providing this breakdown of costs Kat. As it happens, we were never checked at all- but we would rather play it safe and not have to worry about it. It must be how they pay for the excellent roads. Remember we are a 7.5m motorhome with a 2m trailer, and I believe the price break is 6-8m, then 8-10m. Getting there from the UK – there is no direct ferry from the UK to Norway or Denmark, so gear up for a road trip folks! So- is Norway expensive? Cost for renting is primarily the day rate, petrol is a minor cost. If you can avoid this, do- it makes the tolls sooooo much cheaper! Ah, that’s why I couldn’t find it! Price p.p. Motorcycles have a passage of all road sections for free. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If we went back, we would try to travel less and explore more. If you’re planning on self-catering, food and drink prices vary. Wild camped, used 1 proper campsite….Had a free sauna. Suggested Itineraries in Norway Vacations are getting shorter, and a lean-and-mean schedule is called for if you want to experience the best of any country in a condensed amount of time. West Sweden was perhaps the most memorable and relaxing part of our entire trip to Scandinavia. Plan to hike, swim and spend time in nature – even though it’s free, it’s by far the best way to explore and enjoy this stunning country. So when planning your Norway travel budget don’t forget to add the toll prices, you can check the toll fee for each road on this road map. Find out more here. How to get from the UK to Norway in a campervan is possibly the most challenging part of planning a Norway road trip. The Bergen Card prices are €26,20 for 24h, €33.69 for 48h, €40,24 for 72h, and €46.79 for 96h. I've included this in the figure for the final tolls. The Øresund bridge costs roughly €50 for vans up to 6 metres, and €100 for vans from 6m to 10m. Roads become boats in the Western Fjords and tunnels abound – from Oslo it will take you at least 25 hours of driving to get to the party city of Tromso, deep in the Arctic Circle and prime Northern Lights viewing territory. Having said that, those tolls only amounted to £84.88. admiring the stared sky or waiting for the northern lights to appear. We deliberately stocked up and brought food with us from the UK- only buying necessities as we needed them. Just click on the name of the company and book your Norway travel insurance now. It's one of the safest countries we've ever visited- heck, we hardly had to worry about Motorhome security at all!! This is a big call when I can head South to anywhere in Europe and further & be guaranteed that 90% of my days are going to be fair or good weather. Hardly any rain until south Norway. Almost all major routes are toll roads. The price of beer in Norway is between €5-8, the same for cider or a glass of wine in a bar or restaurant. LIMITED EDITION Road Trip Journal Logbook. In total, we spent £106.10 on meals out. from. New Motorhome Owners – essential tips & advice for your first trip! The Norway road trip route through the centre of Norway is MUCH quicker- there are no ferries… but there are more tolls, so it probably costs about the same. Our mileage was (very roughly) 1,490 miles, which works out at us doing around 24.4 miles to the gallon. That’s never fun. Self-drive. I added up the expenses in NOK (Norwegian currency) and exchanged them into GBP at today's exchange rate (Oct 2018). The cost of travel in Norway will obviously vary depending on HOW you travel. In May, travel company Up Norway worked with a team of sustainability-focused travel experts to create a new bucket-list trip along The Discovery Route in Norway. We have been to Tromsø early this year and saw the Northern Lights and it certainly fuelled my desire to return. But is that true? Once in Norway, you’ll find the daily car hire rate around the same as the. A road trip in Norway is a magical experience and also an expensive one. Norway ferry prices will vary according to the company or trip, so when planning your driving vacation check which ferry you’ll want to use and the prices of it. Here are some things you need to know about our budget and experience planning the best road trip in Norway by campervan: This Norway road trip in our motorhome took us 2 weeks- you can see how much we stopped going up the west side. Next May planning on renting in Bergen, Norway a campervan, fly in and head to Pulpit Rock. . What you get for the money. I expect the costs to be justified by the beautiful endless views. Shame about the weather you had. Is Norway expensive to visit in a motorhome or campervan? *There may be affiliate links in this post, meaning if you click and make a purchase, we earn a small commission (from the seller- no cost to you) We are very selective about our partners and who we recommend- if we wouldn't recommend it to our family, we won't recommend it to you. We spent just over a month touring Norway in our camper a couple of years ago. I bet there are many questions popping up in your mind right now. I would like to show my husband so he could put a bit of fishing tackle together. Thank you . Still waiting for the tolls but £3120 so far in our 5.98m camper van. This is known as. Shop daily and avoid high-end supermarket chains and local tourist shops. All in all, I expected the cost of gas to be higher and was pleasantly surprised to keep our gas costs under $200 (unless I somehow did the math wrong…). You can use, Norway fuel prices fluctuate with diesel costing €1.40 for a liter and €1.47 for unleaded. Does it seem that hiking and motorcycling on a two-week trip is a tall order? Depending on your driving route, you may need to cross a fjord on a car ferry. Complete Beginners guide to Motorhome Buying here, 21 things essential motorhome accessories