An important note is that the autofocus only works when the camera’s frequency matches the framerate. I shot three interviews with the FX9—and all were very flattering, SOOC. This article shortly summarizes his review. Digital Camera World. The 19 Megapixel sensor is an all-new design. Only then it makes sense to start using it. If felt the footage looked wonderful with saturated colors that look appealing without appearing cartoon-like. Alister’s Equipment Reviews A to Z. Camera’s. As mentioned in the video, autofocus in video cameras needs to really be accurate, smooth, and reliable. However, it’s very important to point out that at press time, the FX9 doesn’t record in 6K resolution. Remember when I show you the yellow cursor and the box? If you’re just using Canon still lenses then probably not. Dual Base ISO. That’s why we decided to publish this article about the review. It changes the bokeh while maintaining the exposure by changing the ND level while opening or closing the IRIS. Do you own the camera or are you considering getting one? The Sony FX6 has arrived to great acclaim.. No Film School got hands-on with FX6, and we thought it a fantastic camera complete with features you want as a videographer.But that's just our opinion. Audio was excellent, too: I ran a Schoeps CMC641 Supercardioid boom mic into channel one and a TRAM TR50B wired lavalier into channel two. FX9 is the world’s first professional camcorder with Sony’s world-leading eye-tracking technology. There is no RAW from this camerea yet, probably we need to wait for update :),the PrRes Raw, can not be edited in Davinci Resolve . Image credit: Philip Bloom. Pricing. Browse/Prepare just crashes and Sony aren’t taking the problem seriously. Here again, I used the FX9’s high ISO base of 4000, which looked good, even though I was using the relatively slow Sony FE 28-135mm f/4.0 OSS G lens. And I even tested the camera’s gain at +6dB, and I was pleasantly surprised at how little grain was visible running the camera at ISO 4000 and adding gain. Other useful, but not essential accessories could be: What do you think of Philip’s FX9 review? The Sony FX9 camera review by Philip Bloom is a nearly two-hours long in-depth video review, which he shot over the last four months. Canon has the C500 MK II, but it costs $16k, so it’s likely not in the same consideration as the FX6. As a conclusion, Philip tried to really push the AF capabilities of the FX9 to their limits and at times it really frustrated him. The FX9 isn’t the best camera for every user and application, but it’s a very good, solid, all-around, versatile digital cinema camera. He also said that “autofocus is not simply a switch to turn on and everything is magically in focus, it takes skill and practice to get the best out of it.”. Building on the success of the Sony FX7, which the company once claimed is the most sold Super35 camera of all time, the FX9 boasts a newly-developed 6K sensor with more than … Sony FX9 Review – Variable eND. The Sony PXW-FX9 utilizes the same Sony XQD card format as the FS7 and FS7 MKII. Technically speaking, the variable ND was extremely useful, since I could pan on and off the incredibly bright sun and some rock formations surrounding it, and the Variable ND on the FX9 would smoothly ramp up the exposure so I could keep the same f/stop, ISO and shutter speed. I need to get my hands on the camera for a longer period to do a proper evaluation. I had a chance to rent the Sony FX9 Full Frame 6K Camera for a few days and test it out. With its companion Full-Frame zoom lens, this system is about the same size and weight as Super35 predecessors and still shoots both formats. In a nutshell, Version 2.0 expands the camera’s shooting and recording capabilities by including FF Crop 5K mode, new 4K DCI options, User 3D LUT support, RAW output support, HDR Support, AF Improvements, added frame rate options for … I won’t go in-depth on every feature and specification available on the FX9, but here are some of the headline features and what’s significant about them: Sony’s Exmor R CMOS Sensor Full-Frame Sensor: In actual use, the extra light-gathering ability of the FF sensor was handy when using the FE PZ 28-135mm f/4.0 G OSS lens for interiors and interviews. The FX9 AF held the pelicans isolated against a gray, featureless sky in sharp focus—a very high keeper rate. He praised its reliability. I also found the FX9’s Face Detect feature flawless: When shooting three different interviews in three