No sooner have they done this when Mbeya the rhinoceros cries out for help, and the Lion Guard rushes to save him. The Bellow Fellows react with delight, and together, they bellow with Beshte as Fuli and the Guard look on. However, before they can start, Ma Tembo points out that the Lion Guard is traditionally composed of lions only, which prompts Makini to suggest that she paint each Lion Guard member to resemble a lion. Plush stuffed animal collectible toy. While attempting to sneak around the vultures, Fuli and the baby baboon attract the flock's attention, and Fuli formulates a plan to throw them off the trail. Just then, Ono calls for Kion to climb a tree and take a look around, but Beshte, Bunga, and Fuli scramble to save him, leaping up on the trunk so that the tree falls to the ground. Fuli is lifted out of the water by a hippo, Kion and Fuli speak to younger pridelanders. Together, they approach Kifaru, and Kion orders the rhino to stop shaking the baboons' tree. The two nearly get into a fight until Bunga breaks it up and reminds Kion that Rafiki had warned them about the venom's effects. This had caused Pua, the float leader, to back down and let the cubs walk away to safety. At that moment, the Mark of the Night Pride that was given to Kion by Queen Janna before her death appears on Kion's right shoulder. After he wakes up, he leaves to visit Binga, and Fuli teasingly tells him to say hi to Binga for them. With the rocks in place, Ono tells Kion to stop roaring, allowing the rocks to fall over the hole and block the leak. Fuli nearly drowns, but is saved by Beshte. Bunga arrives with Kion's message, but is distracted by a race between Fuli and Ono. Bunga tells Ono that Boboka and her son have already entered the Flood Plains, and Ono panics that they will get lost in the reeds. Standing in front of a cavern, Ono explains the Keenest of Sight challenge: both competitors will to use their keen eyesight locate Laini, who has hidden in a dark cave. Shortly after, a rockslide occurs, breaking the path between the Guard and the herd. No sooner has he denied their worries when Ono swoops overhead, warning the team of the hyena attack. Just then, Kion arrives and washes off a layer of healing mud on his face. After the rescue, Dhahabu praises Fuli for her bravery and Tiifu and Zuri for remaining at her side throughout the ordeal, and insists that the three of them stay with her for the remainder of her visit. As Baliyo leads Bunga to Binga, Fuli expresses annoyance at the prospect of there being another honey badger. Though Janja attempts to lie his way out of trouble, Kion steps forward and uses the Roar of the Elders to banish him and his cronies back to the Outlands. Makucha leads the Lion Guard to a canyon that ends in a cliff. Fuli skidded to a … The Lion Guard then leaves to greet old friends and family around the kingdom. No sooner have they left when Makini arrives and shows off a plant root that will be part of her mpando mpaya, which is the traditional planting of a new baobab tree by a Royal Mjuzi. A shocked Kion asks if the porcupines had been hiding from the Zimwi, and the rest of the team pieces together that Mtoto and his friends had seen the two porcupines huddling together and mistaken them for the Zimwi. Next, the team comes to a canyon that is too wide to jump across, and Kion uses the Roar to funnel his teammates to the other side. Azaad scoffs at the idea of a cheetah having a friend, but Fuli does not give in, instead asking for Azaad's help in navigating the terrain. Bunga starts to play in the waves when he is swept out to sea. Simba compliments the Lion Guard on their success and declares that Kion would be proud of them. Entirely comfortable in her own spots, Fuli is a feline of pride. With the Lion Guard in pursuit, the gorillas race away into the fog, where they encounter a real forest hog. The guard gets confused and Kiara tells Kion to go to Pride Rock. Fuli remarks that Cheezi and Chungu are too stupid to cause any major trouble. Beshte and Ono escort Furaha back to his troop; Fuli brings Mzaha back to Bupu, who is at first reluctant to receive him into the herd, but eventually gives in when Fuli asks politely; and Kion and Bunga accompany Chama back to his herd. After the disaster, Kiara chides her brother for not listening to her. At Pride Rock, Simba expresses concern that Zazu is late for his report, as he has never exhibited such behavior before. Instead of heeding Nala's warning, Janja surrounds her with his cronies and orders an attack. The hyenas and jackals eventually retreat. In the midst of the conversation, the Lion Guard overhears a jackal pup being chased by Janja and his clan. Unfortunately, the roar is too loud for Kion to hear her pleas, as Kion breaks the ridge, causing large amounts of water to rush through. Fuli informs Kion that she can reach Pride Rock in time, but that she cannot carry the gourd herself. Ono compliments the baboon's work, and Rafiki comments that such words mean a lot to him, as they come from the keenest of sight. Without consulting Ono, she carries her egg to Ono's nest and deposits it among the twigs. He then asks what they would do if Kion were in Simba's place, and Fuli explains that she and Ono would go after the herd, while Beshte and Bunga would stay behind to assist the king. The Lion Guard continues their journey, passing familiar landmarks, such as the marsh, the mountain, and more. She praises Fuli and the Lion Guard for learning the art of camouflage. Despite his injuries, Makuu insists that he is fine and continues to train his float. In addition, her head and ears are much bigger compared to real cheetahs. The team streaks across the plains toward the gazelles, who shy away at the Guard's rapid advance. As the hyenas scurry away, Kion takes chase, yelling at the rest of the Lion Guard to calm the herd. Though Kion is hesitant to interfere with Outlands business, Simba encourages him to save the jackal for the sake of Kupatana. In the meantime, they will search for Mwenzi and convince him to return to Kifaru. Tell your parliament to back off! Sheis one of Kion's friends and a former member of the Lion Guard. From the tip of the tree branch, Kion uses the Roar of the Elders, blowing the zebras to safety. However, Twiga has fears that there won't be enough food for both elephants and giraffes, and they are forced to ask Bupu for help. After the