The south of Australia is much cooler, akin to fall in the U.S. Aussies might be bundled up in boots and winter coats, as many prefer the heat, but with temperatures in the low 60s during the day, many visitors are quite comfortable in lighter jackets. - Went through some of the posts here and am none the wiser! In june, the mean temperature in Brisbane (Queensland) is 65°F (maximum temperature is 70°F and minimum temperature is 59°F). Western Australia has its Foundation Day, a public holiday in the state, on the first Monday in June. If you're in the center of the country, you'll have desert climes, meaning warm but not sweltering days and chilly evenings—layer up and be sure to bring a hat and gloves in case you get cold at night. Northern territories around Darwin and Cairns experience the best climate conditions from April to September. The mean minimum temperature was lower, but also warmer than average nationally at … How about a travel guide, so as not to miss a highlight of the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia? June falls in the rainy season with an average precipitation of 168mm (6.6in). In the month of june, the mean temperature in Cairns is 74°F (maximum temperature is 79°F and minimum temperature is 68°F). If you're in the tropical north, pack for summer, so think t-shirts, shorts, and a light sweater for the evenings. On average June is the 4th driest month of the year in Brisbane with around 2.7 inches of rain making it a reasonably dry time to visit. The localities surrounding Gold Coast are favored by magnificent climatic conditions that allow to spend pleasant moments outside. June weather forecast for Adelaide, Australia. Australia weather in June 2021. Are you planning a holiday with hopefully nice weather to Sydney in June 2021? In the month of june, maximum temperature is 67°F and minimum temperature is 59°F (for an average temperature of 63°F). Australia in June: Travel Tips, Weather, and More June is the beginning of winter in southern parts of Australia, but the middle of the dry season in the tropical north. The climate in Kalbarri during June can be summarized as mild and a little damp. With 4.1in over 12 days, rain may occur throughout your journey. Australian Seasons. June is a slightly cold and rainy time for sunbathing in Sydney. © 2014-2020 Des Clics Nomades SAS - All right reserved, tolerable weather across 27% of the territory, perfect weather across 13% of the territory, more information about the climate in Sydney in june, more information about the climate in Adelaide in june, more information about the climate in Brisbane (Queensland) in june, more information about the climate in Cairns in june, more information about the climate in Darwin in june. The best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef is from June to October. But this is reasonably and you will not be too bothered by it.With a good weather, the month of june is a good time to go in this city in Australia. 56. June is the most wet month of the year. Thus, the mean temperature average in june in Canberra is 50°F. Generally sunny, crisp air but of course this is winter so the days are short with the sun down by 17:00. Temperature. The average maximum temperature lies around 25.0°C (77°F). Is it a good time to go to Prince Regent National Park and Daly Waters? Australia is a large country, so the weather varies greatly depending on the location. This peak season offers some key advantages for travelers. Melbourne. Temperature. What's the Weather Like in Cairns in June. Weather reports from June 2018 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia with highs and lows

weather in australia in june

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