They picked the children up at Katie's house and went straight home. The Via Flaminia was the earliest and most important road to the north; and it was soon extended (in 187 B.C.) He went to work despite of his illness. The sun shone straight into Pierre's face. If anything funny happens, bring her in, straight to my headquarters outside of Tucson. three on the south side, always the formal front with the Tatars, and two on each of the other sides; and the streets ran wide and straight from gate to gate (except, of course, where interrupted by the palace walls), forming an oblong chess-board plan. "It's a great pity," and he gazed straight before him, absently stroking his mustache with his fingers. Under favourable conditions of growth it is a lofty tree, with a nearly straight, tapering trunk, throwing out in somewhat irregular whorls its widespreading branches, densely clothed with dark, clear green foliage. Then she pushed away from Dean and looked straight at him with red and swollen eyes. The great abstract ideas (considered directly and not merely in tacit use) which have dominated the science were due to them - namely, ratio, irrationality, continuity, the point, the straight line, the plane. The fences and gates were new and solid; two fire pumps and a water cart, painted green, stood in a shed; the paths were straight, the bridges were strong and had handrails. — I never would've believed she got expelled from her boarding school if I hadn't heard it straight … 63388 Sit up straight. It sounds like you need to set him straight. Simply being tired or fatigued can make it hard to think of the right words. One of us has to walk the straight and narrow. I think we need to get a few things straight before we go. Method 2: ASCII code shortcut.Press and hold the Alt key, then on the numeric keypad push numbers 1, 2, and 4. Beyond the fort are various public buildings leading to Otoo Street, the main thoroughfare, which runs two miles in a straight line to Christiansborg. Richard soon followed; but while Philip sailed straight for Acre, Richard occupied himself by the way in conquering Cyprus - partly out of knight-errantry, and in order to avenge an insult offered to his betrothed wife Berengaria by the despot of the island, partly perhaps out of policy, and in order to provide a basis of supplies and of operations for the armies attempting to recover Palestine. Go talk to him and hear it straight from the horse's mouth. In its simplest form the apparatus consists of a straight tube, made of glass, porcelain or iron according to the temperature required and the nature of the reacting substances, heated in an ordinary combustion furnace, the mixture entering at one end and the vapours being condensed at the other. "Short and energetic!" And when you're worried about being judged by others or feel embarrassed, you may freeze up or struggle to talk. despite . "I'm not Jonny," he said with a straight face. It is as if she saw straight into their souls. Neither spoke on their return trip to the bed and breakfast, and she went straight to her room. He must have gone straight from there to me. (From Owen.) A third way to predict the future that I believe is reliable rejects both the slavish following of the straight line and the purely speculative approach. The straight roads are the air-ways for carrying pure air from the down-cast shaft to the working faces, while the return air passes along the faces and back to the up-cast by the curved road. Straight lines and semicircles were utilized for the non-metallic elements, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur! Very truthful, reliable, and morally upright. Not sure how, but we're going straight out of the forest. The Lol maintains a fairly straight course east to about 28° E., when it turns north-east, and in about 282° E., 92° N., joins the Bahrel-Homr. She drank straight from the bottle as she moved around the room, gathering and piling clothing into a small suitcase. The first law affirms that every body, so far as it is altogether unaffected by extraneous causes, always perseveres in the same state of motion or of rest; and the second law that simple or elementary motion is always in a straight line.'. She drove straight home, but still arrived at the house only minutes ahead of him. The basic sentence pattern is a straight line that includes a space for the subject, verb and complements. C. McCook describes an almost straight tunnel, nearly 450 ft. Externally, the nephridium opens by a straight part of the tube, which is often very wide, and here the intracellular lumen becomes intercellular. In shape the leaves are straight, tapering, cylindrical and pointed; they are about 1 in. The lower jaw is slender, nearly straight, 2-3 and without a coronoid process or inflected angle. Tucking the picture in his shirt pocket, he left the apartment and drove straight to the stable. The greater part of the animal is covered with long brown hair, thick, matted and curly on the shoulders, so as to give the appearance of a hump, but elsewhere straight and hanging down - that of the sides, back and haunches reaching as far as the middle of the legs and entirely concealing the very short tail. He left, barely able to see straight let alone think straight. I'm going to go to him and hear it straight from the horse's mouth. Like how train tracks of the same gauge make operations easier, a parallel structure allows us to understand the given message of a sentence with ease. All frames found to suffer from warp should be broken up straight away before the printer is tempted during a rush to make use of them. I heard someone screaming then something hot went straight through me. The most interesting of his discoveries, now generally known as the " Wiedemann effect," is the following: If we magnetize longitudinally a straight wire which is fixed at one end and free at the other, and then pass an electric current through the wire (or first pass the current and then magnetize), the free end of the wire will twist in a certain direction depending upon circumstances: if the wire is of iron, and is magnetized (with a moderate force) so that its free end has north polarity, while the current through it passes from the fixed to the free end, then the free end as seen from the fixed end will twist in the direction of the hands of a watch; if either the magnetization or the current is reversed, the direction of the twist will be reversed. use "straight" in a sentence Her son enlisted in the Army in 2011, straight out of high school. How to use straightaway in a sentence. In the case of a straight uniformly magnetized bar the direction of the magnetic force due to the poles of the magnet is from the north to the south pole outside the magnet, and from the south to the north inside. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentence examples for almost every word. It runs a remarkably straight course westward through a narrow trough from Daolatyar to Obeh, amidst the bleak wind-swept uplands of the highest central elevations in Afghanistan. He could look straight into the courtyard of the men.s wing, and the furious Daniela standing in the middle staring at him. He opened the gate for her and she went straight to his waiting arms. Freakishly is a term I heard from a lady commenting on my writing. "I'm shocked," he said with a straight face. 16), extending between the fenestra ovalis and the tympanic membrane or drum, consists of (I) the long and slen der columella, a straight, ossified rod which fits with a disk into the fenestra r; t st ovalis; it is homologous with the stapes ( of water lines passing through a fixed point lies on a straight line, the antipolar of the point; and thus the core of a triangle is a similar triangle of one quarter the size, and the core of a parallelogram is another parallelogram, the diagonals of which are the middle third of the median lines. [M] [T] He drew a straight line with his pencil. The tendency to divide into parallel branches has been curbed in the interests of navigation, and many windings have been cut off by leading the water into straight and regular channels. Let us reconsider, following Cornu, the diffraction of a screen unlimited on one side, and on the other terminated by a straight edge. The feelers with twelve to fifteen segments are thread-like and straight. apart, and straight lines are chalked from bowl to bowl across their back and front faces, and a jack is then deposited equidistant from each bowl and immediately before the front line. She sat up straight and forced the thought from her mind. Perceiving further, that in order to understand these relations I should sometimes have to consider them one by one, and sometimes only to bear them in mind or embrace them in the aggregate, I thought that, in order the better to consider them individually, I should view them as subsisting between straight lines, than which I could find no objects more simple, or capable of being more distinctly represented to my imagination and senses; and on the other hand that, in order to retain them in the memory or embrace an aggregate of many, I should express them by certain characters, the briefest possible.". She sat up straight, thinking that position would be uncomfortable enough to keep her awake. Raju, who he is my best friend, is a writer. With his hands behind him he paced briskly from corner to corner of the room, looking straight before him and thoughtfully shaking his head. The old man's sharp eyes were fixed straight on his son's. GAYAL, a domesticated ox allied to the Gaur, but distinguished, among other features, by the more conical and straighter horns, and the straight line between them. broad at the top. They are of middle height and dark complexion, with generally straight nose, small round skull, small sharp chin and large full eyes, which are expressive, however, rather of cunning than intelligence. Despite is the preposition. If one of the quotes ends the sentence, the sentence period goes inside the quote (American usage) or outside the quote (British usage). The way I see it, we best get ourselves involved in setting this Shipton business straight. (cut, trimmed) " She perms her hair every three months. " Further, all water particles when moving undergo a deviation from a straight path due to the forces set up by the rotation of the earth deflecting them towards the right as they move in the northern hemisphere and towards the left in the southern. CK 1 32535 Look straight ahead. But all the same that night Natasha, now agitated and now frightened, lay a long time in her mother's bed gazing straight before her. may be, as in Cistella, applied flat to the inner surface of the dorsal mantle fold, but more usually they are raised free from the body like a pair of moustaches, and as they are usually far too long to lie straight in the mantle cavity, they are folded or coiled up. Almost smiling, he gazed straight into her eyes with such an enraptured caressing look that it seemed strange to be so near him, to look at him like that, to be so sure he admired her, and not to be acquainted with him. in diameter, hanging from a cross-bar connected with the pit-head framing at the surface, and attached to a similar bar at the bottom, which are kept straight by a stretching weight of from 30 cwt. I so hope you will sweep me off my feet and take me away from my sad, lonely life straight to fairy-tale land. dpoE, a pickaxe, hence applied to the animal), the scientific name of a group of African antelopes of relatively large size with long straight or scimitar-shaped horns, which are present in both sexes, and long tufted tails. Jim the horse had seen these spires, also, and his ears stood straight up with fear, while Dorothy and Zeb held their breaths in suspense. A suspended sentence actually has two different meanings. We reach similar conclusions when we recognize that the laws of nature are general or hypothetical; not in Mill's sense (" If you had such a non-existent thing as three perfectly straight lines united in a triangle "), but in a sense noted in F. As far as Terracina it ran in an almost entirely straight line, even through the Alban Hills, where the gradients are steep. When the curve after its steep descent has almost reached the axis, it bends aside sharply and becomes a nearly horizontal straight line; the authors suggest that the critical temperature should be defined as that corresponding to the point of maximum curvature. When she felt the cool touch of the shadow world, she sat up straight. When he was too pissed to think straight, he slammed his hands into the boards covering a store's front door. "They are on the scent of the cubs..." he whispered, "straight to the Lyadov uplands.". "Damn straight," Jule