you NEED, Unmissable Scotland Itinerary- The Perfect Road Trip - Wandering Bird 2018, European Road Trip ideas for every itinerary - Wandering Bird, French Aires- everything you need to know about free motorhome stopovers in France. Click on the name of the activities to check the prices. The round trip cost would be $140.08 to go from Oslo, Norway to Bergen, Norway and back to Oslo, Norway again.. This means you can either camp overnight or return later in the day. 3343 EUR. Summer Road Trip: Norway's West Coast - 7 Days. (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland with Eurail Pass). , waterfalls, mountains and more. Click here to see our Privacy and Disclosure Policy. Click here for the best camping sites in Norway, prices and locations. There is no Lidl or Aldi (European budget supermarkets) or their equivalent in Norway. We also tow a trailer with two big motorbikes on it. Anyway, keep up the excellent work, it’s always good to get another point of view about places we have visited, enough to make us want to return, and places yet to visit. Get ready for a road trip around the stunning fjords, countryside and cities of Scandinavia. Fjord Tours – experience Norway in a nutshell® with one ticket. Food prices, like canned and dried goods are similar to UK prices, but fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese, and US products such as Coca Cola are expensive in comparison. Campervan in Norway – What are the fuel costs? The Alantic highway is amazing. When you search carefully and plan ahead, it’s easier to find attractions and things to do in Norway for friendly prices. If you don’t own a tent and are flying in and hiring a car, this is a fantastic way to see Norway on a budget. For fjord tours or nordic safaris, the prices usually start at €100 for group activities and go up for day trips and private experiences. I realise this is about costs, but is the expense worth the negative weather. Feel free to share it on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest- your actions really do help. Car hire, food and hotels can all be expensive. Don’t panic, you will find the answer to all these questions and more below. In 2018 I quit my job, packed up my bewildered husband and over-excited puppy and set off to travel Europe in a motorhome. Once registered, you can opt to receive your bill by email and pay on receipt with a debit or credit card. Norway is probably the most expensive country for car rental from all our trips. Visit Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the same trip or choose one country to explore. For road-tripping travelers seeking a self-drive tour through Norway's spectacular scenery and peaceful villages, not to mention two UNESCO World Heritage Sites -- all while staying in some of Norway's best family-run hotels -- this itinerary is for you. If you're a time-pressed traveler, as most of us are, with only 1 or 2 weeks for Norway, you may find the first two itineraries most helpful, as they take in the best of either eastern or western Norway. It is all about the stops along the road and the journey when being on a road trip. We chose to take the car ferry from Denmark to Norway with a company called Colorline and crossed from Hirtshals- Kristiansand. route. This has literally been me… and people wonder what I do all day! Accommodation – Accommodation (much like everything in Norway) is not cheap. Have a great trip!! At some point, you have to cross the water from mainland Europe to Norway, either on a boat or over a bridge. Accommodation – Accommodation (much like everything in Norway) is not cheap. Road Trip Cost. The largest glacier in mainland Europe, covering an incredible area of more than 500 square miles, Jostedalsbreen National Park is a natural wonder you must see on your road trip through Norway. Grand Road Trip of Norway, Sweden & Denmark. You may occasionally see alcohol for sale in supermarkets, but this is by no means the norm and prices are even more expensive than in the state run shops. Things to do on a West Sweden road trip. If you’re taking a tour, try and get an all-inclusive deal or go self-catering, where you can shop and cook for yourselves. Summary of Costs. Eliana ?? And if a road trip in Norway is too expensive for you? There are a couple of activities that you can’t miss when traveling in Norway, like the. #5 Stalheimskleiva (one of the coolest Norway road trip stops) No car trip across Norway would be complete without a drive along one of the steepest roads in Northern Europe.Those who brave the winding roads are rewarded with exceptional views unlike any other in the world. So jealous you got to Nordkapp! I would definitely encourage anyone to go and visit, we loved it! For more tips about planning an unforgettable holiday (from luxury to backpack) read our Travel Planning Page here. If we passed a campsite, we had a quick look at the prices and found them to be similar in price to UK campsites out of season- £20-£25/ night for a motorhome or campervan. Free Wi-Fi is standard and most hostels also have lockers and self-catering facilities if you want to cook your own food. During this time, we: Here's a list of all the ferries we used and how much they cost us so you can answer the question, “is Norway expensive for tourists?”. 3009 EUR. (One thing that can’t be planned for is any problem with the vehicle. I am considering a Norway trip, but it would be over a month or maybe two months & I am weighing up the potential huge milage (5000) and the wasted days over bad weather. 