different lighting setups and locations, including a couple that appeared in a low-contrast, moody type of lighting, the FX9 nailed focus on the constantly moving subjects every time. ... a7s iii fx9 philip bloom sony sony fx6. © 2020 All rights reserved. It is super easy and is the same way that other autofocus cameras switch faces during this mode, Canon too. Cheap, but not nasty tripod. He also tried wearing different masks. The FX9 uses the physically larger 6K native full-frame sensor, which measures 35.7mm x 18.8mm. However, after using the Sony FX9 autofocus with the … And once again, the face detect/auto focus behaved flawlessly, even under low lighting levels. The FX6 uses Sony’s E-mount for attaching lenses, making it compatible with more than 50 native lenses and countless dozens third-party lenses. Wow. He tested various cameras throughout his career and for the past four months, he has been playing with the Sony FX9. XDCA-FX9. We are also working with it and are preparing tests on the camera around various aspects of it. We only send updates about our most relevant articles. (VENICE dual base ISO 500 and 2500). As there are not many good oss lenses out there for emount and the gyro stabilization definitely degrades image quality and you cannot even use oss. The FX9 uses the lever-lock version of the E-mount, so it is not possible to mount the lens using only one hand. The only two things he missed about the Sony FS7 was its low light capability and the poor autofocus performance. It has a useful quick-setup lever and it can be rotated as well. The Face Registration function can keep the focus on a particular person and not care about the other faces in the frame. Image credit: Philip Bloom. Discover FX9, Sony’s full-frame 6K sensor camera with Fast Hybrid AF, Dual Base ISO and S-Cinetone™ colour science. We always use double opt-in, so please confirm your subscription by clicking on the link you will receive in an email after you hit "sign up". Before the Sony FX9, the fly-by-wire build of the 28-135mm was slightly lens responsive than I usually enjoy in a lens. Focus Hold is a useful function to keep the camera from refocusing when the AF-locked-face exits the frame. The Sony FX9 full-frame cinema camera has been out on the market for a few months now. It was roughly 2.5 miles from the parking lot to the spot I chose. Sony has announced new firmware for both the Venice and FX9 cameras. It allowed me to capture subjects with movement. Best Cinema Camera? The Sony FS7 was Philip’s main documentary camera for many years. Now, to be frank, as someone who bought an FX9, I am not too happy about this. Sony, however, did not officially confirm this yet. If you window the sensor to S35 size, you can shoot up to 59.94 fps, but you have to go down to HD resolution to achieve the camera’s maximum frame rate of 120 fps. Philip invested a lot of time into the review and we think it could really benefit our readers who own the FX9 or who are thinking of buying the camera. You need to pay $2,199 extra for a locking EF mount (called EF-C) from Canon. Sony is the first to offer a full-frame cinema camera in this price range. The FX9 has a dual ISO sensor, the lower native ISO is 800 and the higher native ISO is 4000. He uses the one from Zacuto, which allows the camera to slide backward and forward easily. Finally released, it covers many aspects of the camera – some of them very extensively. Add requests, ask questions, post pictures of … You then need to buy additional hardware: A future RAW-recording solution will likely require a separate third-party device, for an additional $1,500 to $2,500, to actually record the 16-bit output of the XDCA-FX9 back. Sensor. If you’re using cine lenses or heavier zoom lenses then definitely yes. Announced back in April and scheduled for release in October 2020, Sony FX9 Firmware 2.0 is now available for download a month ahead of the planned date. We have already published a few useful articles about the FX9, like the: Philip Bloom is a filmmaker based in the UK, well known for his contributions to the community over many years. He does not recommend changing the Sony top handle though. Great review but I’ve found a major problem with the camera. Sony XDCA-FX9 Extension Unit for PXW-FX9 Sony XDCA-FX9 Extension Unit for PXW-FX9 will provide additional capability and I/O to transform the FX9 into a high-end Production Camera or an ENG Camera. Many of us would like to shoot sports and action using 4K 60p, so