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March 8th, International Women´s Day

On March 8th of every year is International Women's Day, on behalf of Pavena Foundation for Children and Women (Non-profit organization) would like to invites all Thai people join the campaign to stop all violence against women

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women (Non-profit organization) was established in 1999 for a period of 24 years, receiving a total of 166,267 complaints about inhumane discrimination. Whether it's about oppression both physically and mentally, being raped, physically abused, forced prostitution trafficking, or exploited labor.

In 2022, Pavena Foundation for Children and Women (Non-profit organizations) received a total of 6,745 grievances about women and children. There are 944 cases of rape, 961 cases of assaults, 255 cases of forced prostitution, 143 cases of unfair labor exploitation, 1,432 cases of family problems. The statistic of 961 cases of physical abuse is the highest number 1 record, that is a husband who physically abuses his wife due to drug use.

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women (Non-profit organizations) have realized the importance of provide protection for children and women who are not treated with justice in all forms like One Stop Service. This campaign succeeds through cooperation and integration between government section, private section, the public organization and the media.

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women (Non-profit organizations) therefore invites all people help to protect the rights of children and women in order to receive the equality, fairness, and equal life with men in order to develop society and the nation together.

History of International Women's Day in Thailand

On March 8th, 1989 the National Women's Promotion and Coordination Committee was established in the government of General Chatchai Choonhavan as Prime Minister. This is to promote and support the role of women in society as well as recalling the history of the struggle to obtain which equality, justice, peace and development. As Thailand is one of the members of the United Nations, we have expressed its intention to focus on the importance of women as well. Since then, on March 8th of every year, Thailand has also organized the activities to celebrate International Women's Day. On that day, the relevant organizations will organize various exhibitions to publicize them to the public, and see the importance of International Women's Day.

Thailand as a member country of the United Nations would like to express its intention to uphold its commitment to a world-class platform that focuses on the role and status of women. It has been implemented in terms of laws, policies, measures and activities in promoting gender equality.

International Women's Day, which falls on March 8th of every year is a day for women from all over the world to regardless of race, religion, occupation, celebrate equality. Additionally, it shows equality in society as well. Organizing International Women's Day events is to demonstrate the long struggle to achieve freedom and equality with men.

International Women's Day is not just a day celebrated by women's groups around the world. It is also a day celebrated by the United Nations as well as a group of women from all continents, regardless of race, language, culture, economy or politics, have gathered to celebrate this important day.

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