incident, Kion chastises Beshte and declares that they will no longer be helping animals who do not need their help. Fuli's catchphrase "Huwezi!" They arrive just in time to stop Janja's clan from eating Zazu and begin to engage them in a fight. Both teams agree to the competition while Thurston starts spreading the word. Fuli races to the rescue and drives the oryxes away from the bird nests. After the fall, Fuli suggests that they take the route around the mountain, but Kion angrily insists that they continue climbing. Fuli assures them that she has this, and dashes over, tackling Kion as he climbs up the tree. The rest of the Lion Guard arrives, impressed, but no sooner have they abated the danger when three galagos cry out for help. Though reluctant, the hawk agrees. Janja slides right into the paws of Fuli and the Guard. Rafiki bids the young ones good night and warns them to not let the Zimwi bite. After Fuli is rescued, the Lion Guard travels to Hakuna Matata Falls, where they share in a feast of grubs. Together, the two fall on top of Janja, who races off to the Outlands. The team takes off to sort out the problem, but as they run alongside the stampede, Bunga recognizes the pile of rocks from one of Rafiki's painting. After they apologized to each other the Lion Guard and The Night Pride were face to face. When Mwenzi lands on Beshte's back, Bunga tackles him to the ground and holds him hostage while the rest of the Lion Guard gathers around. Fuli emerges, soaking wet, from the river. However, as they're clearing the grove, Bunga, Fuli, and Ono spot the hyrax sitting peacefully in one of the trees, and Bunga climbs up to bring him to safety. Azaad explains that Queen Janna herself healed him after an "unexpected fall" injured him, giving Rani his condolences over her passing. Beshte and Fuli return, and the Lion Guard laments the state that Nyani Grove is in. They confront the leopard, who introduces himself as Makucha and dares the Guard to catch him, stating that only then will he leave. While paddling the river, Bunga explains to Ono the danger that Kion is in, and Ono agrees to help the team. Beshte, however, notes that it had been Bunga who'd knocked Kion from the tree, so the cub might still be in danger. Fuli is Kion's friend and later his second in command, a former member of the Lion Guard and a current member of the Night Pride at the Tree of Life. Kion, however, is not swayed and tells her that she is not welcome in the Pride Lands so long as he is around. Fuli expresses confusion over her newly paralyzed legs. However, the event soon gets out of hand, for the animals trip over the galagos and end up in a heap. Muhimu speaks up and takes the blame for starting the stampede. Bunga! The ceremony continues, and Simba praises Hadithi for his heroics, his bravery, and his selflessness. Ono points out that this will benefit the Circle of Life, and Kion reluctantly agrees to let the hyenas stay in the kingdom. Fuli takes on Chuluun, tackling her to the ground. The Lion Guard attempts to question him on why the forest animals are afraid to mention tuliza, but he flees in fear once again. The three possibilities are that she is an orphan; her parents are not around that much; or that they abandoned her when she was born. Bunga suggests that the venom in Kion's scar is turning him evil, to which Fuli adamantly insists that Kion is not evil. The ice begins to crack beneath their weight, and the team scrambles to reach solid ground. Once separated from Reirei, Goigoi overhears Fuli and the Lion Guard heading to Hakuna Matata Falls. The Night Pride arrives, only for the Lion Guard to take over the shift and defeat the army, with Fuli defeating Chuluun. After Bunga flags down Hadithi, the eagle starts to talk with Ono, and eventually tells him just how many fans he has, while Fuli watches from nearby. He orders his team to fan out, and once they have the underbrush surrounded, he yells for them to move in. Fuli expresses irritation over Tiifu and Zuri's false alarm. The Lion Guard is quick to follow Kifaru and fights Makuu and his float off. Fuli is a king cheetah and a friend of Kion, Simba’s son from TV Series The Lion Guard. In repayment for their past crimes, the troop agrees to hand out food to the Pride Landers. Fuli and the Lion Guard encounter the Zimwi. That night, the Lion Guard's animal recruits gather in a canyon to practice for the celebration. Former Home(s) The rest of the Lion Guard approaches, and Kion explains to Mjomba that the team needs the aardwolves back in the Pride Lands to take care of the termite problem. Baliyo mentions Makucha by name, and Kion apologetically admits that Makucha and his allies had followed the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life. ", Wondering what punishment they'll receive. Scar then calls his army forward, and they corner the Lion Guard at the edge of the lava. No sooner have the bats flown out when the tree collapses, and the Lion Guard realizes that the termites have been the source of the collapsing trees. Fuli scolds Mpishi the harrier hawk for hunting in the Pride Lands. Warning: This part of the chapter will include vivid description of sexual intercourse between primary characters. Once there, they try and fail to think of a solution. But when Basi tries to continue making the Hippo Lanes, they discover that he has been injured during the situation. In the midst of the stampede, Janja and his new cronies scare the antelope off, until Nne and Tano pull to a halt and force Janja to hide from the Lion Guard with them. Back in the Pride Lands, Bunga leads the Lion Guard into an area of dense jungle. Though Sokwe initially appears to be displeased, he later compliments the two for their bravery in saving Kion's life and tells them that they are true gorilla princes. Meanwhile, Beshte accidentally causes havoc, which leads the animals to believe he is a menace. Despite Tamaa's impressive skill, Kion remains unimpressed and makes Tamaa promise to only use his own voice from now on. The Lion Guard turns to Simba for instructions, and he orders them to leave him behind and save the ostrich eggs instead. Her eye color is a strong emerald green and she has black eyelashes. In the meantime, Ono grows tired of the violence and flies away from the mashindano to avoid watching the fight.

the lion guard fuli and kion

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