it’s good that the FX9 can accommodate this, but I was surprised that Sony couldn’t raise the bar a bit to give us 80-90 fps in 4K S35 mode and 60 fps with the FF sensor. What’s more is that the FX9 only shoots higher frame rates if you window the sensor down to S35 size. Since I was handling the audio myself as well, I was happy the FX9 made that task easy. Better and larger screens and more accurate focus assist tools are necessary to pull the manual focus correctly. First off I was finishing my MZed course then this monster swallowed up all my time! Before the Sony FX9, the fly-by-wire build of the 28-135mm was slightly lens responsive than I usually enjoy in a lens. The face tracking was not that reliable with adapted glass. If you love the form factor and usability of a real cinema camera for shooting video but have stuck with mirrorless due to the full-frame sensors and advanced AF, then Sony now has the camera for you. The Sony PXW-FX9, or the Sony FX9, for short is a serious full-frame video camera that, despite its price, offers great value for serious videographers. I am very curious about your review of the stabilization. It is possible to tweak various aspects of the AF, like transition speed, sensitivity, and so on. For this shoot, it was the first time I had a chance to use the FX9’s face detect/auto focus, and the results were impressive. So, what I shoot is what they get. The Sony HX99 is a tiny camera with a massive zoom. To test the FX9, I decided to shoot with it in the field as much as possible instead of spending time shooting test charts and taking measurements. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Note the windows behind him, which were not tinted or ND gelled. It’s based on the improved color science of the Sony VENICE. In my opinion, the footage looked good, and the FX9 behaved well in these extremely bright, contrast-filled conditions. Follow. Copyright © 2020 HD Video Pro. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The low light performance is much better than it was with the Sony FS7 and the image seems fine and clean even at ISO 12.800. It has a 16-bit RAW output on it via a BNC connector. The Canon C500 Mark IIis definitely more expensive on paper. When Sony launched its new Sony PXW-FX9 camcorder earlier this year, shooters were excited to see a full frame, fast hybrid autofocus, Dual-base-ISO lowlight capable camera starting at $11,000 come to market. Let us know in the comments underneath the article. Very comprehensive and useful! Zunow SWV-E11 11-16mm E-Mount F2.8 Zoom Lens. Dual ISO: Since the FX9 has dual base ISOs of 800 and 4000, I tested grain and noise by shooting ISO 800 base for exteriors and ISO base of 4000 for interiors. FX9 has a dual base ISO of 800, and 4000 Next Post. One of the most important topics is the camera’s autofocus. But this way it takes way too long. So you’ll have to switch to S35 FOV to obtain 4K 60p recording. Now, I have hiked this trail dozens of times, and it’s pretty easy for me (since I’m an avid hiker). With the review unit Sony sent me, they sent an older 28-135mm F4. Then, you can also set the ND to track the exposure and keep your same ISO, depth of field, etc. Its highest setting is in UHD (3840 x 2160) at 16:9. The AF box tracked the talent like glue and never wavered even once. The lenses I used were fairly slow zooms—the FE PZ 28-135mm f/4.0 G OSS and the FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS. But on the FX9, you’ll find a new gamma and look called S-Cinetone, which is straight out of camera, and its color that is supposedly profiled to resemble the color science from the Sony Venice, which produces very nice, accurate, flattering skin tones. The Electronic Variable ND Filter (eND) is implemented better than in the previous Sony cameras according to Philip. One of the most noticeable things to improve from the FS7 is the color science straight out of the camera. The Sony FX9 camera review by Philip Bloom is a nearly two-hours long in-depth video review, which he shot over the last four months. NEX-FS700 In Depth Review. Like VENICE, the FX9 includes S-Log 3 and S-Gamut 3 Cine but Sony added a new color science called S-Cinetone that's said to have a more accurate color gamut and skin tones for a better cinematic look. The Sony FX9 screen does not have a touchscreen function. He said, in terms of ergonomics, the FX9 is much better and more usable out of the box than the FS7 was. Sony FX9 Review – Sensor Modes. Sony