said, though there was warmth in his face. The cavalry weapons are a straight sword (that of the heavy cavalry is illustrated in the article SWORD), a bamboo lance and the Lebel carbine. Examples of Sedate in a sentence. "Gabe can take mortals and Immortals straight to the underworld, bodies and all," Kris said. Elisabeth stared straight ahead, then picked up her cell phone and walked out of the kitchen. They were built on a rectangular plan, with a large central square and straight thoroughfares running at right angles or parallel to one another, this uniformity of construction being well exemplified in the existing bastide of Monpazier (Dordogne) founded by the English in 1284. in a straight line, or 300 by the windings of the river, from the Bay of Bengal. How to use straightaway in a sentence. Stations which are placed in a straight line across a sea are then connected and " sections " are made. Few of the low veld bushes are large or straight enough to furnish any useful wood, and timber trees are wholly absent from the level country. Although planned in the shape of a cross, with a square and tower in the middle, the arms of the cross are not straight, the constructor holding the ingenious opinion that, in order to prevent little towns from being taken in at a glance, their streets should be crooked. The earliest important undertaking with a view of improving the 'waterway was due to the initiative of Frederick the Great, who recommended the diversion of the river into a new and straight channel in the swampy tract of land known as the Oderbruch, near Ciistrin. Besides the short kris, the Malays use long straight kris with very narrow blades, shorter straight kris of the same form, short broad swords called sundang, long swords of ordinary pattern called pedang, somewhat shorter swords curved like scimitars with curiously carved handles called chenangkas, and short stabbing daggers called tumbok lada. Then she ran straight into the fence - like she didn't see it. The short straight or curved process from the back of the pitcher behind the lid represents the organic apex of the leaf (A in fig. Blaming the leaders by whom these poor people had been misled, Menno blamed himself for not having shown them a straight course. The hair on the lower jaw, throat and chest is long and straight, and hangs down like a beard or dewlap, though there is no loose fold of skin in this situation. - Intensity of magnetization is most directly measured by observing the action which a magnetized body, generally a long straight rod, exerts upon a small magnetic needle placed near it. When ripe the two carpels separate in the form of two valves and liberate a large number of seeds, each provided at the base with a tuft of silky hairs, and containing a straight embryo without any investing albumen. He sat with his hands on his thighs and his eyes straight ahead, like a statue chiseled in Hell itself. Whilst it is being paid out the portion between the surface of the water and the bottom of the sea lies along a straight line, the component of the weight at right angles to its length being supported by the frictional resistance to sinking in the water. Walls for buildings, garden terraces and aqueducts were straight or sloping. Parallels and meridians were represented by straight lines intersecting each other at right angles, the relative proportions between degrees of longitude and latitude being retained only along the parallel of Rhodes. The vapour tension may approximate to a linear function of the composition, and the curve will then be practically a straight line. runs mathematically straight and points almost absolutely true for the Polar star. The straightness of a straight line and the planeness of a plane require consideration. The Eskimo dog has small, upright ears, a straight bushy tail, moderately sharp muzzle and rough coat. With increase of speeds this matter has become important as an element of comfort in passenger traffic. It does not take of after it. to do something without jokes, tricks, subterfuge, distortions, or the like: a comedian … Otherwise, he'd never be able to keep it all straight! on straight lines, radiating from the business centre or point of maximum congestion of travel to the outer limits of the city; and, while not attempting to serve all the population through the agency of the line, make an effort to serve a portion in the best possible manner - that is, with direct transit. These trees are usually found growing by rivers' banks or in other moist situations, and are generally pollarded for the purpose of securing a crop of straight poles. Anne was bushed when she came home from work, so she went straight to bed. TriPolar November 27, 2012, 6:10pm #4. Prince Andrew, looking straight in front of him, listened in silence to Pierre's words. In the young tree, the bole is straight and upright, and one or two leading branches rise above the rest. Basketball is an athletic sport. of the low terrace above the marsh (the ancient Lysimeleia),' while in the other direction it ran N.N.W., making straight for the western edge of the gorge known as the Portella del Fusco, which was thus included within the fortifications, as it would otherwise have afforded a means of access to the enemy. "Commander in Chief Kutuzov?" 1, A), are usually convex above, with straight hind margins (dorsa); when the elytra are closed, the two hind margins come together along the mid-dorsal line of the body, forming a suture. Carmen, when a man touches and talks to you in an inappropriate matter, you set him straight. Dean despised gin even when properly mixed but forced a smile as he drank it straight and warm. At a uniform speed on a level straight road 3, 5 and 6 are zero. The Guards, just arrived from Russia, spent the night ten miles from Olmutz and next morning were to come straight to the review, reaching the field at Olmutz by ten o'clock. (brush, comb) " She washes her hair daily. " It is named the tractory, since a weight placed on the ground and drawn along by means of a flexible string by a person travelling in a straight line, the weight not being in this line, describes the curve in question. The hydrom strand has in most cases no connection with the leaves, but runs straight up the stem and spreads out below the sexual organs or the foot of the sporogonium.

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