smith-college. This list includes the Smith in Hamburg program. This course looks at the cultural construction of illness through an examination of systems of diagnosis, classification and therapy in both non-Western and Western societies. Employees approved to work on campus can request masks or approved face coverings by contacting In keeping with the five institutions' plans to limit campus access to only their own students, faculty, and staff, all Five College students who register for a course on another campus during the 2020-21 academic year will be required to attend classes remotely. Please note that if the campus moves out of the green/low-risk operating mode, further restrictions will be put in place. The only exceptions are for students in their individual rooms and for employees in their individual offices. Those arriving from high-risk states and from outside the United States will reside in isolation/quarantine housing until they are cleared by our testing program. I encourage students and families to approach any campus travel arrangements or ticket purchases with caution and, whenever possible, ensure that travel-related purchases can be refunded. Will employees be allowed to use campus athletics facilities? Student Travel Services offers Smith College the best options for Spring Break. Auditors will not be permitted in courses for the 2020–21 academic year. I’m an Ada prospie and I noticed there wasn’t a thread up yet for Spring 2021 Transfers and Ada … If you wish to submit a confidential report of violations of policies or standards, Smith encourages you to use this service, provided by EthicsPoint. (WWLP) – Smith College has announced all students will have the opportunity to study on campus for at least part of the 2020-2021 academic year. If increasing COVID-19 positivity rates or other metrics lead us to shift to a more cautious “yellow” designation, those kinds of group activities will no longer be permitted, and classes will shift to fully remote for those on and off campus, for the duration of our "yellow" status. Tue, Jan 19. Approval of these destinations is contingent upon ongoing monitoring of COVID-19 public health metrics and indications that the risk is low or moderate based on global health criteria. As usual, all employees will be expected to park in designated areas on campus. Mail Services is requesting that all students verify their current mailing address. What if I am unable to wear a mask or face covering due to a documented health issue? New student orientation is scheduled for February 11–14, and will include programming for students arriving on campus for the first time. Please check the Five College Academic Calendar for important dates on each campus. Employees with family members at high risk should be hypervigilant, practice rigorous hygiene and take every precaution to protect at-risk family members. Will Northampton community members be allowed on campus? Paul Smith’s College will continue to work towards maintaining a safe, tight-knit community that students, faculty, and staff alike get to experience. Any exceptions, which will be very limited (e.g., for grant- or endowment-funded staff), will require approval from the cabinet and Position Justification Committee. Will hand sanitizer be provided for students and employees who are approved to be on campus? Amherst College: Spring 2021 English courses forthcoming; Hampshire College: Spring 2021 English courses forthcoming ; Mount Holyoke College: Spring 2021 English courses forthcoming; Smith College: Spring 2021 English courses forthcoming Find STEP Courses. I’m an Ada prospie and I noticed there wasn’t a thread up yet for Spring 2021 Transfers and Ada applicants. Most graduate courses will be taught remotely (courses under the “Enhanced Remote” mode of instruction will have some in-person component and very few courses will be in person.) Please note that Five College Consortium courses may be attended remotely only for the spring 2021 semester. Subject Name: Government. Due to continued disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic and changes to instruction and residency, a student will be allowed an additional 12 optional S/U credits for use during the 2020–21 academic year. It is important that you maintain consistency and transparency in the employee time-off decision-making process to avoid claims of discrimination. Should I wear a mask or approved face covering? Employees will work with human resources to determine eligibility for a medical leave. Meals will be provided. The admission process is fairly competitive. How are work-study expectations affected by the move to remote learning for the spring semester? Yes. Work-study expectations for first-year and sophomore students have been eliminated and replaced by grants. The supervisor will initiate the Return to Campus form and inform the employee whether they are approved to visit campus. We continue to assess the impacts of the pandemic on the college’s finances. Employees who have not been approved for on-campus work may not enter any campus buildings. Institution: Smith College. SFS will not make any award adjustments until these requests have been finalized. If a co-worker learns of a high-risk factor for a co-worker, they should maintain confidentiality about that information, only reporting it to the Office of Human Resources or a supervisor. There will be a “waiver” option each semester. This link is also available at Smith’s home page on under “Find a doc.”. All on-campus Smith-campus community members may receive masks or approved face coverings upon request. No. There is no charge for the 2020–21 permit. 1: 222: December 17, 2020 Smith College EDI 2025. smith-college. Visit BCBS - Global Core to search for doctors around the world. If your department is experiencing a particularly high volume of work, you can deny a time-off request for operational reasons or consider letting your employee take off less time than they have requested. Any student who becomes ill with COVID-19 will be cared for and supported in separate isolation housing. Many students are eager to return to campus, and the college has developed a careful plan to make that possible. Which houses will be used for isolation and quarantine? It is possible that more students will want to return to campus than the survey results indicate. Will students living locally or approved to be in residence have access to campus learning resources? Will my Smith-provided health insurance change? If an employee has an underlying medical condition that makes them more susceptible to serious illness from COVID-19, they should contact the Office of Human Resources. What if I have a sick family member? In conveying the denial to your employee, you should explain your reasons and listen to the employee’s needs and concerns. The ISSO has created a frequently asked questions page specific to international students. 4: 486: December 4, 2020 chance me for transfer … Yes. Symptoms may appear within two days of exposure and vary in severity from person to person. When will I know about Commencement or Reunion? Smith College 2020-2021 Admissions: Acceptance Rate, Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process. By combining these strategies with single-room housing for every student and enhanced cleaning protocols, the college will be able to welcome most students back this spring to live and study in community. Institution: Smith College. The college will regularly communicate and consistently enforce safety standards such as routine cleaning, physical distancing, regular monitoring, and any recommended or required PPE (personal protective equipment). Yes. What adjustments will be made to financial aid packages to reflect the change in the college’s operations? Will students who were previously assigned to a now-closed house receive priority to live in their first-choice house? Masks must be worn at all times and physical distancing must be practiced. Can any employee work on campus if they choose to? Everyone will be expected to wash or sanitize hands at every transition from one space to another. Children are not permitted in the workplace, especially during the pandemic. We have increased the allowance for personal expenses by $2,000 per year, regardless of whether the student is residing on or near campus or at home, and we have reduced the work-study earnings expectation by 50 percent. If I do not return to campus, will my mail be forwarded? Do employees still have to purchase parking passes? Advising and course registration for the spring 2021 semester Tuesday, November 10: Cromwell Day Cromwell Day is an annual slate of workshops, lectures, films and entertainment held to honor Smith’s first African American graduate. Medical Device Sales 101: Masterclass + ADDITIONAL CONTENT. Planning Framework for Spring 2021, October 6, 2020 Dear students, staff and faculty: Although it is still early in the fall semester, I know you are eager for clarity about the college’s plans for the spring term. How will on-campus spaces be sanitized? Take care and be well. Experiencing an accessibility issue on a Smith web page? No. Further, we will ask all members of the Smith community to monitor their health and to seek medical treatment if they feel ill. Any student who becomes ill with COVID-19 will be assigned to separate isolation housing, where they will be cared for and supported by staff in residence life and the Schacht Center for Health and Wellness. We have updated our COVID-19 website and FAQ, and we invite you to send your questions to Will all students have the same opportunity to elect to live on campus? The review included an assessment of each program’s COVID-19 contingency plans and protocols, refund policies, academic continuity guarantees and coronavirus precautions in program-regulated housing.

smith college spring 2021

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