10% OFF. Having said that, we considered the trip a holiday, so if we wanted a little treat, we bought it. The price of beer in Norway is between €5-8, the same for cider or a glass of wine in a bar or restaurant. If you've found it useful, please consider buying us a coffee to show your support. Norway is usually in the top three countries for the highest fuel costs in Europe. I know we filled up before we entered Norway, but I have no way of knowing how much fuel was in the tank when we left. 50 Degrees North – unforgettable tailor-made and small group tours to Norway. We didn't use the electric, but we did pay £4 to use the laundry facilities. Well, I think that depends on what you want to do and how you are doing it! We recommend booking your accommodation in Norway via or Agoda, they have a great selection of hotels and the reviews are trustworthy. Hostels start around 275 NOK per night for an 8-person dorm and about 800-900 NOK for a private room with a twin or double bed. It contains everything you need to go step-by-step through the buying process, including tricks for saving money, what to look for when you buy, what to do when you collect and much more. Hostels are a good alternative for those who are backpacking in Norway. And surprisingly, we didn't eat anywhere near as many times as I thought we would! So, is Norway expensive to visit? Travelmath provides an online cost calculator to help you determine the cost of driving between cities. Norway Tourism: Tripadvisor has 1,123,361 reviews of Norway Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Norway resource. Travel With Us On Our Norway Tours. 10% OFF. Travel independently and opt for self-catering accommodation or use campsite huts. Almost all major routes are toll roads. The Oslo Pass prices are €41.65 for 24h, €61.20 for 48h, and €76.74 for 72h. The PM also invited me for dinner with his Goverment. The adventure starts with a half-day in Tromsø—"Paris of the North"—before you continue to … Spirits are eye-wateringly expensive – we decided Norway wasn’t really a G&T sort of place! The further north you travel, the more expensive the cost of the crossings. Luckily driving in Norway is an amazing experience – in fact I tell everyone who visits that they have to consider a road trip when planning a trip to Norway! Which gives us a bill for two weeks food of £212.21. Norway fuel prices fluctuate with diesel costing €1.40 for a liter and €1.47 for unleaded. The Bergen Card also offers free entrance to attractions and public transportation. Our entire 10-day Norway itinerary for two people cost 44,500 NOK which, as of Aug 2018 exchange rates, equates to: US $5,500. Let’s not forget the cinnamon rolls! Knordkapp and bimble back to Bergen. Curious? If you are flexible, better the chances to find a good deal. The list of experiences and places to visit in Norway is huge and no doubt the best way to see it all is by driving thought the country. Use FuelFlash to find the cheapest fuel wherever you are driving in Norway. Norway enjoys one of the best standards of living in the European Economic Area and as such, Norwegians command much higher salaries on average than most of the rest of the world. Thank you for a very detailed account of your great trip. I packed our motorhome up with over 90 tins of various meats and sauces, and we didn't even eat a third of them. We chose to drive our motorhome from the UK to Norway, but you can also do a campervan hire in Norway. Find the. We will have to go back one day so we can get there! We’ve travelled in Norway for about 6 months all up, over the last two years and it definitely isn’t as expensive as everyone thinks. Because while yes, any Norway travel guide will tell you Norway is more expensive than a lot of other places, it doesn’t have to be prohibitively so. We intend to go to Norway in May, and your posts have been extremely helpful to us. Although Gothenburg and Oslo are only 3 1/2 hours away from each other, it will cost you a few hundred extra dollars to take the car across the border. Here’s everything you NEED to know, Ever since we announced our plans to visit Norway in our motorhome, we have been swamped by people sucking in their breath through their teeth before looking pityingly at us and saying “Norway huh? Yes fuel expensive and booze, well give up. Because that's probably going to be expensive…”. FIND THE BEST RATES ON CAR RENTALS IN SWEDEN. In total, they cover 2,136 kilometres, and on each road, you’ll see several groundbreaking sites – whether it’s viewpoints, art installations, or resting areas with extremely fancy toilets . Hi, I rode my 650 Transalp to knordkapp in 2012. For this Norway road trip we filled up around 2.5 times, for an equivalent of ~1300 NOK (~$160). So when planning your Norway travel budget don’t forget to add the toll prices, you can check the toll fee for each road on this. And while we were here, we spent nearly every night wild camping in some of the most incredible places in Norway. (WAY better than what we spent on our trip to Germany earlier in the year!!). You can use this data to figure out a budget for a road trip. Reading this post brought back great memories. It’s a matter of prioritizing what you want to do and planning your Norway budget wisely. Prepare your wallets, alcohol is expensive (don’t try bringing alcohol into Norway – although part of the EEA, Norway maintains its borders and regularly checks vehicle boots and luggage for contraband). Price p.p. I am still convinced that having a motorhome or campervan in Norway is by far the best way to travel- being able to wild camp in some of the most incredible locations is just unbeatable. Things like: how expensive is Norway? A trip for two weeks for two people costs kr28,441 in Norway. We only stayed in a campsite once- and it was well worth the £23 fee. Price p.p. Try to shop in the Spar or Coop supermarkets, which you will find in most larger towns.

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