PXW-FX9 & PXW-FX6 Group for owners & videographers interested in the "Cinema Line" from Sony. The FX9 uses the same BP-U batteries like the FS7 but it draws power more quickly – about a one third quicker according to Philip. Currently, the FX9 has a firmware version 1.0, but it is still missing some features like a full-frame slow-motion, 6K resolution recording (not sure if it will ever come), 4K and 2K DCI modes, a 5K crop mode, and some other features, many of which are coming later with future firmware updates, expected in summer 2020. So we didn’t see any regular surfers. Extension Unit for FX9 camera. S-Cinetone And SOOC Colors: In the past, clients have asked me to shoot with the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) colors in mind. Philip uses the Zacuto Top Plate. One of the most important topics is the camera’s autofocus. But that’s not when I am not carrying an 18-pound camera in one hand, a 22-pound tripod on the opposite shoulder and a 15-pound backpack on my back. All Rights Reserved. It will keep looking for a face and when that again reappears, it will track it and keep it in focus. Of course, it’s too early to tell if the FX9 will actually replace the FS7 and FS7 MKII, or merely provide a full-frame 6K-resolution alternative to these two S35 cameras in the Sony lineup. The Sony PXW-FX9 is a very intelligently updated version of the FS7 MKII. There is a rumor that the display actually is a touchscreen, it is just not enabled. Sony offers the FX9, just above the … 15 Stops Of Dynamic Range: In real-world shooting, most of us are satisfied with cameras that can record 12 stops of DR and up. First off I was finishing my MZed course then this monster swallowed up all my time! In real-world shooting conditions, I found the FX9 to be a solid performer. I should not have used face really. It was also very good when shooting b-roll, landscapes and scenery. It depends on the lenses you are going to use it with. VCT Base Plate. To my eyes, skin tones in particular on both cameras have a specific blue/cyan quality, straight out of camera, that looks unflattering to me. Philip sent his findings to Sony, so hopefully, they can fine-tune the AF even more with future firmware updates. Variable ND Filter System: Sony implemented an electronic variable ND filter into the FS7 MKII, and that same feature carries into the FX9. Fortunately, I saw a class of lifeguards on the beach, running in and out of the water and up and down the beach. This offers a different tool than the focus pull – it still keeps the main subject in focus, but slowly reveals or hides everything else in the frame. One thing Sony tends to do better than many of its competitors in the pro cinema camera market is to read and respond to market segment demand. No spam, guaranteed! For this shoot, I needed to hike to the top of some nearby cliffs, which, for me, wasn’t that far a hike, distance-wise. ** High-speed, high-precision image processing maintains a pin-sharp focus. It means the camera needs to be able to handle a decent amount of dynamic range to expose the talent and the projection behind them evenly. For higher frame rates it is necessary to switch into a Super35 mode. Additionally, I tried shooting one of the most difficult subjects for auto focus—birds in flight—shooting some brown pelicans dive bombing from about 100 feet up into the water. I positioned myself at the mouth of the harbor, up on a breakwater, where I also photographed pelicans, herons feeding, and boats entering and exiting the harbor. Here’s why: We needed to achieve a flattering image, but it would have to be a low-light level on the talent, since we needed to project images and footage from her work on various film projects, all from the silent film era, in back of her. In doing so, they’ve produced an excellent camera with a very capable full-frame 6K sensor package. Thank you Philip. Sigma MC-11 with new SIGMA lenses seems to have worked very well – almost like a native glass. Shoot Number Four–Harbor Shoot: For my last day with the FX9, I decided to capture windsurfers. Compare that with the FX9 – much lower high frame rates – only 30p without crop – and no autofocus whatsoever once you go into the S&Q high-speed recording modes. The video is being downsampled to 4K. EVF like the Zacuto Kameleon, or just a Zacuto Z-Finder mounted on the Sony screen (the screen is much better than the one of the FS7).

sony fx9 review

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